Agnifera 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanjay Kidnaps Revathi

Agnifera 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi calls on Reathi’s mobile. Phone rings in Sanjay’s pocket. Sakshi asks if heard phone ring. He says no. Sakshi says Daadi is missing since long. He says she must have gone to temple. She sees him carrying mattress and asks what is he carrying He says taking mattress to get it cleaned. She leaves. After sometime, Kishan sitting sadly in his room reminiscing seeking Sakshi’s help in convincing Agni. Saskhi taking choc as gift says she will help him get Agni’s love. He excitedly asks if she can. She says yes and continues her overexpressions and overacting. Out of flashback, Kishan thinks Sakshi was good friend, but she ruined his and Agni’s life. Sakshi walks in. Kishan says she was so good friend, but she ruined his and Agni’s lives to satisfy her ego.

Sakshi panics seeing cockroach. Kishan also panics. Their jokrgiri starts. Agni walks in and picks cockroach. Kishan asks to throw it. Agni asks who gets afraid of cockroach. Kishan says Sakshi. Sakshi says Kishan. Agni walks towards door. Sakshi says good both cockroach and Agni left. Agni throws cockroach on Sakshi. Sakshi runs away panicking. Kishan says that was good. Agni throws cockroach on him and he runs out shouting.

Sanjay hides Revathi in store room and taunts unconscious Revathi to call Agni and Sakshi to rescue her, she wanted to expose him, now she herself is trapped. He puts her in a big trunk, calls his aide and says he will give big trunk to dump off somewhere.

Agni informs Kishan’s family that daadi is missing. Family discuss where she must have gone. Sanjay passes by dragging big trunk. Kishan asks what is he taking. Sakshi asks if he is carrying her daadi. Sanjay nervously says old toys and clothes for orphan children. Daadi says she had something in trunk, she wants to check. Sajay continues he checked it thoroughly. Agni says she will check once and tries to open it, but cannot…

Precap: Revathi warns Sanjay that he cannot harm her as her granddaughter Agni is inspector. Sanjay makes her call Agni and lie that she is going out. Agni and Sakshi fight with pillows.

Update Credit to: MA

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