Agar tum saath ho swaragini episode 49

Episode 48

Last episode ended with raglak romance!!!!! And swara following Sanskaar to the terrace……

Episode starts with swara coming on to the terrace (guys it’s evening time….) she awestruck….!!!!!!! She was completely shocked with the arrangements….!!!!! Well there was a table at a place with baby pink and white clothes!!!!!!! And there were two chairs and on the table there were white Lilly bunch!!!!!!!! And beside the table there was board with pictures of swara!!!!!! Those pics which swara also don’t have!!!!!! It’s from her first year!!!!!! The one which was her day one in her college….. And one on the freshers…. And some where in the canteen…. And her birthday pics (in the college only) her each and every moment in the college was captured!!!!!!!! And there was another board beside it which contains only the pics of swasan!!!!!those pics of the camp!!!!!! And their recent pics!!!!!! In short it is the collage of their sweet moments!!!!!!

Swara slowly went near the board and was touching them!!!!!! She heard someone’s signing!!!!!! She recognized the voice!!!!! It was Sanskaar!!!!!!!he was not only signing but also playing the guitar!!!!!!!

(sun sathiya from abcd2)

Sun saathiya…. Mahi ya
Barsa de ishqaki saheya…..

Rang jahoo Rang Rang jahoo re
Tujh pe main char char jahoo re
Piya bas teri mein
Ohh chule Kari mein…….

( swara was seeing Sanskaar lovingly…. Her eyes filled with tears!!!!!! A drop was going to fall down but in the nick of the time Sanskaar caught the drop….)

Mein reth se bundh ka zariya thu
Paake tujhe beeg jahoogi
Mein tar jahoo tar tar jahoo
Tar aaye tar jahoo ji
Ishgeki Paake mein Tera nikar jahoo
Piya bas teri mein
Chule tho Kari mein……

(Sanskaar wiped the tears coming out of her eyes….. And made her smile using his hands on her lips…. Hope u guys get the situation…….)

He completed the song…… Swara just came and hugged him tightly…… She crying….. ( woh khushi Ke assu the)… Happy tears….!!!!!) Sanskaar just released the hug and wiped the tears…..

Sanskaar : there is no place for these tears from now!!!!!! When ur Sanskaar is with you… There will no need to worry….. He will make sure that problem should be first faced by me… Then u…. Ok!!!!!

Swara nodded her head!!!!!! Later Sanskaar took her near the table and started serving the food!!!!! It was all the favourites of swara!!!!!! Both of them had their dinner!!!!! Swara was still licking her fingers!!!!!!

Sanskaar : swara Agar tumhe chahiye tho main aur khana deduga… Par pls apna ungli math khana….. (swara if you want more I will give you… But pls don’t eat ur fingers!!!!!)
Swara :huh!!!! (after realising)what??? U r so mean Sanskaar!!!!!!!
Sanskaar : what???? Mean????? After doing all the preparations and giving such a good surprise…!!!!!! In return I get how mean I am?????? This is not fair!!!!!!
Swara : accha what you want?????
Sanskaar : will u give me whatever I want?????
Swara : Haan!!!!!
Sanskaar : no u will not!!!!! Like last time this time also u will ran away!!!!!!
Swara : this time pacca!!!!!
Sanskaar : pacca!!!!!
Swara : haan baba pacca!!!!!
Sanskaar :then I want a kiss!!!!!

Without even waiting for a second swara captured his lips!!!!! In starting Sanskaar didn’t understand anything!!!!! But he realised slowly and started reciprocating to it!!!!! Swara was tasting his lips widely !!!!!
It was a very very passionate kiss!!!!!! It continued till they could control their breath!!!!!! After that they broke apart!!!!! Sanskaar lips were bleeding…. He didn’t realise that… Swara saw that she went near him and sucked the lips!!!!! He was more shocked now!!!!!! He never expected this from her!!!!!

Swara : now tell me???? Did you get want u asked for????

Sanskaar didn’t answered…. He was still in the shock!!!!!! Swara went and shook him…. He came into senses!!!!!!

Sanskaar : haan!!!!!
Swara : what haan!!!!! U didn’t answered my question????
Sanskaar : haan woh…… I never expected that you r so wild and bold!!!!!! I don’t know what will happen on first night…. I think I am gonna lose my virginity!!!!!! ( swara bursts into laughing) hai baghwan pls bachadena!!!!!!!

Swara continues her laughing!!!!! Sanskaar was lost looking at her!!!!!!

Precap : marriage!!!!!! Rituals and masti!!!!!

So guys as said I have written another episode before my exams!!!!!! So my exams start from Monday and end on Saturday….. So till then bye!!!!!!! And tell me one more thing..!!!!! U want both swasan and raglak marriage or only swasan????? If their is swasan marriage only then I can give you guys more episodes other wise I can give only few episodes only!!!!!!! It’s ur wish….. But don’t worry both the couples will get equal importance!!!!!!!! Well I will tell my view….. I thought of giving only swasan marriage and after that raglak so that I could show both the couples equally….. And masti also will be more…. At the time os swasan raglak masti and at the time of raglak swasan masti…… But at last it’s ur wish!!!!!!!!and thanks for the response on the previous one!!!!! Continue to comment dear….. It will give me encouragement…. This is deeksha reddy signing off……

Stay tuned……


  1. chanu

    awwww nice chappy dr.
    omg swara is so bold. im also shocked. 😮
    ya i also scard abt my sanky wt will hpn in their 1st nyt? 😉

    i want swasan mrg nly. cz im swasanion. bt after dat u cn gv us raglak mrg also.

    all the best 4 ur exam dr. do well in it. my prayers with u.

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

  2. Khushiii


    |Registered Member

    Hey Deeksha . I have just read all the chapters I missed and they were all fantastic. If possible give swasan marriage first and then raglak with lots of masti. And all the best for your exams

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