Agnifera 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shekhar Reveals His Identity to Ragini

Agnifera 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishu/Shekhar kidnaps Ragini and Vikral and orders her to speak as she says, else he will kill Vikral. Ragini agrees and he records her video. Anurag calls Baiju and informs that Ragini and Vikral are missing from hospital. Baiju is shocked. Anurag asks not to inform family. He sends Ragini and Vikral’s pics to Vishu to file police complaint. Vishu shows it to Ragini and says this fool does not know he can clicks many pics of them. Ragini scolds how can he insult his brother. Vishu says he tried to kill fool Anurag many times, but he escaped, he heard Anurag lost memory, but Ragini helped him and revived his memory. Ragini reminisces Shekar shooting Anurag and says Shekar. Vishu claps and says she identified her right, he is Shristi’s lover Shekhar. He explains how he sent contract

killer to kill Vishu, then got plastic surgery on his face and took Vishu’s face, Vikral saw him in hospital, so he tried to kill Vikral via accident, but Vikral escaped. He blurts all the incidences and at last how he killed Tiwari an Tiwari pointed him, but he moved aside and everyone thought Baiju is murderer. He says he will go and start drama at her home and leaves singing.

Baiju walks to Revathi and Vikral tensed. Revathi asks why he is tensed. Anurag enters andn says Ragini and Vikral are missing from hospital room, Vishu went to file police complaint, he does not know they went. Shristi gets Ragini’s video message and plays it. Family sees Ragini telling she is going far away with Babuji as she is worried for his life, she wanted to celerbate janmastami with Shristi preparing bottle gourd/lauki halwa, etc..but cannot now. Anuraag shouts if Raagini did not have trust on him.. Vishu enters and acts as consoling them and says he will go and file poice complaint.

Vishu returns to his den and taunts Ragini. He says he brought her food and forces her to have it and warns if she does not, her babuji will die. She helplessly eats.

Shristi walks to Anurag and reminisces incident where Ragini tells she hakes lauki and never talk about it. She says Ragini had desired to celebrate janmastami. Anurag says they will. Shristi thinks Ragini must have given some clue which she is missing..

Ragini sees Vikral’s condition deteriorating and assures him they will get out of here soon, thinks how to get out of here…

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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