Agnifera 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ragini is Attacked by Enemy; Shristi’s Dilemma

Agnifera 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baiju holds Shristi when she slips. Vishu walks in calling Shristt. She part ways from Baiju. Vishu asks what he should wear, he is confused, she knows what he used to wear. She says used to go to temple with Daadi wearing kurta. He asks to come and help her. He says he does not have kurta. She says he has many clothes in his cupboard. He walks towards room. Shristi then passes by holding clothes. Vishu stops her and picks yellow shirt. Shristi reminisces it is Baiju’s and says it is not his, must be Anurag’s. He takes another shirt and removes his T-shirt. She turns in shy. He says she is his wife, then why she is shying. He wears shirt and says he will turn it in Vishu’s style and tries to tear it. She says he is going to temple, so he should not tear it. He says then

Shanky cancel and Vishu is on. He then gives her gift. She opens it and finds key bunch. He asks if it is fine. She says yes and walks to her room. Baiju walks in and gives her gift. she opens it and sees key bunch again. He promises he bought it from his hard earned money. Shristi shows Vishu’s gift and says Vishu gifted this and she is in dilemma. Baiju asks to wear Vishu’s gift.

Dulari and Divya practice dance. Divya scolds Dulari to dance properly. Parag walks in and says he will teach her dance as he is a film maker. His flirting starts and suggests saadi ke fall sa song.. He then walks to Vikral’s room and says seeing Ragini holding a sari asks if jijaji gifted her, when she will go wearing this sari in front of jijaji, he will be bold. She scolds not to talk nonsense in front of babuji. She gets Select’s call that he caught traitor who tried to kill Vikral. She angrily leaves home and meets Select. Select says traitor is in van. Ragini pulls hhim out and is shocked to see party worker, shouts she knows it is him and points gun on him. Traitor’s men attack Select and point gun at Ragini.

At home, Vishu wears shirt and asks Shristi to fix button. She does. Baiju gets jealous seeing that. Parag flirts with Diya again. Revathi’s friends come for party and says they saw Vishu with Daadi, is it true he returned. Revathi says by god’s grace and walks aside to attend others. Ladies discuss Shristi has 2 husbands now, whom she will choose, she will chose Vishu and not Baiju. Baiju gets jealous hearing that..

Precap: Divya and Parag dance on Sari ke fall Shristi confronts Revathi’s friend and warn to dare not badmouth about Ragini. Friend asks what about her, she is enjoying withh 2 husbands. Vishu hears that.

Update Credit to: MA

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