Agar tum saath ho (kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi) FF LAST EPISODE

Dev’s POV
Sonakshi was crying and her tears were falling on my face as I was sleeping on her lap. I got up..And hugged her tightly. She didn’t say anything. She was in stress and this stress is not good for her as she was pregnant.

Dev: Sona..Sona look at me..kuch to bolo
And she looked at me. I cupped her face , wiped out her tears.
Dev: nothing has happened.. Nothing has changed. You deserve to know the truth. I am sorry. I don’t know why but god always forces me to hurt you.. I am sorry..
Sona: Dev..
Dev: Bolo na..
Sona: Agar us din tum late aate aur mere saath kuch galat hota to kya aaj bhi hum yaha isi ghar me ek saath hote?
Dev: nahi..
And there was pin drop silence for a minute.

Dev: Mai yaha tumhe rehne hi nahi deta.. mai tumhe le ke kahi dur chala jata. Jis shahar me meri Sona ke saath galat hua ho vaha mai kabhi nahi rehta aur na tumhe rehne deta. You are pure..pure in each manner. Agar kuch galat hota to bhi mere liye tum vahi sona hoti jo aaj ho. Shayad us vakt mai tumse jyada pyaar krta, jyada protective hota..

And before I could say further she hugged me.
Dev: If I don’t support you in your bad time then I don’t have any right on your good days..
Sona: Thank you Dev.. agar tum us din mujhse shadi nahi krte to misunderstanding ke vajah se mai khud kabhi tumse shadi nahi krti.
Dev: Don’t say thanks and I did that for myself. I am very selfish. I can’t see you in pain and I can do anything to protect you.
Sona: Didn’t you feel bad when I rejected your marriage proposal..
Dev: Of course I felt bad..but tumhe pata hai when you belong to finds the way. When we got married, it took 2 days for me to realize that you are actually mine.
Sona: Maine tumhi bahot pareshan kiya na?
Dev: You know what…you ask so many questions
Saying so I kissed her gently..took her in my embrace.
Dev: Promise me tumhe yaad nahi hai uske bare me tum nahi sochogi.. I told you the truth because I don’t want someone to tell you it in wrong way. I didn’t want you to break down when I am not around you. so ab is bare me bilkul nahi sochogi. Let’s take these things in positive manner..god wanted us to be together. It was his way to make you mine. And now we have lot of things to focus. We are going to be parents. So no more stress..
Sona: Do you thing I will be able to take care of 2 babies? Am I ready?
Dev: First ..its not you..we will take care of our children. And you were ready from that very moment when you asked me to not use that protection wala thing.. you know I was so surprised that moment. That was the first time for us..and that was the best day of my accepted our marriage, you accepted me as your husband.. I want to ask you something
Sona: Go ahead..
Dev: when did you realized that you love me..
Sona giggled..
Sona: when you came to my house for the first time to drop me and when I removed my looked at me adorably that I had that sudden urge to kiss you..the whole night I was thinking about you. Next day the way you were waiting for me after my interview , your nervousness, your concern, care..I felt like I want this man for lifetime..
Dev: are you happy with me?
Sona: no doubt in that..these are the happiest days of my life.
Dev: I love you..
Sona: I love you too Dev..
Dev’s POV ends******

After 15 days..Dev and Sona got married with all the rituals. Dev and Sona shifted to Dixit house. They both felt bad that they are leaving their house where there are thousands of memories.. but as Sona was pregnant that too having twins in her womb, It was really important that someone should constantly be with her to take care of her. and in Dixit house Ishwari was there to look after Sona. Dev passed the exam held in USA. His research got very much appreciation at international level. But Dev was happy that his father was feeling very proud about him.

After 5 months..

Sona wears her slipper and come slowly out of Room with baby steps. She
enters in kitchen and opens fridge takes out vanilla ice-cream.She sat back on dining table rest her elbows over table she rests her head over her palm
Thinks what to do now she is craving heavily for hot gulab jamun with vanilla ice-cream. But her bad luck there was ice-cream but Gulab jamun was not there.

Here At Room Dev opens his eyes and panicks not to see Sonakshi by his side. he comes downstairs to search and see her sitting and sulking talking to herself.
he scratches his head and says to himself, “dono me se kaunsa Chota baby fir se mumma ko pareshan kar rahe hai. Ab dekhte hai kis chiz ki craving ho rahi hai….he smiles and goes near her and sit by side her Same as her, he put his elbows on table and rest his head on his palms Same as she sat in front of him.

