Agnifera 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishu plays with Ragini’s gun thinking it as toy gun. He points it at Ragini. Ragini asks to return it. He does not return and continues playing. She says she will teach him how to use it. He says he knows and says Dulari he will shoot her. She says okay. He makes sound dishkyon.. Dulari says she is dead and falls on sofa. Chutki bahu smiles seeing him playing. Ragini says even she will play with him and asks to return gun. He says he will not. Shristi comes. Vishu says he shot Dulari, it is her turn. She stands looking. Ragini thinks whether to stop Vishu or not. Anurag returns home. Ragini seeing him says Vishu this is real gun. Vishu says he is not a fool. Shristi asksk him to keep gun down. Vishu loads gun and shoots. Everyone stand in a shock. Ragini pulls Vishu’s hand up on

time and saves Shristi.

Anurag scolds Ragini how did her gun come in Vishu’s hand, someone would have died because of her. Dulari asks him to calm down, she saved Shristi instead. Vishu says he found gun on table and thought it is toy gun. Anurag scolds him if he has gone mad, he would have killed someone. Shristi asks why he is angry on innocent Vishu, they should not keep harmful weapons at home. Ragini confronts it is better she does not speak, she saved her life, but instead she is alleging her. Anurag shouts Shristi is right, what is need of gun in this house. Ragini says it is her mistake to save Shristi. Anurag leaves fuming.

Anurag goes to Vishu’s room an sees him sleeping in his tent sadly. He stands aside angrily. Anurag consoles him. Vishu agrees. Anurag takes him out for lunch. Vishu takes Anurag’s thali. Ragini thinks she will prepare another thali for Anurag. She prepares thali, but before that Shristi serves thali to Anurag. Ragini takes that thali and sits next to Anurag and gives her thali to him. Shristi sits next to Shristi. They both chat hesitantly while eating. Chutki says both sisters are talking.

After sometime, Ragini sees Anurag walking in balcony and reminisces Shristi falling from stairs and Anurag holding her. She thinks she will slip and see if her husband will save her or he became James Bond for only kanoon ki Devi/Shristi. Anurag descends stairs and Ragini ascending acting as talking to Narad and telling she stopped holding gun as she is someone’s wife now. She pushes him and he turns. She acts as slipping. He holds her. She looks into his eyes. Me tenu samjhawa ki…song..plays in the background. She says sorry. He returns her mobile and leaves. She thinks her mister is good hearted.

Precap: Ragini confronts Shristi that she wants to keep her mister under control, but Shristi is eyeing on her husband and should stop. Shristi says she is not interested in her husband, problem is she does not know to hold her relationship. Ragini says she should hold her relationship first and challenges she will make her mister/Anurag mad behind her in 15 days. Shristi says all the best and leaves.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This serial concept is unique.makes good attempt showing both the new bahus though very different are still similar. They are assertive, won’t take any nonsense and are good hearted in their individual ways. None of them are portrayed as ablaa. If Ragini matures the two of them can bring lot of happiness in family.

    1. Hi Satya 🙂

      I too enjoy this serial very much. Yes, Ragini has a lot learning and maturity to do, but she feels inferior to Shristi. This leads to her jealously. Her lack of insecurity can only disappear when Anurag shows her affection. This will only happen if Ragini grows up and stop picking petty fights. I can see Shristi growing fond of Vishu with time.

  2. Satya

    Hi Summer
    Ragini requires a positive fall back person to guide her well each time anurag rebuffs her or she sees him talking to Srishti! She has a sense of fairness. As a first step she has to ignore Dulari’s comment who is not just immature but reflects her bua’s likes and dislikes.

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