Agnifera 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishu Walks Out OF House After Knowing Shristi and Baiju’s Relationship

Agnifera 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baiju warns yelling women to get out of here, else he will kick them out. Women yell Vishu does not know already someone has invaded his private space and leave. Vishu is shocked and says Baiju, Shristi second marriage, asks Anurag and Ragini why did they hide such a big secret, they all betrayed him. He reminisces Baiju lying that he is Shristi’s best friend and asks why did he lie. He shouts his whole family betrayed him and says even Shristi did. He says he deserved this as he trusted Shristi, she must be habitual betrayer, why did she come in his life when he had to betray him, he cannot trust anyone. He continues venting out his anger and walks to his room saying he will not stay here.

Ragini takes Vikral to his room and says she cannot tolerate anyone insulting him. Anurag comes

calling her. She walks behind him. Anurag reminisces women yelling that Ragini will make her child a big goon like her, she is illiterate and even her son will be illiterate. Ragini says misterji. Anurag says she does not care what he thinks and does whatever she wants, he called her many times, but she did not pick his call once. She says she was at gun point. He says she likes fights and thinks herself as Jahnsi ki rani. She says she is not even closer to great queen, but she cannot see her father’s insult. Anurag says she is just her father’s daughter and nothing else. She says she does not know what to do, but knows her child’s papa will protect her always, she is not ashamed that she is illiterate and is trying her best to change, but she tries to get rid of her problems, she knows her misterji will support her always.

Vishu packs his bags. Revathii enters and cries if he will leave his mother alone. He asks if she really is his mother, she lied him and supported lier Shristi, he will not stay here. Revathi pleads to not go, but he picks his bag and walks down. She pleads ammaji to stop him. Vishu says he can understand their situation of getting married Shristi to Baiju to protect her, they are right in way, but can they imagine how much he is feeling weird, he really needs sometime alone and walks away. Vidhvan walks behind her. Revathi cries she cannot stay without Vishu.

Parag vents out his anger in front of Ragini that if this was not her susural, he would have punished yelling women. Ragini says even she was boiling, but had to control thinking of Babuji’s dignity, etc.

Revathi cries holding Vishu’s shirt. Vishu returns calling her maa. She asks if he returned or if she is dreaming. He says he could not go away from her, he does not have right to trouble his family, so he will stay here and find solution for his family’s problems. He wipes her tears and leans on her lap. Mother and son’s bonding continue.

Precap: Ragini tells Anurag that she will study and become a good mother and even a good daughter for her babuji. Anurag says he will support her always. Vishu sees Shristi’s sprained leg and checks it, but stops seeing Baiju coming. Revathi asks Shristi why she does not go back to Vishu. Shristi says she loves Vishu immensely, but truth is she is Baiju’s wife now.

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