He rises his eyebrows and give her What happen now looks.
Sona: why there is no hot gulab jamun at home? I want it right now..
Dev looks at her with frown, now he shows her watch 12.15 Am
Dev: Is waqt?
She looks helplessly at him…..almost pleading. He can’t see his wife like this when she is 6th month pregnant. He says her okay he is going to 5 Star hotel and will be back in some time. He pushes his chair back and about to move Sonakshi holds his hands Dev turns and asks what happen now…
She getup too and hug him and whispers ” I love you….”
He hugs her back and says ” I know You love me…but why now You are saying this….”
Sona replies “I just wanted to tell you” pulls her self back and she blushes…..
Dev pecks on her cheeks and says “ab main jaau (can I go now)” Sonakshi nods in NO..Dev narrows his eyes asking why.
Sona: I want to accompany you.
Dev holds her hand and and makes her sit in the car. Almost after half an hour Dev stops the Car in front of Hotel where it seems a wrap up of a marriage reception. Only few guest and family member were having their dinner.
Dev somehow manages to enter in Hotel. People watching both as Sonakshi is in Big long frock and Dev in his shorts. He helps Sonakshi to seat comfortably on Chair come couch.he takes his seat’s cushion and puts behind Sonakshi so she can comfortably seat .

All couple who were enjoying the reception, stops and stares at the high profile couple with so much confusion at this odd hours wearing odd outfits. It was really surprising for them as some of men are working under the Dr. Dev Dixit.
One of the people ask another: Is not that the ruthless doctor who’s well known doctor psychologist at international level and also known for his punctuality.
The other who is actually employee under Dev Dixit: Exact he is the same man who is not only punctual about time also so much concern about the outfit of his employee at hospital. But the poor soul heard only his wife’s complain.
That employee’s wife: yes exactly at hospital but at home he is perfect and caring husband. Look how caring he is towards his wife that he arranged cushion for her.. and you… you don’t pay attention towards me.
Here Dev orders for hot gulab jamun with vanilla ice cream for his lady love. And busy in waiting to fulfil his wife’s next pleading..
Sonakshi pout.
Sona: What is this Dev? What kind of hotel it is.. I can’t wait more..
Dev: Sona just few more minutes. we came at odd hours u know just taking lil time. Till the would you like to have your favourite cornetto?

Though its Sona loves cornetto still the inner one is craving something else.. The other curious souls are waiting what the next side of Dev Dixit is going to unfold in front of them. And here Dev with his pleading charming smile opens the wrap and took one bite of cornetto in front of Sonakshi. Any lady will melt with this smile but Sona and her crazy hormones..with lil bit loudly “Dev, I want gulab jamun with vanilla ice cream and nothing else..” Still Dev smiles and goes to bring his order and says thank you to god at least for the crazy mood swing SONAKSHI called him Dev in front of all….As Dev left to take his order, some ladies joined Sonakshi.

One lady: hi Mrs Dixit..must say your husband is very caring.
Second lady: yes so romantic too.. did you see his charming smile.?
Sonakshi did not say much as she did not like the last comment from the lady.
Sona: .yes ..lucky to have Dev as my husband. He loves me so much.

The ladies did not hear her comment. They were just starring the way Dev was coming. Sonakshi looks at the direction and she feels aww with the view. Dev was coming with tray in his hand and wearing a chef hat….he puts tray in front of her.
All ladies disperse asap.
Dev: Ma’am here is your gulab jamun with vanilla ice cream.
He too sits with her. He takes one spoon and feed her….She closes her eyes and enjoys ice cream with gulab jamun and let out a sigh with Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..mmmmmmm
All people again watch them. Dev don’t give attention to Sonakshi’s hmmm mmmmm nor to the people looking at them. he again feeds this time Sonakshi Let out hmmmmmmm more loudly than before. Dev slowly says to Sona “Sona, ye kaisi awaaze nikal rahi ho.. log samzenge Ki main kuch kar raha hu (What are those sound please people will think that I am doing something to you)
Sonakshi realize what he just said. She blushes ……she too feeds Dev….
both finishes the dish and Dev goes to pay bill. When he returns, he saw Sonakshi standing with help of a pillar watching couple dancing..
Dekha hazaro dafaa aapko.,
Phir bekarai kaisi hai..
Sambhale sambhalta nahi yeh dil,
Kuch aap mein baat aisi hai..

Dev slowly comes to her and take out his hand for her.. she gives him what looks….Dev gesture her by hand, lets Dance. She happily give him her hand.

Lekar ijazat ab aap se
Saansein ye aati jaati hai..
Dhunte se milte nahi hai hum
Bas aap hi aap baaki hai..

