Agnifera 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kishan’s Dream

Agnifera 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shristi’s aides inform her that they did not find Revathi in any temple. Agni returns from duty. Yashi asks why she returned early from duty, if she is alright. Agni says she is worried for Revathi daadi, so she came home informing Mukhri to call her if needed. Yashi asks her to have food. Devi asks Sakshi to have food. Sakshi says she is not hungry. Agni says Revathi told she is going on pilgrimage, then why they are worried. Hrithik asks Kishen to play cricket with him with Kishan and Agni in one team, Sakshi and him in another team. Kishan says not now. KD starts drama and asks how will play with her. Shristi says KD is dramebaaz, let us play cards then. Everyone agree. Sakshi starts her overacting and loud expressions and distributes cards. She and Agni fight after a bit and throw

cards on each other. Kishan asks them to stop fighting, he will trapped always between their fights. Vaishali asks Sanjay where was he last night, she did not see him on bed. He yells that he had gone to washroom and asks to get him ginger tea. Shristi thinks chachaji always fools Chachi, he came from outside last night.

After sometime, Sanjay takes food for Revathi. Revathi asks him to free her hands, she will have food herself. He says he cannot. She resists. He says she is so strong even at this age and her granddaughters are also strong like her. He returns home later. Sakshi notices him coming from outside.

Kishen wakes up in the morning and finds him sleeping next to Agni. He realizes they consummated last night and says he is very happy at last. Sakshi joins Agni and kisses him. Kishan says they both, it cannot be.. Agni and Sakshi see murmuring and wake him up. Kishan realizes it was his dream and walks out shouting he does not want to stay with them. Agni and Sakshi’s nok jhok starts again.

After some time, Sakshi asks Sanjay from where was he returning late last night. He lies that he has gastric trouble, so he went out for walking. Family performs pooja. After pooja, KD tells since Agni and Sakshi’s daadi has gone on piligrimage, she will not give any tough task for them now. She gives them 10,000 rs each and says they will take care of house from laundry to grocery and cleaning and whoever does better within budget will win next test. Sakshi thinks she will defeat Agni again easily. Agni thinks she has to win even if she has to risk her life.

Precap: Sanjay’s aide gives him cotton separating machine with electric shock feature and says whoever touches it with switch on will be electrocuted. Sanjay asks Kishan to switch on machine.

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