Agnifera 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Revathi’s Evil Plan Fails

Agnifera 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishu repairs TV remote. Family gets happy. Anurag says he was tech savvy from before. Revathi says looks like his memory is getting back. Vishu goes to sleep. Revathi takes mosquito coil towards Vishu’s room and seeing Shristi asks her to go and keep it in Vishu’s room. Shristi takes mosquito coil and gets drowsy with its smoke and falls asleep on Vishu’s bed.

Revathi tells Dulari that Vishu asked her Shristi after he returned, now she will get him Shristi at any cost and tells her new plan. She takes Dulari to Vishu’s room and asks her to hold hand. Dulari holds her hand. Revathi yells not her hand, she means to keep Shristi’s hand on Vishu’s hand and lock them. They both do same and walk out. Next morning, Revathi hopes Dulari does her job properly.

Dulari acts as walking into vishu’s room and acts as getting shocked and calls Revathi loudly. Baiju passes by and asks what happened. She shows him Shristi sleeping with Vishu on bed. Revathi and Ragini walk in. Baiju confronts Shristi how can she betray him, he trusted her so much, what he saw in store room was truth then. Shristi tries to explain. Vishu says “hey hero Shristi is mine.” Baiju warns that he is speaking to his wife. Shristi warns Baiju to dare not misbehave with Vishu. Their argument continues. Revathi enjoys it and then realizes it is her imagination. Shristi says she felt drowsy after bringing mosquito coil in Vishu’s room. Vishu and Baiju at once ask Shristi if she is fine, her BP must be low, they both hold Shristi’s hands. Revathi fumes seeing her plan failed and scolds Dulari.

Ragini walks back to her room and tells Anurag that Baiju is so understanding and did not react. Anurag says he has fixed her exam on July 26th. She gets nervous. He says she does not get afraid of big goons, but shivers hearing about studies, he will drape blanket around her. He gives her essay to read. She reads it loudly without any mistake.

Shristi folds clothes and keeps them in cupboard. Baiju joins her. She thanks him for understanding her. He says he is just following his promise. Their eyes lock while folding bedsheet. Revathi sees that and gets more jealous.

Precap: Goon points gun at Ragini and says now it is time to meet god. Baiju points gun at goon from behind. Shristi collapses at home. Baiju and Vishu run together towards her.

Update Credit to: MA

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