“Why does the age matter to love someone?” Characters and Episode 1 Intro

“Why does the age matter to love someone?” Characters and Episode 1 Intro


Hey guys Nusz is back aha with another Fan-Fiction of Thapki and Siddharth (From Cad raised in England). This story will be very different than the actual track!! But everything will be based on a love track in my style… I have written many Fan-Fictions and people enjoyed it a lot so. I am really fed off with this Thapki and Bihaan romance in the show right now (Annoying Sankar and Kosi drama is annoying me) . They always ruin it with these random people in it. So I really wanted to give it a try with Thapki and Siddharth from Jamai Raja and I really love their pair but farin this story will be pretty different then one I am telling you If you guys be harsh with me because I didn’t write a Fan-Fiction of Thahaan then I am sorry because I already started a new Fan-Fiction of them and writing one called Destiny Vs Love. I hope you guys enjoy this and please do comment or I will stop writing this Fan-Fiction because I know it’s not based on Thahaan but come on I fed up with this stupid show instead I love the bonding between Manish and Jigyasa better. All of a sudden this stupid Kosi drama started but still Thahaan’s scene was hot and better lately xx. Anyways I also added Arshi (Arnav and Khushi for you guys too) and Twinj (Twinkle and Kunj) Love you guys and please do enjoy this aha xx.


Main Characters

– Thapki/Vaani/Kumari Gupta/Chaturvedi (24 years old) – Thapki is a very talkative girl yet very outgoing and helpful. She’s hates rude and selfish people. Thapki has lost her parents at very young age a woman name Poonam adopted her in the family. Thapki has a sister named Khushi whom was in a coma for a long time due to the accident that happened when they were kids. She used live in an orphanage place and was loved by everyone. Thapki wants to fall in love with someone and know the meaning of true love. She feels connected to guy whenever she meets him. A woman named Roshni use to come visit the orphanage when Thapki was little. Thapki knew Roshni was married and wanted to meet the guy she loved. But she never got to marry him. Thapki is an obedient girl and wants everyone smiling and she also is doing her best to save her sister from all these bad things that happened to her. Thapki will fall in love with Siddharth who is 16 years older than her. Thapki loves Twinkle like her own sister.

– Siddharth/Sid Khurana (39 years old) – Siddharth is a 39 year old business man who doesn’t talk nicely to anyone and is very stubborn. Siddharth has a past which affect him the most. He loved a girl name Roshni who died in a car accident even with his child which broke him into pieces. Sid thinks that someone planned their death but doesn’t know who caused it. Siddharth has forgotten the meaning of love and doesn’t believe in that anymore. Siddharth is always focused on his work and business stuff then his family. Siddharth then meets a talkative girl who changes his life even though he hates her so much in the start. Siddharth even treats Nia really badly and always keep him away from her. Siddharth fights with his mother-in-law, mother and business enemy every time. Then one day he bumps into a girl but doesn’t see her face. She will be 15 years younger than him. (He will be turning 40 soon)

– Roshni Khurana/Patel (25 years old before she died) – Roshni is the wife of Siddharth whom she loved a lot. She died in an accident caused by someone which will be revealed later in the story. Roshni and Siddharth fell in love and married each other without telling her mother but Siddharth’s parents accepted them. Later on her sister Ria didn’t like Roshni becoming the head of the DD industries and wanted to break the bond between her and DD. But everything got fixed later when Roshni was pregnant and problems caused after that. Roshni will always be near Siddharth’s heart and wants him to fall for another girl who will keep him happy in fact Roshni already had another girl for him in her mind before dying which you will be finding out later on in the Fan-Fiction.

– Sanaya/Khushi Kumari Gupta (26 years old) – Khushi has been in a coma for almost six years. She has lost everything when she and Thapki’s parents died. Khushi thinks someone has tried to kill her parents because the revenge in the past. Khushi hasn’t been moving from her position in ages. Thapki is doing everything to cure her sister from this problem. Khushi will gain conscious and try to remember what happened in the past and will forget many things. Later on Khushi will meet a guy who will totally change her life. One more thing it will be revealed why her name is Sanaya and Khushi at the same time. Khushi loves her sister dearly at the same time. Later on in story Khushi/Sanaya will fall in love with Arnav.

