Agnifera 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Baiju Saves Shristi From Brothel

Agnifera 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anurag’s family rejoices hearing news of Ragini’s pregnancy. Anurag gets overprotective and asks Ragini to sit properly. Daadi laughs that Ragini is pregnant and not ill. Brij brings lots of toys and says he was passing by toy store and brought toys as he is becoming junior grandfather. Family laughs. Revathi gets sad thinking of Vishu and Shristi. Ragini says she tried to call Shristi, but her phone is not reachable. Revathi says let us go and meet her personally tomorrow. Vikral and Parag walk in dancing with drummers and congratulate Ragini and Anurag. Ragini asks where is amma. Vikral says she went to meet ailing relative and tells Anurag he has to make party arrangements now.

Baiju’s amma cries that she did big sins in life and now realized them, they should not have thrown Shristi

in brothel and asks Baiju to promise to get Shristi out of brothel and save her life.

Anurag takes Ragini to their room and shows it decorated with balloons and baby pics. Ragini gets very happy and says these baby pics are so beautiful and her baby girl will be much beautifl than this like her mamma. Anurag says baby boy. Ragini asks if he does not like girl. He says very much and says he wants daughter like Ragini and mimicsplaying with daughter Sakshi. Ragini says Chandini. Anurag says it is rhyming with her name. Their conversation continues. Ragini sees Shristi’s 3 missed calls and thinks Abhimanyu called her. After sometime, she calls Shristi, but her phone is not reachable.

Chanda orders pr*stitutes to get Shrisit ready for auction. They get Shristi ready and bring her for auction. Men wait eagerly for her. Old man yells last time she slapped him, now he will buy her and show his power. Chanda asks to start auction from 2 lakhs. Someone says 4 lakhs. Auction continues. Baiju enters disguised as old Nawab and says 20 lakhs. Nobody speaks after that. Greedy Chanda sells Shristi to Nawab. Nawab takes Shristi out. Shristi pleads to spare him. Baiju says he bought her to free her as he promised amma to free her. Shrisit pulls his beard and is shocked to see him. He says he and his amma have changed and wants to save her genuinely. She yells at him that he wants to sell her somewhere else saving from here. She continues shouting.

Precap: Chanda with her pimps catch Baiju and Shristi and trash Baiju brutally.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Just as Baiju has a change of heart he gets beaten up. Does Shristi escape and back at the brothel?!!
    As for Ragini/Anurag I think now they’ll have obstacle over the baby being whose personality etc then conflicts… also any idea why there were flashbacks of Anurag of Ragini’s father? It’s as though he’s planning some revenge or so…

    1. Summer

      Hi Sara, I don’t blame Anurag feeling resentful towards Ragini’s father…rather than trying to heal the rift and explain to his daughter that she is partly at fault, he was totally biased. As a result of his love for his daughter, Ragini has hurt Abyiamanu deeply – toyed with his emotions without considering the consequence of her actions. Last minute change of heart has demonstrated that she is still very emotional immature and spoilt to a certain extent. Ok, she was manipulated by Revathi, but had she been secure in her own marriage, no influence from anyone would have had a chance to cause problems, but due to her own insecurities and lack of sense to see reason has led to her problems she has created for herself.
      I truly hope Shristi escapes, maybe when Anurag and Ragini plans to visit her, they will learn the truth and help free Shristi?

      1. Ooshi

        Summer badho ended I noticed it just now
        all turned good at the end

      2. Summer

        Hi Ooshi, yes it ended a while ago and what a good ending it was. 🙂
        Hope you are well. Look after yourself.

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