Agar Tum Saath Ho [If You Are With Me] – Swaragini [Raglak & Swasan] Epi-1


Hey guys! I’m Fari and I’m new to this website. I hope you enjoy my first ever FF. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or just to appreciate my work otherwise I will think that no one enjoys it so I will not continue it.

“Sona, Laado utho na. You have to get ready for college”, Mishty shouted from the kitchen as she prepared breakfast for her two daughters.
“Abhi tak nahi uthi woh dono? Chalo mein jaa ky utha tha hoon”, Shekhar said in a joyful mood. He walked into their room and immediately saw both Swara and Ragini sleeping like little babies on the bed. Drawing the curtains back, he reached towards the glass of water sitting atop the bedside table and quickly threw it all over them. Screams echoed in the room as both Ragini and Swara awoke and seeing each
other’s wet state began to laugh. They turned around to find their father also laughing and gasped, suprised to see it was their father who had pulled this little prank on them.
“Arey, hurry up now otherwise you’ll be late to your lessons”, Shekhar told them. The girls nodded and started to get ready for the first day of college.

“Ragini, jaldi chalo na. Agar hum apni pehli din pe hi late hon gy to teachers hamare baare mein kya soche gay”, Swara dragged Ragini hurriedly.
“Acha baba, I’m walking as fast as I can. Tum chahti ho ky mein ab bhaagon kiya?”, replied Ragini in a joking manner.
They entered the gates of the college and looked at each other in anticipation of the life that lay ahead of them.

Precap: Ragini waits for Swara at the fields in college when she is knocked over by a flying ball. She falls to the ground and a hand appears to help her up.

Credit to: Fari

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  1. Please write a little long. Pls.

    1. Don’t worry next episode will be longer than this one as more interesting things will happen.

  2. It’s awesome and thnx for making it raglak

    1. Aww thanks and I’ve loved Raglak from the very beginning as they are my fave ship.

  3. thnx for making raglak becoz i like their pair a lotttttttt

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  6. Very nice dear. Thanks a lot for RAGLAK and plz make it lengthy

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