– Twinkle Chaturvedi (24 years old) – Twinkle is a bubbly girl who always wants everyone smiling. Twinkle wants to fall in love with someone who is hot and who has a prefect body. But Twinkle knows that guy’s that are sweet will always be the best. Twinkle wants Thapki to smile and remember that she always has her on the side. Twinkle will always be there for her mother Poonam and Thapki whenever they’re in trouble. Twinkle is the sweetest and nicest girls you would meet. Also she’s loud and a big food eater. Twinkle wants to become a big business women where she can help the world become a better place for people to live in.

– Arnav Singh Raizada (29 years old) – Arnav is a big business man who has lost his parents at very young age and only lives with sister and grandmother. Arnav loves his sister a lot and doesn’t get along with grandmother at some points due to some problems they face when he was a child. Arnav wants his sister his sister always happy. Arnav is one of the biggest business manes just like Siddharth Khurana and wants to get the next project. Siddharth and Arnav hate each other a lot. Arnav and Khushi will be meeting soon and everything will change between them.

– Kunj Singh Raizada (25 years old) – Kunj is the youngest son in the family and gets along with everyone accept Shyam. Kunj hates Shyam which pisses Anjali off. Kunj knows Shyam is not the right person for Anjali and wants to separate them. Kunj and Arnav get into fights everyday because of problems they faced. Kunj thinks to himself he is the problem of their parent’s death but tries to get along with everyone. Kunj is really close with his grandmother and Payal the most. Kunj doesn’t believe in love like his brother Arnav after losing their parents. But overall Kunj is the sweetest boy you would know. Kunj’s best friend is Bihaan.

– Anjali Singh Raizada (31 years old) – Anjali is the elder sister Arnav and Kunj and loves them a lot. Anjali wants Arnav to fall in love and learn to smile again like he use too. Anjali is married to Shyam is happy with him but he has a dark past which Anjali doesn’t know about. Anjali lost her parents when she was young and due to the accident she can’t walk that well anymore. Anjail and Arnav share the sweetest bond instead of Anjali and Kunj. Anjali sometimes doesn’t get along with Kunj due to his behavior towards Shyam.

– Nia Khurana (6 years old) (Played by harshaali Malhotra) – (daughter of Ria and Neil who died, adopted by Siddharth) – Nia is the daughter of Neil and Ria who died in a car accident after couples years later when Roshni died. Siddharth had to adopt her because of DD (Durga Devi, Roshni’s mother) Nia is very sweet and kind and loves Siddharth has her father. But Siddharth hates her like hell for some reason. DD always takes care of Nia like her own daughter when she misses her. Nia wants to make her parents proud including Roshni. Nia acts exactly like Roshni because she wants to make Siddharth smiling again. Nia is the sweetest and funniest girl you would love to meet.

– Bihaan Balvinder Pandey (25 years old) – Bihaan is a very sweet boy who is indeed very shy. Bihaan has a crush on Thapki since college and wants to marry her. Bihaan loves when Thapki smiles. Bihaan actually shares a break bond with his sister in law Aditi and wants to bring her and Dhruv closer but fails to do. Bihaan is very sweet and wants to keep everyone happy mostly his family and Thapki. Bihaan is the best friend of Kunj since childhood.

– DD (Durga Devi Patel) – She is the mother of Roshni who has died 15 years back. Durga has lost her daughter and doesn’t want to lose Siddharth either but already has because of his attitude and behavior. Durga takes care of Nia like her own daughter and loves her a lot. Durga wants Nia to stay away from Siddharth because all the problems that occurred in his life. But Durga knows Nia loves Siddharth like her father. Durga doesn’t know who caused the death of Roshni and her child including Neil and Ria.

