Agnifera 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Revathi Tries To Make Baiju Jealous OF Vishu and Leave Shristi

Agnifera 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shristi removes Vishu’s shirti when he gets bitten by ants and scratches his back. Baiju walks in to keep boxes in godown and is shocked seeing them together. He walks away sadly. Shristi walks behind Baiju.

Anurag gets ready to go out and tells Ragini that he has some work outside. Ragini asks what about her evening classes. Anurag says he will give her homework. She says she is at home itself right? He says he will give her essay. She asks aise means kaise. He says essay, means a note on some topic. She says she made a mistake of making him masjerji instead of misterji. He promises her to take her out after he returns home.

Baiju stands sadly in balcony. Revathi walks to him and says she heard what he saw today and just wants to say that hhe came into Shristi’s life

sometime ago, but Vishu is in Shristi’s life since before. Baiju feels more sad and walks to his room. Dulari sees Shristi walking towards Baiju’s room and informs Revathii that she may tell truth to Baiju. Revathi says let her tell truth, things will worsen instead. She continues that she considers Baiju as her son, but Vishu is her biological son and more important to her. Shristi walks into Baiju’s room and says let her explain. Baiju holds her hand tightly and asks what she wants to say, drags her to home temple and says he did not bring her to take promise, but to tell that he will rather die than doubting her. Dulari asks Revathi what if Vishu goes away from her like Anurag did when she tried to separate Anruag and Ragini. Revathi says she is not Baiju’s enemy, but loves her biological son Vishu more and now is planning to send them on honeymoon.

Anurag returns home and asks Revathi to read h er essay. Ragini starts reading about her thoughts about her father that her father is very powerful and can punish anyone, he roars like lion,, etc,., she wants to become like him. Anurag says she wrong how powerful her fahter is and she wants to become like him instead of how her father takes care of house and keeps balance, he wanted her to write father-daughter relationship and bonding. Ragini says if he had asked to write about his mother, she would have written about her mother’s pooja and cooking, not that she works in circus. Anurag thinks she wants to become like her father, he has to change her mind instead of her grammar. Ragini says she will write an exploding article next, but if she can go to meet her best friend Shristi now. Anurag permits.

Ragini walks towards Shristi’s room when she sees Baiju standing who says he can understand what is going in Shristi’s mind, but he respects her a lot and their relationship has not moved further at all. Ragini says Vishu is Shristi’s happiness, but Baiju is the one who brought her into light from darkness, so he should be patient till situation stabilizes.

Family sits for watching TV, remote does not work. Vishu repairs it. Family gets happy.

Precap: Baiju is shocked to see Shristi and Vishu sleeping on same bed, angrily confronts Shristri that she broke his trust. Vishu shouts Shristi is his.

Update Credit to: MA

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    So funny, very comical! Loved Ragini’s essay, her content was just perfect! LOL

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