Agnifera 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Dulari Plans to Take Revenge From Shristi

Agnifera 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dulari pleads Revathi not to send her out of house. Revathi says she cannot, what was the need for stealing. Dulari says she stole it for her, thinking she can trap Shristi, but herself got trapped. Revathi asks why did not she tell before, she would have done something, now she will go and convince Vidhvan and Dulari should apologize.

Vishu looks at Shristi’s gift. Shristi enters. He says she gave him best gift. She says his good time should start now. He says she made this 1000rs worth watch worth lakhs and precious.

Diwali celebrations start. Shristi and Ragini draw rangoli. Ragini says misterji/Anurag sometimes questions her so much that she gets speechless. Shristi asks her to let things go in their own flow. Brij and Vidhvan decorate house. Revathi counts sweet boxes.

Dulari sprays room freshener around. Their jokergiri starts.

Ragini gets ready for diwali celebrations. She tries to tie her back lace, but unable to, thinks when will Divya or Shristi come and tie lace. Anruag comes and stands behind. She nervously says Shristi or Divya will tie, he cannot. He says he can and ties lace. He gets romantic, she gets shy. A romantic song plays in the background. Revathi enters and gets jealous, asks them to come down as Vidhvan is calling them for pooja.

Shristi and /Vishu also get ready. Shristi says Vishu is looking handsome today. Vishu says he is looking good today, but she looks good every day. They both click selfie. Vishu says he fix her makeup and jewelry and does. Kyun aata hai seene me…song…plays in the background. The both get romantic. Revathi enters with Dulari and fumes seeing that, yells if Shristi is ready she should come down to light lamp, then cook.

Whole family lights lamps. Anurag helps Ragini. Parag enters with gifts. Vishu greets him and asks what did he bring for him. Parag says sweets, fruits, etc. He greets everyone. Anurag asks who is he. Ragini says her brother and reminds London ticket. Anurag hugs him and wishes happy diwali. Sumer also comes to meet Shristi with gifts. Vishu greets him in. Parag walks to Diya and their romantic nok jhok starts.

Shristi is in kitchen. Dulari informs that her brother Sumer has come. Shristi walks out. Dulari switches on gas thinking of taking revenge from Shristi and sprays room freshener around. Sumer apologizes Shristi and requests her to talk to their father once. She says she is busy. Dulari thinks both sister and brother will die. Shristi tries to light matchstick, but it does not.

Precap: Vishu tells Anurag if there is cracker burning competition, Anurag would win gold medal. Ragini says she is bigger champion and challenges. Dulari hides crackers in Shristi’s gift box. It catches fire and burns Shristi’s pallu. Vishu sees that and runs to help her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I love the positivity between Shristi/Vishu and Anurag/Ragini. Ragini is a beautiful actress??
    I love the scenes between Parag and Divya.. I wonder if it will blossom?
    As for Dulari how come there’s no apology from her or did I miss that? I was so happy she will be leaving but she’s still here???

    1. Fan of Agnifera

      I like scences between Ragini and Anurag but, every time it happen that Anurag is in romantic mod but someone came and disturb them.

    2. Fan of Agnifera

      Every time it happen that Anurag is in romantic mod but someone came and disturb them.

  2. Fan of Agnifera

    Every time it happen that Anurag is in romantic mod but someone came and disturb them.

  3. Biggest fan of Agnifera

    I am waiting for new telly updated episodes scenes when Anurag’s menory come back. Then after Ragini go away from Anurag. How Anurag say sorry to Ragini and how they get together and when Anurag fell in love of Rangini.

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