Additional Characters

– Dhruv Balvinder Pandey (28 years old) – Dhruv is one of the successful business mans in Mumbai. Dhruv and Arnav work with each other but don’t get along with each other that much. Dhruv doesn’t get along with his wife Aditi that much. Dhruv and Bihaan share a great bond together.

– Aditi Dhruv Pandey – (27 years old) – She’s a great daughter-in-law and wants to see her family a lot. Aditi loves Dhruv a lot but due to his previous relationship that broke off still hasn’t gotten them closer. Aditi stills tries to win his heart for the past two years. Aditi and Bihaan share a great bond together too.

– Yuvi Tanjea (25 years old) – Yuvi is the step brother of Shraddha and loves her a lot. Yuvi has lost his parents at a young age and Shraddha has adopted him. Yuvi doesn’t know who his actually parents are and thinks they’re still alive somewhere. Yuvi wants to fall in love with someone and keep them happy.

– Shraddha Tanjea (Main Antagonist)(31 years old) – Shraddha is a selfish girl who works at Siddharth’s company and wants to marry him for money but always fail to do so because he still loves Roshni. Shraddha wants to take over everything and become the richest person in the country. Shraddha doesn’t love Yuvi but adopted him so she can make him marry someone that is rich and take over their stuff. Shraddha is the rudest and nastiest girl you would meet.

– Vasu Balvinder Pandey – She’s the mother of Bihaan and Dhruv and loves them dearly. Vasu shares a great bond with Aditi and wants Bihaan to get married to someone he loves the most. Vasu tries to bring Aditi and Dhruv closer too. Vasu also loves her family and husband a lot.

– Balvinder Pandey – Balvinder is the father of Bihaan and Dhruv and loves them both equally. Balvinder shares a great bond with his family and his daughter in law. Balvinder loves Vasu a lot too.

– Simran Raj Khurana (Antagonist) – Mother of Siddharth and hates Roshni because she destroyed Siddharth after she died. Simran wants Siddharth to marry again and forget about the patel family. But Durga always tells her to stay away from Siddharth. Simran tries to her best to bring Siddharth back to life but fails to do so.

– Raj Khurana – Father of Siddharth and wants him happy. Raj hates when Simran always wants to ruin Siddharth’s happiness. Raj always supports Durga against Simran because they know she’s wrong. Raj knows Siddharth is only living because of Roshni’s memories and wonders when that girl would come into his life and be exactly like Roshni.

– Dadi Pandey – She loves her family a lot and wants everyone to smile and live happily. Dadi wants Bihaan to marry someone he loves the most. Dadi also loves her daughter in laws and wants them to live their life happily.

– Akash Singh Raizada (28 years old) – Akash is the cousin of Arnav and loves him a lot. Akash also loves his wife Payal a lot too. Akash wants everyone to smile in his family and always support Arnav during his business work time.

– Payal Singh Raizada (27 years old) – She’s the wife of Akash and always everyone happy in their family. Payal knows that one day a girl will enter the house and change everything and make this smiling again like it was before.

– Shyam Singh Raizada (Main Antagonist) – (32 years old) – Shyam is the husband of Anjail and wants to take over the whole property and hates everyone in the family. He doesn’t get along with his wife but acts sweet in front of her. Shyam knows Kunj hates him a lot.

– Manorama Singh Raizada – She’s the grandmother of Anjail, Arnav, Akash and Kunj and loves them all dearly. Manorama knows nobody really smiles in the family much but tries her best to do so.

– Poonam Kumari Gupta/Chaturvedi – Poonam is the mother of Twinkle but adopted Thapki into the family and doesn’t know she has another sister name Khushi. Poonam always wants her daughter happy.

(More characters will be revealed in the upcoming episode but these are ones for now.)


*Present Year* (Spoiler one of episode 1)

A girl wakes up when the alarm rings she looks outside and sees the sun shining on her sister. The girl quickly runs towards the curtain and covers the sunlight from hitting her. But she wakes up and says.

