Agar tum saath ho swaragini episode 76 (raglak engagement…..!!!!!)

Episode 75

Last episode ended with the pre Engagement Celebrations…. And Sanskaar asking to find out that lady soon….!!!!!!

Next episode

Sanlak were mesmerized to see their respective partners descending down the stairs….!!!!!!

Laksh was stunned to see ragini in the saree and her waist belt was visible on her waist adding more beauty to her….!!!!! And he was continuously staring her waist….!!!!!!!

Ragini felt a continuous gaze on her….. When she turned to find out who it was….. She blushed seeing laksh gazing her….!!!!! But she didn’t show her blush out…. Instead she turned around angrily…..!!!!!!

Seeing her turning angrily…. Laksh felt bad but he went to her signalling Sanskaar….!!!!!

Sanskaar immediately turned the centre spot onto laksh who was kneeling down infront of ragini in proposing style asking her for dance…..

But she denied waiting to see how extend will he go to convince her….!!!!!

Then laksh started signing for ragini….!!!!! (dhokha dhadi from R. Raj Kumar)

Male voice :

Teri aankhon se hui yaariyan chalte chalte yunhi
Meri aankhon ne teri aankhon se aap-beeti kahi
Teri aankhon k piche piche hum pagle se chal pade
Meri aankhen ab dil ke chakar me kuch bhi na sunti hain

Dil yeh dhokha dhadi kar dega, Socha na tha
Itni yeh gadbadi kar dega, Socha na tha
Aisi mushkil khadi kar dega, Socha na tha

Ud gaye tote, tere to ud gaye tote re
La la la la….
Ud gaye tote re, tere to ud gaye tote re

(he started doing some steps asking forgiveness from ragini….!!!!! Like showing her eyes first then showing his eyes indicating that he has fallen in love with her…..!!!! After that he shows his heart indicating that it cannot live without u…!!!!!and his eyes doesn’t listen to him as his heart is with u…!!!!!)

But our ragini is also not less so she also starts signing….!!!!!!

Female voice :

Hote dil farebi hain
Aur hum sirphire bhi hain
Pyaar-vyaar hum nahi jaante
Seedhe-saade lagte ho
Phir kyun aise thugte ho
Lagte hain kya nadaan se

(ragini starts dancing Giving him answer….!!!!! She dances saying that heart is a cheater and doesn’t stay at one place….!!!!!!and there is no place for love in my heart…..!!!!!!! U look like a straightforward person then why are you doing all this….?????)

Male voice :

Hmm, isey jo maaf kije wallah
Yeh dil zara sa hai nitthalla
Iraade hain beimaan se

Dil ye dhokha dhadi kar dega, Socha na tha
Itni ye gadbadi kar dega, Socha na tha
Aise mushkil khadi kar dega, Socha na tha..

Ud gaye tote re, tere to ud gaye tote re
O la la la..
Udd gaye tote re, tere to ud gaye tote re
La la la la..

(laksh continues his dance replying to her saying that heart could be a cheater but not me….!!!!! I am a noble person without any wrong intentions…..!!!!!!!)

Male voice:

Mere kaano mein kahin
Roshandaano se kahin
Chhanti teri aawaz hai
Zyaada na hai ye kahe
Chup bhi na hai yeh rahe
Aankhon ka ye andaaz hai

( laksh continues saying that his ears and heart were lightened by ur voice only……. They don’t shout loudly nor they keep quiet….they shine only when u r near by….!!!!!!)

Female voice :

Chalo miyaan ho gaya milna
Neendon mein bhi khona phisalna
Khwaabon pe tum chalna dhyaan se

(ragini continues saying that OK partner let’s get together…..!!!!!! Come in my dream and let’s enjoy together….!!!!!)

Both of them sign together :

Dil ye dhoka-dhadi kar dega, Socha na tha
Itni yeh gadbadi kar dega, Socha na tha
Aise mushkil khadi kar dega, Socha na tha….

Ud gaye tote re, tere to ud gaye tote re
La ra la la…. (x3)

(we will be together always no matter whatever the situation is….!!!!!!)

After completion of this laksh kneels down in proposing style with a red rose in his hand…..!!!!!!!

Meanwhile when raglak were dancing to the tune swara goes and stands beside Sanskaar leaning her head on him and enjoying to her fullest……!!!!!!!!