Pal bhar na doori sahe aap se
Betabiyan yeh kuch aur hai..

Hum door hoke bhi pass hai
Nazdikiyan ye kuch aur hai..

His hands slips around her waist and Slowly pick her in arms and comes to dance floor. Sonakshi turned red like tomato, all couples give both side and Dev place her on her feet on the floor. Dev again slips his hand to her waist and she rests her head on his chest.

Dekha hazaro dafa aap ko
Phir bekarai kaisi hai..
Sambhale sambhalta nahi yeh dil
Kuch pyar mein baat aisi hai..

Aagaosh mein hai jo aapki
Aisa sukoon aur paayein kaha..

Aankhein hume yeh raas aa gayi
Ab hum yahan se jaayein kaha
Dekha hazaro dafa aap ko
Phir bekarai kaisi hai..

Sambhale sambhalta nahi yeh dil
Kuch pyar mein baat aisi hai..

Dev asks her to look at him. Sonakshi does the same. both shares a eyeslock. Dev leans down to her and about to kiss her but then his tummy (not fully fat) collide with her Full grown tummy. Both looks down at their tummy kissing each other and laughs.

And the story ends here with their smiley faces..

*************The End*************
Thank you guys for your support and love. Thank you to each n every person who read my ff. I am going to miss everyone.. I hope you will remember me. I wrote this ff because I just wanted them to be together because the separation track on air serial was bothering me a lot. I hope you liked the last episode. Let’s hope that they reunite on screen asap..
With all my love..bye bye.. have a great time ahead..

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  1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    Last episode!!????????
    I’ve loved this FF more than anything! You’re an awesome writer Richa Di. We’ll miss you n ATSH a lot.
    The end was simply superb!
    Loved every bit of it.
    Love you ?

    1. Richa144

      Thank you so much dear.. love you loads

  2. it was awesome
    last episode I’ve love this ffmore than anything
    i love your way of writing i will miss u the end was amazing i just love it
    love you di

    1. Richa144

      Thank you dear for so much you too

  3. what! what! what! last episode! not fair! ….i am madly in love with this ff & it end so soon….so sad…..i hope u will come back with ur next rocking ff & also so soon…i will wait for u… u & ur writing skills. ..

    1. Richa144

      Thank you dear.. love you loads

  4. Omg last episode…it was really a very big shock for me when I read it was the last one was wonderfully amazing episode I jst loved it ..I will miss u n ur ff very much plz do write some more ff on devakshi u r really amazing writer …hope u return wid another story ??

    1. Richa144

      Thank you dear.. I will miss you too

  5. V.V.harshita

    Omg!!! Last episode???? u did nt even inform us……no no no this cant happen……this is my fav story… u cant do dis wid me…..plzs cm bak wid another one yaar……plzs plzs plzs ????????????????????

    1. Richa144

      Sorry I didn’t inform you.. I will try to come with another ff

  6. Ritya

    Gonna miss this ff ?? it was one of my fav ff ??why you end it so urly ??

    1. Richa144

      I m also going to miss you loads

      1. Ritya

        Want another amazing story from you please make it soon nd comeback with a bang ?
        Gono miss it badly ??

  7. Last episode ???we will miss ur ff

    1. Richa144

      I will miss your comments stating post soon..hahaha

  8. Muthash

    I didn’t expect the ff to end this soon… but wow this episode and the entire story was beautifully written. You are a very good writer. Expecting more stories from you in the future. And going to miss this one…..

    1. Richa144

      Thank you dear …It’s like I was not getting sufficient time for writing so couldn’t continue with this ff

      1. Muthash

        I can understand… hope you would come up with another ff…. waiting for it.

  9. Akshita

    Why you ended this ff so soon??? I always waited for your post nd now it’s not going to flash your ff name?? plzzz don’t end it do continue plzzz plzzz plzzz it’s a request richaa❤❤

    1. Richa144

      Thank you dear for so much love n really sorry for ending this ff.. I am not getting time to write so I won’t be able to continue

  10. Rekhadhir

    Nice story

    But khtam ho gyi ..mummyyyyyy


    Jaldi se dusri.achi si story le kar aana


    1. Richa144

      Hahaha thank you dear

  11. Yvonne Codner

    Richa, thank you so much for this awesome ff..The serial was wonderfully written, we laughed, we cried and enjoyed every written word. All the best until you start another ff. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Richa144

      Thank you so much for your appreciation.. I will miss you

  12. Riti1107

    Last episode!!!???
    I missed some episodes in between but ye nahi pata tha that when I’ll catch up kuch aisa milega
    It was one of my favorite ff
    It will be missed
    There is this person PriyanshuDwivedi who told me to tell you that he/she loves your ff so much. He/She waits for your ff more than the serial

    1. Richa144

      Ask Priyanshu Dwivedi to please drop a comment. At let me know who was reading my ff. This an injustice to me. If one can read it independently then that person should feel free to comment. Please ask him to let me know what he feels after reading my ff.

