Agar Tum Saath Ho [If You Are With Me] – Swaragini [Raglak & Swasan] Epi-2


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Swara and Ragini checked their timetables and were disappointed to see that they had no class together, probably because Ragini was taking the engineering course whereas Swara was taking the law and politics course. They quickly hugged and rushed to their individual class rooms, promising to meet by the fields at lunch time.

Ragini stepped into the room, immediately attracting the attention of everyone who were already seated when class had begun five minutes ago.
“Yeh koi time hota hai class mein aani ka? Naam kiya hai tumhara?”, said the teacher quite menacingly.
“I’m Ragini Gadodia, sir, aaj mere pehla din hai”, she timidly replied.
“Toh yahan karthe mera mooh kyun dekh rahi ho? Jao jaake seat pe behto”, he said with a dirty look on his face.

As she walked up to find a seat, Ragini heard the boys in her class saying dirty and cheap things like how hot she was or what she would look like in a mini skirt. Feeling self conscious, Ragini tugged at her black dress and chose to ignore the comments. She finally found a seat at the back of the room and concentrated on what she was being taught. The professor – Mr Patel – called out the names on the class register to mark their attendance. Looking around the class, he realised that the bane of his teaching career was not present again.
“Lag ta hai iss saal bhi woh koi classes nahi attend kare ga aur ik baar phir apne raees baap se paise bhara ky saal pass karle ga. Lafanga kahin ka”, Mr Patel said as he marked the boy absent.

Across the other side of the building, Swara walked into her class room, shocked by the chaos inside. With the teacher not here, the class had been turned upside down; loud music was being blasted and boys and girls were dancing on top of the desks. Soundproofed walls ensured no one was able to hear any noise outside of the class. As Swara walked further into the classroom, she was pushed and jostled around into the centre of all the choas. Afraid she may be trampled on, Swara hastily escaped from the classroom and decided to explore the college. After aimlessly wandering for almost 20 minutes, she finally came to an empty classroom filled with musical instruments. Her heart leaped with joy, excited to caress the strings of a guitar. Ensuring that she was alone in the classroom, she quietly closed the door and looked at the beautiful instruments laying there. She picked up a white electric guitar which had splashes of purple and blue making up its border. Strumming the strings she felt herself moving to the rhythm and beat and started to sing.

Song: Baadal Pe Paaon Hain [Chak De India]

Aasman kaa swad hai, muddaton key bad hai 
[This taste of the sky is after a long time] Sehma dil dhakdhak kare, din hai ya yeh rat hai 
[The frightened heart is beating fast, is this a day or a night] Hay tu mehrban kyun ho gaya bakhuda 
[Oh why did you become so generous by god] Kya baat hai 
[It is great]

Baadal pe paaon hain ya jhuta danv hai 
[Are the feet on the clouds, or it is some kind of fake stake] Abb toh bhay chal padee apnee yeh nav hai
[Now this boat of mine has started to flow]

Precap: Ragini waits for Swara at the fields in college when she is knocked over by a flying ball. She falls to the ground and a hand appears to help her up.

Sorry the precap is the same as episode 1 but I felt like this episode was getting a bit too long. Anyhow the male leads will be introduced next episode along with any other minor characters. Please comment any changes you would like to see or just comment if you enjoyed the FF so I know if I should continue this or not. (P.S sorry for updating after such a long time, I had some personal problems that needed to be resolved.)

Credit to: Fari

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