Agnifera 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Revathi’s Dirty Drama Continues

Agnifera 23rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohini gifts Udaipur honeymoon package to Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi. They congratulate her. She asks them to enjoy well, it is her reward. Revathi fumes in jealousy. Brij says Rohini did a good thing, why did not he get this idea. Dulari says they cannot go as Bua’s oath has not finished yet. Rohini says it will end tonight, so they are going tomorrow. Dulari and Revathi feel more jealous.

Shristi and Vishu go to Purshotam’ office to inform him about their honeymoon trip. Purshotam is busy speaking to Surekha over phone and telling he got the goon punished and she need not worry. Goon attacks him, but Vishu catches goon and beats him. Security comes and drags goon away. Shristi asks if he is fine. He says until he has a daring damad like Vishu. He congrulates them for their

trip and asks to meet Surekha before going as even he is afraid of her. They both laugh.

Ragini packs her clothes for honeymoon. Anurag says she is missing important cloth and shows her nightie. She says she packed what she needs. He says she ordered it with great difficulty and should carry it. Ragini shies. Shristi also packs bag. Vishu asks if he can carry his tent. Shristi says they will sleep on same bed. Vishu asks what else they will do. She shies. Ragini calls Vikral and informs him about her and Anurag’s honeymoon trip. He warns her to be careful as their enemy is out of jail. She says she will be alert and tells Vani that she has fallen in Anurag’s love again and they are very happy now.

Revathi cries her usual drama and says Dulari that until Ragini is in Anurag’s life, Anurag will not climb success, so she will not let Ragini near Anurag at any cost. Dulari says they are going for honeymoon, she need not worry. Revathi yells how will she know what honeymoon is as her husband ran away from her. Dulari cries and justifies her story. Their fake emotional drama continues.

Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi take elder’s blessings before leaving for honeymoon. Vidhvan gives them money. Divya gives her long list of shopping. Revathi says Dulari wants to pray in Udaipur’s temple, so they should take her along. Anurag says how will she come with them. Vidhvan says he will ask Brij to take Dulari some other time. Revathi continues her emotional drama and says if they don’t take Dulari along, she will go with Dulari and asks Dulari to pack bags. Anurag falls for her emotional trap and says she can accompany them, he will arrange a guide for their pilgrimage. He justifies that he cannot see maa sad. Shristi says he is a loyal son, so he need not worry.

Dulari tells Revathi now they are going for piligrimage, let us pack bags. Revathi says she is going along to keep Ragini away from Anurag, she will not let them near at all.

Anurag and team reach Jaipur. Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi’s romance starts. Vishu says Shristi is looking beautiful as Rajasthani bride. Shristi says she may be not Rajasthani bride, she is his bride.

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