Laksh : so at last…..!!!!!! I am proposing like this….!!!!!! Nevermind……!!!!!! Never thought that I will be Falling in love with you…..!!!!!! The one who used to rarely open her mouth…..!!!!!! The one who used to sit at a corner not letting even a single word…..!!!!!!whereas I used to never sit at a place nor keep quiet….. I used to always blabber…..!!!!!! Never thought that a person like me would fall for u…..!!!!!!

So miss ragini gadodia…..!!!!!!! Will you be my life partner ignoring my nautiness, my childishness…..???????

When laksh was putting his heart out… Ragini was just lost in him bringing out her happiness in the form of tears…..!!!!!!!!

Ragini immediately pulled laksh into her embrace into a bone crushing hug…..!!!!!!! And replying yes……!!!!!!!! And taking the rose from his hand…..!!!!!!

Laksh was enjoying her sudden response….!!!!!! He hugged her more tightly not even allowing air to pass through them…..!!!!!!!

Both of them broke the hug after listening to applause of the people there……!!!!!!!

Both of them were embraced…..!!!!!!!

Later ap asked them to exchange the Rings……!!!!!!!

First laksh exchanged it onto the ragini’s finger…..!!!!!!! Later ragini exchanged it onto the laksh finger…..!!!!!!!

Then both of them shared a side hug posing for a photo……!!!!!!!

Everyone where in the joyful mood when few people entered the mansion creating disturbance……!!!!!!!!

Those few people were recognized by Sanskaar, Shekhar, uttara, Kavita…..!!!!!! Those people were the one whom Sanskaar asked to find out about the lady…..!!!!!!!

Along with the person even police also entered…..!!!!!!! (among the police there was a police man who was enemy to Sanskaar…..!!!!! And wanted to take revenge from him….!!!!!)

Sanskaar : (goes near the person..) did you find that lady…????
Person : no sir….!!!!! But got the address of the drugs sir….!!!!!!
Sanskaar : where r they…..?????
Person : here sir…..!!!!!!
Uttara : what….??????? Here….??????
Sanskaar : that’s not possible….!!!!!!
Police officer : why is it not possible Sanskaar…..?????? It is very much possible….!!!!!!! And I am sure that it is here only….!!!!!!
Sanskaar : ohhh…. If you think so then check it by urself only….!!!!!!! I am sure that those drugs are not here…..!!!!!!

Police officer asks his men to search the house…..!!!!!! While ragini holds laksh hand tightly….. And swara comes near Sanskaar and clutches him tightly in fear….!!!!!!

Both laksh and Sanskaar assures ragini and swara that everything will be fine….!!!!!!

After sometime….. The constables comes down with a bag of drugs and says them that they got it from swasan room…..!!!!!!!

Swasan were shocked…..!!!!!! Everyone else were also shocked….!!!!! Immediately ap and bua called off the party…..!!!!!!

Slowly everyone started moving out…. After everyone left…. Police officer started to talk…..!!!!!!

Police officer : wow….!!!!! Someone told me to check the whole house indicating that there will be no sign of drugs….!!!!!!!

He sees towards Sanskaar….!!!!! He was fuming in anger but was helpless as those where found from his room only….!!!!!

Po: and see now I get the bag of drugs from his room only….!!!!! What u say Mr Arora…..!!!!!

There was no reply…. So he turned towards swara who was holding Sanskaar tightly….!!!!!!

Po : Mr Arora is not saying anything….!!!!!! Maybe Mrs Arora will say anything….!!!!!

Said so whole seeing her lust fully….!!!!! Sanskaar observed this…. He made himself in between swara and the po….!!!!!!

Po : not coming in between me and ur wife Sanskaar…. First answer me who owns this bag….????? U or ur wife….????? Bcoz according to the information it says that the bag of drugs were purchased by a lady…. And the lady is Mrs…..
Sanskaar : it’s not swara….!!!!! Get that straight into ur mind….!!!!! It’s a trap….!!!! A clear trap….!!!!!
Shekhar : I will talk to ur senior….!!!!!
Po : talk to whomever you want Mr gadodia…..!!!! No use….!!!!! Bcoz we are going to arrest Mrs Arora….!!!!!!

Hearing it swara holds Sanskaar more tightly….!!!!!!! Sanskaar again assures her nothing will happen…!!!!!

