Agnifera 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishu/Shekhar Kills Tiwari

Agnifera 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishu/Shekhar listens to Shristi and Ragini’s talks and drops vase by mistake. Ragini and Shristi get alert and walk to him asking if he is fine. He says yes. Ragini says she thinks she should ask Parag to come and take babuji/Vikral with him as she and Shristi are pregnant and cannot take care of him. Shristi says how can they send chachaji like that. Vishu says he will spend time with chachaji, she need not worry. Ragini asks if he is sure. He nods yes and walks away. Ragini asks Shristi if she noticed how Vishu was nervous, they have to plan something to expose his true face. She explains her plan.

Vishu returns to his room and thinks Ragini and Shristi is behind him, if he opens up again in front of Vikral and if they hear him, he will be caught, so he has to do something.


gets gift for Shristi and asks to open it. She opens it and finds CDs. He says if she listens them, it will be good for baby. Shristi thinks she cannot tell him about Vishu. Anurag on the other side gives gifts to Ragini. Ragini sees shawl, etc. Anurag says Vishu himself selected those. He dorns shawl on Vikral. Ragini thinks it is Vishu’s trick.

At night, Ragini and Shristi sleep in Vikral’s room. A masked man enters holding knife and attacks Vikral. Ragini catches him and alert Shristi. They both follow masked man, catch him, and remove mask from his face. Ragini is shocked to see Tiwari. Tiwari tries to stab Ragini, but Vishu holds knife in his bare hand and trashes Tiwari. Tiwari runs away. Ragini nurses Vishu’s hand. Vishu says he would not have forgiven himself if something had happened Ragini bhabhi and her child. Ragini thinks he has changed. At night, Vishu meets Tiwari and gives him 10 lakhs as promised. Tiwari asks why he is trying to harm his own family, he does not care, he just wants 5 more lakhs to escape with his family before Ragini catches him. Vishu stabs him. Tiwari runs into home and falls in front of Ragini and Anurag. Whole family gathers. Baiju asks to call doctor. Tiwari pleads Ragini not to harm his family and says he came here as part of planning, her family member has planned a big conspiracy against her and Vikral. Ragini asks who is it. He points finger at Vishu and dies. Vishu changes his position and stands next to Baiju. Family thinks Baiju is culprit.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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