Agnifera 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Revathi’s Evil Plans Continue to Separate Anurag and Ragini

Agnifera 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidhvan’s family continues maha shivratri pooja continue in a temple. Rohini gives holy water pot to Ragini and asks her to perform ritual. Daadi sees white bangles in Ragini’s hand and confusing them with elephant teeth bangles shouts Ragini did a big mistake. Revathi finds a chance and shouts more. Ragini says they are ceramic bangles. Revathi continues shouting Ragini did a big mistake and should bear punishment. Pandit says he has solution, but Revathi does not let him speak and continues drama. Anurag says he does not believe in all these. Daadi says his disbelief got them into trouble earlier. Brij says bahu did mistake unknowingly. Vidhvan also says he does not believe in all this. Revathi continues yelling and says Ragini has to stay away from Anurag for 1 month. Anurag

says he does not believe in all this. Daadi says they cannot bear Shivji’s wrath. Ragini says she will for Revathi’s sake. Revathi continues he drama and says Ragini has to stay in her parent’s house for a month and return after repention.

Back at home, Anurag tells Ragini that he does not believe in all this and will not let her go. Vishu says even he is with Anurag, Bhabhi has 4 days for earlier oath and staying away for 1 month is impossible. Ragini says she respects Sasuma’s feelings and will do anything for her. Shristi also tries to convince in vain.

Revathi continues acting. Divya asks her to not punish bhabhi like this. Revathi continues she cannot see all this, but ritual is ritual. Ragini comes down with her bags and emotionally meets each family member. Rohini returns with panditji and stops Ragini. Panditji says Revathi did not let him speak at all, Shivji is a big forgiver and if Ragini apologizes by heart, she will get forgiveness, she has to reach temple holding holy water pot within 30 minutes before sunset. Vishu says how will bhabhi climb 120 stairs. Revathi says it is impossible. Anurag says everything is possible and runs holding Ragini’s hand. Family follows them. Dulari tells Revathi that her plan failed even this time, Ragini will get more closer to Anurag. Revathi says she will not accept defeat so easily. They both reach temple via lift. Ragini runs on stairs holding pot and slips. Anurag holds her. Revathi says still 2 minutes are left for sunset, Ragini will not reach temple on time. She drops oil on stairs…

Precap: Shristi tells Ragini that they to give something special to Anurag and Ragini on valentine day. Anurag and Vishu think same. Revathi boasts in front of her friends that her children don’t break rules. Shristi says she will gift hand made card to Vishu. Anurag and Vishu hears Revathi’s words and get tensed.

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