Agnifera 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Revathi’s Evil Plans To Reunite Shristi and Vishu

Agnifera 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Revathi with Dulari prays god to reunite Shristi and Vishu. Dulari asks if she wants to separate Shristi and Baiju and send Baiju out of house. Revathi says she will get Shristi and Vishu closer, Baiju himself will get away in jealousy. Dulari praises her fox mind and asks if she needs her help, she should not hesitate.

Ragini wakes up in the morning and does not find Aurag next to her. She happily sleeps back. Anurag walks in wearing teacher’s dress. Ragini laughs what is he wearing. He says it is masterji’s dress. She in broken English says she wants to sleep for 30 min more and sleeps. He sprinkles water on her and says he is her master now. He shows time table on board and says she has to strictly follow it.

Shristi is in kitchen when Revathi walks in and asks her

to prepare Vishu’s breakfast and take it to his room and feed him. Shristi says she told her decision last night that Vishu is her past and Baiju is her present/husband. Revathi says she did not deny that, she just wants to make things normal like before to get back Vishu’s memory. Shristi agrees and prepares breakfast. She gets call. Baiju picks it for her. She looking at Baiju speaks over phone. Dulari sees them and sprinkles pooja water on them. Shristi gets back to her senses and scolds Dulari. Dulari Revathi asked to sprinkle holy water in all corners of house for peace and prosperity. Revathi walks in and asks if Vishu’s breakfast is ready. Shristi says yes. Revathi asks to take it to his room and have food with him. Shristi leaves. Dulari thinks seeing Shristi and Baiju’s moves, Revathi’s plan will fail. Anurag meets Revathi and informs that he has kept Ragini busy in studies.

Vishu does exercise. Shristi brings breakfast for him. He says he cannot have paranthas. Shristi says onion paranthas are his favorite. He says since she prepared it, he will have it but needs company, so if she can have breakfast with him. She agrees. They both finish breakfast.

Ragini gets busy in studies when Selects calls and informs he could not complete work. She gets tensed she cannot go out, else Anurag will scold him. Baiju passes by and says he cannot help her in her studies as he himself is illiterate. Ragini tells her problems. Baiju says he will go and solve her problem, she can continue her studies. Anurag returns and gets happy seeing her studying.

Revathi walks to Shristi and says buttermilk pot broke, if she can get one from store room. Shristi says they can prepare buttermilk with mixer grinder. Revathi says she wants desi touch. Shristi agrees and walks towards store room. Dulari meets Revathi and informs that she sprinkled sugar syrup on store room floor and on Vishu’s shirt. Shristi gets into store room and sees Vishu already there searching radio. She slips on slipper floor and he holds her. Vishu feels ants in his clothes and scratches. Shristi help him and asks to remove his shirt. Dulari calls Baiju. Revathi asks to keep boxes in store room. Baiju carries boxes and walks towards store room.

Precap: Baiju is shocked seeing Shristi and Vishu intimate in store room.
Anurag scolds Ragini that she wrote only about her father’s powers and he can do anything, she wants to become like her. He tears paper.

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