Agnifera 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sakshi Wins Third Test

Agnifera 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

KD asks Savita maid about Devi. Savita says she did not see her since some time. Kishan says he will bring her. Yashi says even Revathi is missing. Vaishali thinks if Revathi and Devi found out her plan. Agni silently walks out, picks shoes from dustbin, sends its pic to Mukhri and asks to findout details about it.Kishan searches Devi and finds Sakshi standing outside room holding door. Kishan asks what is she doing, move aside. Sakshi says she likes standing near door and starts her overacting and loud expressions. Kishan hears Devi and Revathi’s voice from inside and asks Sakshi if she locked them insde. Sakshi says yes. Devi cries that Revathi gifted her shoes to make her feel inferior. Revathi says she did not bring that gift. Familiy joins Kishan hearing his and Sakshi’s argument.

Kishan says Sakshi locked Devi and Revathi inside room. KD asks her to open door. Sakshi plays loud music and says she is feeling same with their sound, let Devi and Revathi pour out their hearts and reconcile their differences.

Devi cries she felt as if someone is hitting her legs and asking to walk. Revathi says she is like her daughter, why would she try to make her feel helpless. Devi asks if she really did not gift her sandals. Revathi says no. Devi says that is why Sakshi locked them in room to clear their differences. Saskhi opens locks and walks into room with family. Family gets happy seeing them smiling. Agni brings bill and says Revathi went to frame Devi and Vasu’s pic. Yashi says maybe gift got exchanged in photoframe shop. Devi thanks Sakshi for clearing their differences. KD thinks she should announce Sakshi as 3rd test’s winner.

Revathi follows Sanjay seeing his weird behavior and sees him exchanging Kishan’s mobile and fixing bomb chip. Yashi praises Agni for proving Revathi is not wrong. KD announces Sakshi as third test’s winner. Agni stands shocked and asks when did she announce 3rd test. KD says it is god’s wish, Sakhi tried to clear difference between maika and sasural and fufilled 3rd oath. Devi says it is injustice.

Precap: Revathi confronts Sanjay that she saw him exchanging Kishan’s mobile and throws mobile. It bursts. Sanjay hits her head, wraps her in mattress and tries to take her away when Sakshi sees him.

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