“Well my sister always takes care of me” The sister said

The girl smiled and saw her sister wide awake

“After all I don’t want you to wake up early like I do”

“Hey!! I am your sister right? Then why do you have to do all the work alone? The sister said

“Twinkle you’re very smart indeed” Said the girl

“Hey my sister has gotten smarter, haven’t you Thapki?” Said Twinkle

Yes those two girls were Twinkle and Thapki who loved each other dearly even though they weren’t real siblings.

Twinkle: Thapki I think we should hurry up before mom wakes up

Thapki: I am going to go change first

Twinkle rushes into the washroom before Thapki

Twinkle: Better luck next time Thapki

Thapki: You know there is another washroom Twinkle

Twinkle: I know but I will finish before you

Thapki: We will see about that smarty pants

Twinkle: I can’t hear anything because I am in the shower

Thapki touches her head and says

Thapki: Pagal, I just hope Di is alright… I just hope Khushi Di wakes up soon I really miss her

Thapki takes her clothes and looks at the picture of Khushi and her. Thapki smiles and leaves the room.


Khurana Mansion

A man is shown talking on the phone but then gets angry and breaks it. A woman rushes into the room and sees him.

“What the hell are you doing Siddharth?” The women said

“I don’t have time to talk DD, I need to get to work” Siddharth said

Well it’s Siddharth Khurana and DD aka Durga Devi.

DD: Siddharth you need to stop acting like this

Sid: And you need to mind your business?

DD: The way you’re acting is affecting Nia

Sid: And I don’t care, I am really straight forward and for your information I am getting late for a meeting

DD: Wait Siddharth

Siddharth was about to leave when a cute girl who about 6-7 years old is standing in front of him with a cute red dress on.

Nia: Hello Daddy (Her eyes were wide awake and she was smiling like a cute doll)

DD (In mind): Nia what are you doing here? Siddharth doesn’t like seeing anyone’s face in the morning… Oh god

Sid: What are you doing in my room?

Nia: I just wanted to give you a hug before you left for work

Sid: I don’t hug people so please move out of my way

Sid shoves Nia lightly and walks out in style. Nia is sad and tears fall from her eyes. DD comes there and bends down.

DD: Nia don’t cry please

Nia: Why does daddy hate me?

DD: He doesn’t hate you Nia

Nia: Yes he does Nana

DD: I promise he doesn’t hate you, just give him

Nia: No Nana I know he hates me

Nia takes her teddy bear and starts walking towards her room and DD looks on.

DD: This behavior towards Nia needs to stop, I know he lost Roshni but I have lost my daughter too

DD looks at Roshni’s picture and walks out of the room behind Nia


Raizada Mansion

A woman is walking with an aarti plate on her hand. She then reaches the temple and prays to bhagwan. The woman is Anjail Raizada.

Anjail: Hai Bhagwan today is an important day because it’s our parents Anniversary and I want to celebrate with everyone in this family.

Then a boy runs downstairs and hugs her. That guy was Akash.

Akash: Hey Di, how are you? And why are you standing? Didn’t the doctor tell you to rest?

Anjali: Arre Akash I am totally fine

Akash: No you’re not

Anjali: By the way where is mummy?

Akash: She will be back in a few days or so

Payal: Di!

Anjali: Payal, have you seen Chote?

Payal: No Di I haven’t seen Arnav

Anjali: What about Kunj?

Payal: I think his still angry with you

Anjali: Are you sure his still angry with me?

Payal: Yes Di he is

Akash: Okay my lovely ladies I need to get to work right before Arnav Bhai does

Anjali: Ruku Akash

Akash: Yes Di

Anjali: You need to sweet before leaving

Akash eats and kisses both Anjali and Payal on the forehead and leaves for work.

Payal: Di I am gonna go and cook breakfast for everyone

Anjali: Okay Payal

Payal leaves when all of a sudden Kunj comes there with music in his ears.

Anjali: Kunj!

Kunj doesn’t hear her but sees her limping and was about to fall. But Kunj catches her on time.

