Agar tum saath ho (Swaragini) (Intro)

Hi!!!!! this is deeksha. i was a silent reader few months back and now wanted to write something which was striking my mind from past few days hope u guys like it.basically i am swasan fan but i would like u guys to choose which u want for swara and ragini. enough of all these chit chat here goes intro of my story

swara gadodia: she is a chubly,bubly girl who lost her parents in an accident two years back.she lives with her sister ragini at uncles place.she is perusing her third
year of her mmbs.she loves her uncle rajesh gadodia. she loves to be independent and mostly does her works by her own she never depends on anyone even her
uncle.her main ambition is to fulfill her mother’s last wish of becoming a doctor.she is 20 years old.

ragini gadodia: she is traditional,reserved girl who is only close to her mom and swara. After her parents death she was shattered and after that she was talking only to
swara not even to her uncle.she is also perusing her mmbs. she is in first year of mmbs in the same college of swara. she is 18 years old.

rajesh gadodia: uncle of swara and ragini loves them a lot.he took care of them after her brothers death.he has a son named sahil.he always saves swaragini from her
aunt padma.

padma gadodia: wife of rajesh gadodia.she hates swaragini,never likes them.she always orders them and make them do all the work of the house.she only loves sahil and
sometimes scolds rajesh for loving swaragini(she is a kind of kundan’s mother in the serial balika vadhu just for imagination)

sahil gadodia: son of rajesh and padma and cousin of swaragini. he is also like his mother hates swaragini. he sees that how can he make swaragini get scoldings from
padma.(he is the kind of kundan in the serial balika vadhu)

guys there will be introduction of sanlak also in the further episodes once u decide the pairs.
what happens when swara and ragini meets sanskaar and laksh????
will ever ragini came back to normal state how she was before her parents death????
if she will how???and who helps her????
can swara fulfill her mothers last wish????
how will padma and sahil ruin swaragini’s life?????
stay tune to know………


  1. yashasvi ( yashu )

    hey deeksha it’s awesome…………… superb yrrrrr
    and like u i am also a raglak n swasan fan……. so plzzzz make the pairs…………
    i think u got ur ans……………….luv u………….
    and welcome to tellyupdates as a writer…………………

  2. Sonya


    |Registered Member

    superb intro of character
    so sahil is cousin of ragini in this ff
    regarding pairs
    even i like ragsan
    but its ur wish dear
    bcs im sure when u were thiking of a story u had something in mind regarding pairs too

  3. Deeksha



    Guys I am very happy to see such comments but yesterday I got to know that there was already an ff on the name Agar tum saath ho so if you guys wanted l will change the name. Mine is different from that……..

  4. Amy

    Of course our lovely heavanly couple swasan….i like d concept….yeah i also read a ff in same name in fb…bt u dnt need to change if d title suits to ur story..

  5. anu

    swasan and raglak.. its better u only decide pairs if you ask about pairs all say about there wish by voting you pick its nt good sometimes u may nt give all pairs as all wanted.. its better u only select pairs.. sorry if i hurt you..

  6. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    swasan…..pls dont go for vote for pairs…..u know the story so pls u just decide d pairs…..dont go for voting… will create unnecessary fights….hope u understand…..

  7. Jwala


    |Registered Member

    swasan.. and raglak.. we have actual pairs in the show.. then why voting done for non existing couple

  8. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Dear, for me,pairs is not important.Storyline acchi honi chaiye.Pairs tum khud decide karlo.

  9. Shona/Laado


    • Deeksha



      thanks shona/laado……….registered member means that u r registered with tu and lgin in tu and have an account…… the starting of the page u will find the link to login ………..

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  11. shaikhsabiya

    Oohhh thnakyou so much iam a die hard fan of raglk tysm you are awsome writer i must sa ??

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