Agnifera 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Devi Yells At Revathi

Agnifera 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yashi unwraps Revathi’s gift brought for Revathii. Family is shocked to see sandals. Vaishali smirks seeing her plan working. Revathi cries that Revathi knows she cannot even move, even then she brought sandals and insulted her. Revathi says she did not bring this gift, it is exchanged. Devi cries that Revathi is like her mother, even then she took revenge like this from her for scolding Agni. Revathi continues that she did not bring this gift. Yashi says there is some misunderstanding, chachi will never bring this king of gift. Kishan says there is really some misunderstanding. Revathi continues yelling and crying that they all make joke of her. Family says they all love her and nobody jokes on her. Revathi says even she had 2 bahus and she considered them as daughter, she considers even

Revathi as her daughter and would never hurt her. Agni brings water for her and says daadi would never do that. Devi yells she is trying to hide truth, her opinion was right towards her, she cannot follow her duty as inspector, she cannot handle house at all. Revathi pleads not to punish her granddaughter for her mistake. Kishan signals Agni not to speak. Revathi says it is her mistake that she did not check gift and brought it. Agni tries to speak. Sakshi stops her saying things will worse if she speaks more and takes Devi in. Revathi continues pleading that she did not bring that gift. Kishan throws it in dustbin.

After some time, Agni cries looking at her and Revathi’s pic. Kishan walks in. Agni says her daadi cannot do anything wrong. Kishan says even he knokws. Sakhi tells Devi same that her daadi cannot do that. Devi says Sakshi is innocent, so she does not understand all this; Revati made her realize that she is paralytic and hurt her most. Sakshi asks her to relax and walks away. Agni tells Kishan that someone is behind this mishap, she will catch culprit soon. Kishan says he is with her.

Sanjay meets his aide who demonstrates him mobile phone bomb. Sanjay says it is lovely. Aide says he can blast the person he wants to kill . Sanjay happily pays him and walks on street when Revathi stops him and asks what is he doing here, she heard some sound and saw a goon walking away, sees 2 mobiles in his hands and asks if one is not working. He says man was his friend and not goon, he gave new mobile sample. Revathi thinks diwali passed away 1 month ago, then who burst crackers.

Sakshi says Devi that she will take her to Revathi daadi and make Daadi apologize her. Devi asks if Revathi will really apologize her. Sakshi says yes and takes her away. Family gathers to go to temple. Agni says she has to attend duty, they can go to temple. Yashi asks where is Devi. Kishan says Sakshi is bringing her.

Precap: Sakshi locks Revathi and Devi in a room. Family stands tensed outside.

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