Kunj: Di what are you thinking? Can’t you take care of yourself?

Anjali: I knew you still cared

Kunj: Di look I care about you but I haven’t have forgotten about Shyam

Anjali: Kunj is this how you talk about your Jiju?

Kunj: Di I don’t respect idiots like him

Anjali: Kunj!!!

Kunj: I am sorry Di but he is a horrible husband and I will prove his real face in front of you

Anjali was about to slap Kunj when Arnav holds her hand.

Arnav: No slapping on this day Di

Anjali: Chote

Kunj: I knew it!! Anjali Di always takes side with Arnav

Anjali: What’s got into you?

Kunj: Nothing Di all you do is take sides with Arnav

Anjali: Don’t you even show respect towards your brother either?

Kunj: I respect people who understand people’s feelings

Arnav: Kunj Singh Raizada you need to stay in your limits for today

Kunj: Wow the great ASR is showing his real face in front of me, I hope you didn’t forget what you did to me

Arnav: KUNJ


Manorama and Payal rush into the living room after hearing their fight.

Manorama: What is going on here?

Kunj: Dadi I think you know what clearly is going on

Arnav: Kunj you need to stay in your limits just for today

Kunj: I have always stayed in my limits but I think you have forgotten to stay in your limits

Arnav: I can’t handle someone like you anymore, don’t try to act smart with me

Kunj: Nor would I ever

Arnav gets angry and leaves the room in anger. Anjali tries to stop him but fails to do so. Anjali comes back and looks at Kunj.

Anjali: Why are you doing this Kunj?

Kunj: Di I don’t want to talk about it

Kunj leave from there while they all look on.

Manorama: This happens every time

Anjali: No Dadi, Kunj is acting up for everything

Manorama: I know but there are reasons between Arnav and Kunj’s fights

Payal: Dadi, Mummy is coming back tomorrow (Her character will be revealed tomorrow)

Everyone is shocked of the incident that occurred in the house again.


Hospital (Khushi’s Room)

Khushi is lying down on the bed in coma. A lady comes there.

Lady: Khushi it’s been awhile seen I visited you

The lady leaves a ribbon near her bed

Lady: I want you to wake up soon because problems are gonna happen in your sister’s life

The lady leaves from there while Khushi finger moves but drops down again.


Pandey Mansion

A boy gets up and starts playing with his drums when a women enters the room and says.

Women: Bihaan Pandey time to stop playing because your soccer practice is going to start

Yes the boy was Bihaan Pandey.

Bihaan: Hey Bhabhi

And the woman is Aditi.

Aditi: Well Bihaan are you ready?

Bihaan: Nah, but where’s bro?

Aditi: Where he is always?

Bihaan: Work?

Aditi: Yea he just left?

Bihaan: Bhabhi don’t you ever talk to him

Aditi: He never has time for me

Bihaan: Bhabhi this is totally wrong and you know that

Aditi: It’s okay Bihaan, anyways you should get ready

Bihaan: Okay and thanks for my favorite breakfast

Aditi: No problem!!

Bihaan: I will make Bhai and Bhabhi one and that’s my promise, but first I need to go meet Kunj his probably already there

Bihaan then sees his phone grabs it and leaves the house.


On the road (Spoiler 2 for episode 1) (Sidpki)

Thapki is walking on the road with Twinkle and tells her something.

Thapki: I just hope Di is fine

Twinkle: Don’t worry Khushi Di will be fine if you always support her

Thapki: If anything happens to her my life will be ruined

Twinkle: I promise none thing will happen to her

Thapki: Okay but I need to tell you something

Twinkle: What is it?

Thapki: I still haven’t gotten a job so I can pay for Di’s hospital fees

Twinkle: Don’t worry you can borrow the money I have for now

Thapki: No Twinkle you can’t always do that

Twinkle: Thapki you’re my sister

Thapki: I know but I can’t always borrow your money

Twinkle: Why don’t you work at the Khurana industries? They pay you very well

Thapki: Do you think they will hire me?

