Agnifera 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shristi tells Revathi that Anurag heard Revathi talking about separating Vishu and Shristi and is every distressed, she should stop troubling him. Revathi yells that she is doing this to stay back in this house. Shristi says she will leave this house if she stops her brain game, leaves. Dulari yells she became too courageous. Revathi says she is telling truth and goes to check Anurag.

Anurag tries his signature and shouts he does not know his signature, who is he. He gets severe headaches and collapses. Revathi walks in and shows concern. Family who was waiting for their turn outside rush in. Revathi yells at Ragini to spare her son and get out of his life. Ragini goes and stands out sadly. Shristi calls doctor who says it is common and they should rub Anurag’s extremities. She

goes out and cheers up Ragini and asks to deep breathe. Ragini does. They walk in. Anurag wakes up and asks Ragini where did she go, she should not leave him alone. Raginii says she will not leave him alone from hereon.

Shristi goes to her room. Vishu searches blindfold and ties it around his eyes. Shristi pulls it and says he does not have to from hereon. Anurag gets back his memory and signs cheques. He sees no curtain between bed and fumes what Ragini is doing. He goes down and chats with family. He sees Shristi and asks how is she and how is Shekhar. He tells Vidhvan today is dussehra and they need to go to ramleela venue for ravan dahan. Family is surprised and get worried. Revathi cries and Daadi consoles her. Anurag goes back to his room and whole family follows. He remembers whole ravan dahan incident. He scolds Ragini like before. Shristi sees signed cheques and picks them. Anurag asks why she needs so much money. She says she will tell later.

Shristi goes to Vishu and asks him to withdraw cheque and give money to contractor. He says he cannot. She says with blindfold off he can and teaches him how to check note denominations and calculations. Drama continues.

Precap: Ragini tells Shristi whatever she told misterji/Anurag, she does not think he believed it. Revathi’s fake baba tells Vishu that he sees Vishu made a sin of seeing his wife directly. Vishu says only once. Baba says he has a solution and increases havan fire. Vishu gets afraid. Anruag asks hat is happening. Shristi says she will tell.

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  1. Summer

    Feel a bit sorry for Ragini, she doesn’t know if she is coming or going according to Anurag rapid changing behaviour due to his injury.

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