Agnifera 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ramesh points knife at Shristi’s neck

Agnifera 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anurag thinks how to get Ragini’s truth. Ragini tells him that he is going out on some important work. Anurag says he does not care where she goes and what work she has and she also should not bother where he goes. Ragini sadly leaves. Anurag also leaves to meet Parag.

Shristi gets VDO’s call who says he has CCTV footage and documents in which Ragini forced him to sign Anurag’s contract. Shristi says she knows he is with Ramesh and is acting. VDO convinces he is not and insists her to come and take evidences before Ramesh takes the forcefully. Shristi agrees. VDO smiles at Ramesh who is sitting on sofa. Ramesh praises his acting skills. VDO asks his gift. Ramesh gives him money.

Anurag meets Parag and Narad and praises Ragini that she is very intelligent and helps him in

his business. Parag says Ragini is very brave and all goons of their area are afraid of her, she handles all legal aspects and contract issues, in fact she frightened VDO and got Anurag’s contract. Anurag asks them to give VDO office address. They say why not, they will get it.

Ragini drives car towards Ramesh’s office thinking she will punish him and end all issues and feels guilty for breaking Shristi’s promise. Shristi also heads towards VDO office. Ragnii reaches Ramesh’s office and does not find him there. Shristi reaches VDO office and does not find him there. She finds CD and file and picks it. Ramesh enters and locking door misbehaves with her. She slaps him repeatedly. He gets angry and tries to rape her. Ragini enters kicking the door open and is shocked to see what is happening. She points gun at Ramesh and warns to leave Shristi, she will spare him. Ramesh points knife at Shristi’s neck and says he will finish them both. Anurag enters. Ramesh says even he came and says Ragini got him contract by frightening VDO. Anurag says nothing is hidden from him. Ramesh says what a family. Anurag warns him to leave Shristi and fight with him like a man. Ragini signals Shristi. Shristi hits him and then punches and escapes. Ragini points gun at him. Anurag beats him. Shristi slaps him and asks to call VDO. Anurag says VDO has accepted his mistake and Parag/Narad are coming with police. He drags Ramesh out to hand him over to police.

Precap: Ragini tells Anurag that he saw real Ragini Singh today. Vishu sadly tells Shristi that she hid many things and even now she can. Shristi emotionally hugs him. Ragini walks out with her bags and says she is fulfilling her promise.

Update Credit to: MA

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