Agnifera 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shristi scolds Vishu if he knows what marriage is. He says Dulari did taught her. Shristi says they are not married really and asks him to go out. He says daadi told to stay in room. She insists. He leaves room and runs away. Daadi notices it and enters room to give Shristi some moral gyaan. Shristi tells she does not consider this marriage. Daadi says Vishu is an uncut diamond and she should mould him the way she wants.

Revati sees Anurag working on sofa in living room and tells him that marrying Ragini is a destiny. He continues fuming and says Ragini is unfit for him. Ragini enters and asks what is the problem in her, she does makeup to look good and is learning English for him. He continues yelling. Revati says Ragini brought milk and jalebis for him to sort things out but he is

getting so adamant. He gulps milk in one go and says if things can sort out by drinking milk, he will see what will happen. Drama continues.

Brij’s wife makes Vishu sleep on sofa. Brij returns home in the morning and sees Vishu sleeping on sofa, thinks why he is sleeping here. Vishu says Shristi is sleeping in his room, so he is sleeping here. Brij takes him out and gives him moral gyan that Shristi is his wife and it is his duty to control her. He says husband and wife sleep in single room like he and his aunt sleep and continues his moral gyan.

In the morning, Divya goes to Shristi’s room to give tea and does not find her. She informs family. Dulari says she must have eloped stealing something from home. Ragini comes down and says even Anurag is missing, they both must have eloped together. Vidhvan says they are responsible for this situation. Ragini calls Narad and asks him to get her gun. Vikral hears that and reaches Vidhvan’s house. Vidhvan starts insulting him and says if he had not forced Ragini and Anurag’s marriage, this would not have happened and says he would respect stranger, but not a goon, be it his relative. Vikral fumes and points gun on his forehead. Brij confronts that he cannot insult them in their home. Ragini wanrs him to back off. Vishu confronts she cannot insult his chacha. She raises hand to slap Vishu.

Precap: Rangini scolds inspector that her husband is missing since 7 a.m. and if he does not find her husband, she will make his life zero.

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