Agnifera 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Anurag Stops Ragini From Leaving House

Agnifera 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ragini holding her bags gets ready leave house. She touches daadi’s feet and take her blessings. Vishu cries he will not let her go. Shristi also pleads her not to go. Ragini says there is nothing left for her here now and tries to leave. Vikral enters with Veena and asks Revathi why his daughter is going out without son in law. Revathi says it is Ragini’s wish. Brij says it is husband and wife’s problem and they cannot interfere. Vikral asks Anurag why he is sending his wife away and tells him that he came with Ragini’s alliance to his house and Revathi/Brij both accepted alliance and Revathi did not want to leave this alliance in greed and accepted huge dowry.

Anurag feels severe headache. Ragini gets concerned and asks Vidhvan to stop. Vidhvan continues telling and says Ragini loves Anurag so much and if he is the same Anurag who risked his life and took bullet shot for Ragini. Anurag stands emotionless as usual.

Ragini tells Vikral it is her decision to leave this house and let us go. Daadi stop her and asks if she will break daadi’s words and go out and says she will not permit her bahu go out. Vishu also cries Ragini risked her life to save him, he will not let her go. Shristi says she does not like Vikral’s nature and way and he can kick whole family out and let Ragini stay here, but as a helpless father he is just asking peacefully why his daughter is sent away, Ragini should at least respect her father and Daadi’s words and stay back. Anurag says he will not let her go and says he does not know what happened when his memory was fine, when he lost memory he remembered only Ragini, so their connection of heart and not brain, he loves her a lot and will not let her go. Ragini agrees to stay back while Revathi/Brij fume seeing their plan failing. Drama continues.

Precap: Anurag tells Ragini he does not know how to continue their relationship. Ragiini says they should wait until his memory returns. Shristi informs Ramesh got 7-year jail term. Vishu happily lifts Shristi. Revathi tells Brij they should break this devrani-jethani Jodi.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Frosties

    Todays episode had me ????
    One of the best episode in the series!
    Now that the WHOLE truth is out let’s see if Revathi changes her evil traits!
    Ragini crying then asking her father to take her away was a proper daddy’s girl moment.. love my dad❤️
    I hope we now get to see both Shristi and Vishu and Ragini and Anurags relationship blossom.. with such mother in law I doubt it?
    By the way why don’t we see more of Vardhaan – Anurags father ? He’s a positive man who needs to be more involved to keep his wife in her place…

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