Whereas other family members were shocked….!!!!!!

Ragini : no…. U cannot arrest her….!!!!!

Po turned towards ragini….. He got attracted to her and started seeing her lust fully….!!!!!! But in no time laksh stood in front of her….. Blocking his lust eyes….!!!!!

Po : I can very much do it miss gadodia….!!!!!!! And constables arrest her….!!!!!!
Sanskaar : no u can’t….!!!!!!! U can’t arrest a lady after 6…..!!!!!!!
Po : yes Mr Arora….!!!!! But I have got the arrest warrant against the lady and that lady is identified as Mrs Arora…..!!!!!!! And I have got lady constables also…..!!!!!! So u cannot do anything now Mr Arora…..!!!!!!!!

As per the order lady constable comes forward and arrest swara in front of Sanskaar……!!!!!!!!!!!!

Precap : swara will be in jail as today is Friday and reopens on Monday…..!!!!!!!

So guys done with the episode…..!!!!!! Hope the raglak fans are happy….!!!!! I had spent a lot of time than usual only for the raglak….!!!!!! Now I want comments especially from raglak fans pls….!!!!!!

Thanks for the response on the previous one….!!!!! Hope the same continues….!!!!!

This is deeksha reddy signing off….

Stay tuned….!!!!!


  1. anu

    sorry deeksha m still not satisfy wid raglak part in starting thr was 50/50 of both swasan and raglak then soon start only swasan and m still seeeing swasan story
    yes this ep has raglak part but still seems less as compared tooo swasan such like original SR show

    • Deeksha



      Thanks anu for ur view and telling me frankly….!!!!!! I will try my best to add more raglak scenes…..!!!!!!! Don’t worry they will be there in the upcoming episodes….!!!!!!!

  2. saloni

    wow deeksha mind blowing dear especially raglak part the way laksh proposed rags was awesome n feeling bad that swara will get arrested
    n request plzz give some raglak scene in next part plzzzzz

    • Deeksha



      Thanks dear….!!! Don’t worry for me raglak and swasan both r equal….. U will get nothing of them…..!!!!!!! I will try my best to update soon….!!!!!!

  3. Rabia


    |Registered Member

    😭😭😭😭😭 haawww hayeee deekshu what have u dine and why dis raj dont die? 😑😑😑

  4. Vidhi

    Amazing… Loved it…. Swasan are the best… Feeling bad for swara…. Bt never mind sanskar is there na… 😘😍😘😍😘😍😘update soon

  5. Shreeyu


    |Registered Member

    Ufff deekshu….. Ur little brain is so devil …. Hamesha kuch na kuch ajeeb sochti reh ti hai…. Btw Episode was nice

  6. Chanu


    |Registered Member

    deeku dr!!
    U r soo bad!!!
    Im soo sad!! My swara ll be alon in jail.. huhuh..let me a company her!!!
    Bring bombs 2 blast dat blo*dy police officer!! Urrrggg…
    my poor swasan..

    waiting 4 da nxt epi dr..
    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    • Deeksha



      Thanks chanu….!!!!! I don’t mind if you accompany her….. But dear bombs????????? They are gonna blast *running as fast as I can

  7. Raglakholic


    |Registered Member

    Awesome update dear
    In this update u gave raglak moment’s more
    But comparing to the whole story u gave swasan more importance just like the show
    Sorry if I hurt you
    But it’s my opinion

    • Deeksha



      Thanks raglakholic…..!!!!! Thanks a lot for keeping ur opinion in front of me…..!!!!!! I will surely consider this and give more raglak scenes and their track in the upcoming episodes……!!!!!!!

      Thanks for reading dear….!!!!!!

    • Deeksha



      Thanks rasha……!!!!!!!! Thanks for breaking ur silence dear…..!!!!! Do continue to comment dear…..!!!!!! Keep reading dear….!!!!

  8. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr..Loved it.. Raglak scenes are nice.. Aww,possessive sanky.. Keep going dear.. Waiting for nxt.. Sorry for late comment..
    Take care
    Keep smilingπŸ˜€

    • Deeksha



      Thanks uma…..!!!!!! I will try my best to update soon….!!!!!! Don’t say sorry dear…. I am just happy that you commented….!!!!! Keep commenting dear….!!!!! Lots of love 😘😘😘😘😘

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