Agnifera 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: New Entry In Agni’s Life

Agnifera 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni travels in her car and gets stuck in a traffic jam. Two men fight. A wealthy man sitting in his car asks his driver to go and check. Agni unable to bear men’s drama walks out, trashes them and clears traffic. Wealthy man notices her silently. Once Agni leaves in her car, man asks drier to overtake that car. Driver does. Agni gets out of car and scolds man to get out of car. Man gets out and camera zooms repeatedly on his face. He comments if anyone has to see drama, bravery and intelligence, they should see her. Agni asks if he is insulting her. Man reveals his name as Sam and says he does not get impressed by anyone easily. Agni warns him to back off and leave her way. He insists for a coffee. She asks if he has gone mad, how cheap he is. He says he is not cheap and offers 10,000

rs for her 30 min to have coffee with him. She asks if he is really mad. He says he will add one zero. Agni keeps his cheque in his pocket and walks away.

Agni returns home after ordering cotton to make mattresses. Sakshi with her loud overexpressions and irritating style taunts Agni. Man delivers cotton and Agni pays 3000 rs. Sakshi says she bought same cotton for 1500 rs. Man says her cotton is inferior. Sakshi yells at him. Agni warns to stop her drama and not pester her. Sakshi says she should prepare 8 mattresses as Kishan and she will use single mattress. Sakshi says there are 9 memmbers including maid Savita. Their nok jhok continues.

Sanjay walks to Revathi daadi and says she must be cursing her, now her granddaughters are starting next test of taking care of family, soon they will play who will be Kishan’s widow. His aide delivers cotton separating machine and says he has fixed electric wire in it and whoever touches it without slippers on will be electrocuted. He asks aide to deliver it to Singh mansion and pays him double. Revathi acts as unconscious. Sanjay thinks she is dead, then sees her pulse and walks away saying she should not die before he returns.

Agni and Kishan’s romance starts. They dance on On other side, Revathi frees herself once Sanjay leaves and escapes.

Precap: Sanjay asks Agni to use electrical cotton separating machine and taunts Kishan is busy and will not help her. Kishan says he is free and walks towards machine. Revathi runs on road escaping from Sanjay’s grip.

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