Agnifera 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anurag Challenges to Kidnap And Remarry Ragini

Agnifera 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anurag on live CCTV footage sees Abhimanyu’s drama during date with Ragini and shows it to Parag. They both enjoy. Ragini prepares sandwiches and serves them to Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu thanks her. She says she is in a mood of selfie and they both click selfie holding sandwich.

Anurag returns to his room singing. Vikral points gun on his back and warns to leave his house right now. Anurag pleads to spare him. Drama continues. He sees Abhimanyu looking at them, turns and asks Vikral to shoot his chest and not back, he wants to repents for his mistakes. Abhimanyu rushes and lifts gun up. Anurag continues his drama. Abhimanyu sends Vikral away. Anurag says he just wants to to see Abhimanyu and Raigni together and thansk Abhimanyu for saving him today.

Bhola kidnaps Shristi, calls Vidhvan and informs that it is not easy to stop Bhola. Vidhvan and whole family gets worried for Shristi. Shristi returns home. Vidhvan asks how did she escape from Bhola’s grip. Baiju enters and says he brought Shristi here and was the one who kidapped her and spoke in Bhola’s voice to prove that obese bodyguard cannot protect Shristi. Vidhvan shouts at bodyguard why did not he shoot. Bodyguard says his bullets are missing. Baiju shows bullet and says he told only he can protect Shristi and needs a chance to prove himself and correct his mistake. Shristi agrees.

Annurag and Parag’s drama continues. Anurag gets an idea to challenge Vikral to kidnap Ragini. He gather Vikral, Ragini and Ammaji and shows video of Vikral kidnapping him and forcefully getting him married to Ragini and says last time they kidnapped her and got him married to Ragini, this time he will kidnap Ragini and marry her. Vikral warns he is flickering like a last lamp.

Precap: Vikral hires sharp shooters to keep an eye on Anurag. Shristi slips and falls. Gainju bends and stops her on his back.

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