    2. Richa144

      Sorry to disappoint you dear.. I will try to come with another ff.. I will miss you a lot.. Love you a lot

  13. i have not commented till now..
    eventhough i wait or ur ff desperately and check tu everyday just for ATSH
    I must tell u that this is one of the best ff i have ever read
    thanku so much
    gonna miss ATSH very much

    1. Richa144

      Hey dear I felt really bad that you liked my ff so much but you never commented. It’s not that you should appreciate my work but I feel that I deserve to know the name of the person who loves my ff so much. Who knows that your love n affection could have forced me to write few more episodes. I am not angry on you. I am sad that I came to know about such a loyal reader very late. Love you loads

  14. Darshana

    Wow!..lovely episode but alas! was the last one..i am going to miss it a lot…
    and i am really very very sorry that i was not able to comment in the last shot of yours and the previous episode of Atsh..i was not here on Tu that time but i read it..they all were awesome …
    pls pls do come up with something more..dont just leave..will be waiting for your new ff,os or shots…
    loads of love????.

    1. Richa144

      Hi… thank you so much for your love.. I will miss you. I will try to come with another ff hopefully

  15. Lovely episode but sad its last one. Pls try to come with another story soon. Will miss ur writing.

    1. Richa144

      Thank you so much dear

  16. It’s really very very nice will wait for your next episode plssssss post soon

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  18. Asmita...

    hi Dear…
    sorry i never commented b4 coz i never read ur FF before yesterdy… yestrdy after lunch i got some free time while sitting in ofc so i decided to open TU… and when i opnd it, I saw LAST EPISODE of ur FF… thn i opened ur page sothat i can see how many episodes u have written ( if they are more, i could avoid to read)…. but thn i saw a FEW SHOT STORY TERE BIN… firstly i started reading that…. and trust me…. it was simply superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb… I read all the shots in one go without any break… u know… main bahot speedly padhti hoon… i was so happy after reading TERE BIN…

    then i thought to go for ur FF too… but it has 29 episodes in total… too lengthy to read… but but but…

    i decieded to read it…. thn I started… n i was enjoying reading it… i read till 7th episode… but in good time hurdles also come… same happend in my case… i got a call from one of my seniors and i had to rush… and while doing her work, i was thinking of ur story only… i wanted to finish her work very fast but that nice lady was in no mood to leave me… she kept me busy for half an hour…

    finally she spared me… i agian rushed to my cabin to continue… and happily started reading…. episode 8, 9, 10, 11, 12………20… and then by the grace of GOD, i looked at watch… o shit… my ofc time was over 15 minutes ago… i was the stupid one, still enjoying reading ur FF… again i had to rush…

    coz of u i missed my bus… thn i caught another bus… i was feeling so addicted tht after sitting in bus i opened my phone and agn started reading…. again my hard luck…. i was so engrossed in reading that i forgot to get down from the bus when i stop came… then i got down on next stop…. and all coz of u, i had to walk 1 kn extra… all credit goes to u… but this not the end… i reached my building as i stay on 3rd floor i started climbing stairs but still busy in reading… my eyes were glued to my phone’s screen… n again while climbing stairs i made myself hit with one stair… all thnks to u…

    i am not praising ur writing skills coz i know that this much long stupid comment is more thn enough to tell u about it…

    one requst i want to do… plz dont end this FF here… we want to see twins of Devakshi… whther they are gang of boys or girls or one girl one boy…

    1. Asmita...

      Atleast write one more episode to let us know about the babies…


    2. Asmita...

      but ye jo last wala episode hai na… going to hotel in night wears and gulabjamun with ice cream… dance and all….

      if i am not wrong… ye sab maine already kahin padha hua hai… word to word same hai… shyd kisi ne koi OS post kia tha… dont take me wrong…

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  20. Hi Richa …first of all I’m really sorry for not commenting in previous episodes but I have read them last…….this is the only ff I read…but I can’t believe that this is the last episode…you have made me love all the episodes…..and your writing is so flawless… please please continue this ff or come with another ff and I promise I’ll be commenting regularly here after…..will be waiting desperately for your work…love you loads

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