Agnifera 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Revathi’s Evil Plans Continue

Agnifera 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Officer hands over legal notice to Anurag and says he should stop construction as he does not have proper permission. Shristi reads notice and says how can it be, they go to all permission. Revathi yells she and Ragini are handling construction work, then how can they make mistakes. Anurag says he will handle his problem. Ragini asks not to worry, they will handle it. Anurag says it is a question of his reputation, so he needs to handle himself.

Anurag reads legal notice and finds Ramesh’s name on it, he asks who is this Ramesh. Ragini reminisces frightening VDO officer to cancel Ramesh’s contract and pass Anurag’s contract. He tries to open his laptop and forges password. He asks Ragini what was his pet’s name. She thinks pet/stomach in Hindi and asks what.. He says pet animal.

She says it is tommy. He tries and says it is not, he must have told her name. She says Mangal Singh. He asks who keeps that name. She says he kept that name rhyming with his name. He tries and says even that did not work, now he has only one chance. Revathi enters and starts her drama and says he had brought a dirty dog in childhood, but it became family’s dear one and says why don’t he ask Ragini as he informs everything to Ragini. Ragini gets nervous. Shristi enters with legal files and says she remembers papa telling dog’s name as Chacha Chaudhry which even got lost once and Anurag was crying a lot. Anurag says it is right password. Revathi taunts she is surprised how can Ragini forget it. File falls down. Ragini tries to pick it with Anurag. Anuag says so what password did not match, their hearts are matching. Revathi fumes and says if pet pooja is done, he should come and have pete pooja/dinner. He walks with her.

Shristi asks Ragini not to get tensed as even she does not know much about Vishu. She asks who is Ramesh. Ragini tells her story about a goon who frightened VDO to cancel Anurag’s contract, but then her heart melted and asked to approve Anurag’s contract. Shristi says goon is Ragini. Ragini says she was in Anurag’s love a lot that time. Shristi asks if she met Ramesh. Ragini says no, don’t know why he came out after a long time.

Anurag sits for dinner. Dulari and Revathi try to brainwash him against Ragini and says she hid such a big issue. Vishu says she did right seeing his condition. Dulari and Revathi interfere and forcefeed him halwa. He says Dualari needs halwa more for her brain. Their drama continues.

Vishu returns to his room and sees Shristi busy studying legal papers. He plays Hey Udi Udi…song….She starts dancing and pulls him along. They both dance holding each other. Dulari watches them and gets happy. Revathi comes and asks what is happening. Dulari dances with her and says she was enjoying a dance. Revathi scolds her.

Ragini calls Narad and asks him to find out deyails about Ramesh. Anurag comes and she drops mobile nervously. He picks mobile and holds her hand.

Precap: Vishu tells Anurag that he is allergic to raisins. Revathi gets an idea and asks Ragini to prepare kheer for Anurag with raisins and dry fruits. When Ragini serves kheer to Anurag, Revathi scolds her.

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