Agnifera 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Anurag Finds Ragini is Hiding Secret

Agnifera 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baiju bets Shristi in gambling. Shristi gives him a tight slap and leaves confronting that she stoops so low always. Back home, she does pooja. Baiju returns reminiscing her slap and holding his cheek. Amma sees him and asks if he got bitten by a mosquito, she will get ointment for him. He continues holding his cheek.

Anurag in his room thinks why Ragini lied that Chitra met with an accident when nothing happened to Chitra. Ragini walks in wearing Anurag’s clothes and mimicking him, says his wife is so beautiful and he is not coming to office to spend time with his wife. She asks if her acting was better than him. He says she is looking prettier than him. Their romance starts.

Baiju returns to Shristi’s room. Shristi gets tensed thinking what drama he will play now. He

takes water from her and silently goes to sleep. She is surprised. Next morning, Baiju packs his bags and walks down. Shristi wakes up nervously seeing him going out and sees clothes missing from cupboard. She runs down to living room. Dulari says she is so eager to go to her sasural that she did not even get ready. Amma says they are going back home as relatives are waiting to see bahu’s face. Baiju says even Revathi is convinced now. Revathi says Baiju is right, daughter’s real place in her sasural’s home. Ragini emotionally hugs her and says she will miss her. Shristi walks to her room. Baiju says she must be thinking why did not he do any drama, now he will face husband’s love in her sasural. He continues and tris to shake hands. She says she family is waiting for her and goes down.
Revathi and whole family get emotional seeing Shristi ready to go. Shristi meets each family member emotionally. Each deliver their emotional dialogues. Shristi leaves with Baiju and his amma

Ragini gets a call from someone and says she will come soon. Anurag hears her, but hides. Ragini thinks if misterji saw her, must be not. She goes down and tells Revathi that she is going to get blouse from tailor and leaves. Anurag thinks he cannot leave Ragini alone in trouble and leaves telling Vidhvan that he is going to bank. Ragini walks on road. Anurag continues following her and clahes with man carrying vegetables. Ragini escapes by then.

Precap: Baiju and his amma take Shristi to sell in brothel. Anurag plays truth or dare game with family and asks Ragini if she hid anything after they reunited. Ragini gets tensed.

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