Agnifera 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shristi Returns To Vishu’s House

Agnifera 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ragini wakes up Anurag in the morning to get ready for pooja. Dulari knocks door and walks in and asks if they are not yet ready for pooja, it is very important for lalla/baby. Anurag asks why they call baby with weird names. Dulari leaves. Anurag rushes towards bathroom. Ragini says she will go first. Anurag asks why so. She says he always says ladies first and she is also pregnant. Anurag agrees. They both go down after getting ready. Vidhvan says he has called special religious group to perform pooja and bless child.

Shristi and Baiju walk in. Family gets happy seeing them. Revathi asks where were they, their phone was not reachable. Vidhvan says he did not know their address. Shristi tells Revathi she needs to talk. Just then Ragini walks down and happily hugs her. Family asks Ragini

to tell what has happened in Shristi’s absence. Everyone create suspense. Shristi nervously asks what happened. Revathi says Shristi is becoming chachi/aunt. Shristi happily hugs Ragini and jumps in happiness. Revathi asks what she wants to say. Shirsti says she will later. Vidhvan asks them to get ready for pooja. Dulaari gives them Anurag and Ragini’s clothes.

Vidhvan greets panditji’s team. Pandit says they nominate guarding for baby wherever they go for pooja. Pooja starts. Daadi asks Revathi to come forward. Anurag says they have decided Shrisit and Baiju to make child’s guardians. Revathi feels sad. After pooja, Revathi goes to her room and cries that Anurag must have felt she is old to take care of baby, so nominated Shrisit and Baiju. She looks at Anurag’s childhood items. Ragini walks in and cheers her up and says she needs Anurag’s sweater for her baby.

Shristi tries to get her bag from cupboard. Baiju asks her to be careful and helps her. Shristi says she will not fall for his drama and does not mind if he has changed or not. Baiju shows her property papers. Shrisit asks what he is up to. He burns papers and says he does not need property, but is taking good memories spent with family, she cannot snatch that from him. She continues yelling at him and he continues listening…

Precap: Ragini asks Anurag to remember a mother who took care of im for 26-27 years. Anurag says he asked Baiju to pick up Divya. Baiju goes to pick up Divya. Divya it is better to go with stranger than him. She goes with her friend who takes her to a club and spikes her. Baiju and Shristi reach club.

Update Credit to: MA

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