Agnifera 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Shristi Attacks Vishu Again!

Agnifera 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ragini rescues Shristi from being given electric shock by Revathi and her team and makes her sleep. She guards Shristi while Shristi is asleep. Anurag comes and takes her along. Ragini asks him why he is not supporting Shristi. Anurag says he cares for Shristi, but treatment is necessary seeing her mental condition. Ragini is not convinced.

Shristi sits in her room crying. Vishu walks in holding ruler and asks her to punish him for not trusting her. Revathi walks in and scolds him if he has gone mad that he is asking punishment from a lady who tried to kill him. She orders him to go from there. Vishu walks out sadly and seeing Ragini says he could not save Shristi as goons held him. Ragini says he tried his best, consoles him and sends. Revathi sees food in her hand and yells if she

mixed poison or not. Ragini says Revathi’s tongue is more poisonous than anything else. Revathi walks away angrily. Ragini then feeds Shristi.

Next morning, Revathi gives water to Vishu and asks him to do tulsi pooja. Vishu leaves without talking to her. Revathi feels sad. Vidhvan walks down and touches Daadis feet. Revathi calls Divya. Vishu walks towards tulsi plant and passes via big pickle jars kept in balcony. Ragini is sound asleep next to Shristi, guarding her when Shristi wakes up with bipolar disorder and walks holding pickle jar. Rajjo and Brij’s nok jhok continues while reading news paper. Vishu walks to backyard and does pooja when Ragini walks to him. Shristi walks to terrace and throws jar on Vishu. Ragini rescues Vishu on time. Whole family hears sound and rushes out. They see Shristi on terrace. Shristi gets back to her normal self and stands worried. Ragini walks to her. Shristi asks what happened, she heard loud sound and pickle jar is broken, if she tried to kill Vishu again. Ragini slaps her and holding her hand drags her down. She tells Revathi that she knows she is angry and wants to question Shristi, but before her, she will question Shrisit. She scolds Shristi that she made a mistake trusting her, she attacked Vishu again, she is unfit to be in his house and does not deserve mercy. She apologizes Revathi for mistrusting her and says she cannot repay the losses but can do one thing. She drags Shristi to her room holding steel chains. Shristi says even Ragini lost trust on her. Ragini says she went against whole world for her, but Shristi broke trust again. She ties Shristi to a pillar with steel chains. Dulari gives her lock. Anurag asks Ragini what is she doing, she felt bad till yesterday and today herself tied Shristi.

Precap: Ragini unties Shristi from pillar and ties her in her room. Anurag tells Ragini that she would do this to Shristi. Revathi tells Dulari if they gets another chain, she has a plan. Shristi sits in a dark room when someone enters.

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  1. I definitely think we will find out the reason why Shristi is doing all this. She’s not mental but someone is poisoning her.. it’s Rajjo!

    1. Hi Sara, i hope you are right! I really don’t like that Rajjo and if she is behind this, it will be good to see her exposed !

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