Twinkle: I am a hundred percent sure they will

Siddharth comes out of his car in style. Siddharth is wearing black glasses while his face is down and guard beside him while is walking into his building.

Thapki: Who’s that?

Twinkle: The richest man in this whole city has you know

Thapki: Do you think I would get hired here?

Twinkle: I heard his rude and selfish and also his 40 years old

Thapki: Have you ever seen him?

Twinkle: People call him hot even though his 40

Thapki: I just hope he knows how to smile

(Saaiyan plays from gunday)

Siddharth then drops his phone and turns around seeing a girl leaving.

Sid: Pathetic people believing in love

Siddharth grabs his phone and walks in while Thapki turns the other and starts walking.


Near the hospital (Spoiler 3 for episode 1) (Arshi)

Arnav is in his car driving past the hospital and feels his connected to someone from here.

Arnav: Why is the wind blowing all of a sudden?

Khushi’s finger moves up and down. Arnav feels weird about this place

Arnav: It looks like I have come to this place before

Arnav then drives away from here while Khushi’s finger falls back on the bed.


Near a party place (Spoiler 4 for episode 1) (Twinj)

Kunj is walking past the party place when a girl runs into him with food in her hands. The tray of food falls right on him.


Twinkle: I am sorry I didn’t see you

Kunj: You fatty are you blind?

Twinkle: Fatty? I look fat to you?

Bihaan: Dude relax

Kunj: No this idiot dropped food all around my clothes

Bihaan: I know who she is

Kunj: I don’t care who she is, this girl is trouble

Twinkle: Oye idiot you’re the one walking with your eyes closed

Kunj: You’re such an idiot with no brain what’s so ever

Twinkle: Shut up and learn how to walk with your eyes opened

Bihaan: Can you two stop fighting

Thapki rushes there and stops the fight

Thapki: Guys stop fighting

Kunj: Stupid pig made my clothes dirty

Twinkle: You’re the pig here not me

Kunj: I will kill you

Twinkle: I can do the same

Bihaan: Thapki

Thapki: Bihaan?

Thapki: Okay Twinkle let’s leave from here

Twinkle: No Thapki I am not done with this idiot

Kunj: Oh get the hell out of my face

Twinkle throws pani puri on him


Twinkle: You’re welcome pig


Bihaan grabs him and they both leave from there.

Twinkle and Kunj turn around and see each other. Kunj makes a mean face while Twinkle sticks her tongue at him.

Introduction of episode 1 ends


Moral – “Love doesn’t matter in age but love will always be there for you xx”

Recap: The story is going to begin with hate then love but not Sidpki’s love story. Twinj and Arshi’s love story will be the different but nothing compared to Sidpki’s.

Now guys tell me a prefect girl that would match Bihaan’s character?

Asha Negi?

Vrushika Metha?

Radhika Madan?

Tejawasi Parkash?

You choose, I know it’s not Jigyasa aka Thapki, but please bear with me… I just want to try something new even though I love Thahaan aha xx.


By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha xx)

Btw I’ll post the first episode when I have time aha xx.

Thank you so much for enjoying this, please do comment and silent readers I need to know if you want me to make this Fan-Fiction longer or not!! Till then enjoy the character sketch and episode 1 intro for now till episode 1!!! (Also there might be some grammar errors because I didn’t read over my work so please bare with it, thank you aha xx.)

Love you guys x by Nusz aha xx.

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    pls dont seperate thahaan i am only getting happy by reading the ff of all ypurs as current track is annpying me the kosi drama ughh
    Pls dont seperate thahaan pls i request pls
    I am a silent reader but this made me to do this message pls

  27. Mybaby doll nusz we loved ot?? u rocked….
    I love manyasa thahaanbut sidpki. Looks hot too…
    Want radhika madan or helly shah…..

  28. Ramya

    Hey nusz
    Awesome episode n intro loved it.
    N twinj fight is cute
    Loved it plss asap dear

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