Agar tum saath ho (kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi) FF episode 28

Dev’s POV
Within next 15 min we were in the car. I was thinking how am I going to tell her. Moreover I was hell worried about her reaction. I was preparing myself. It’s the third time of pin drop silence. I know once again I am going to hurt her. We reached home. I stepped out of the car. I didn’t even look at Sona coz I knew that it’s going to make me weak. As I entered into home I told Sona that I am hungry. I just want her to eat something before I start telling her. If I don’t make her eat now , she won’t eat anything after listening it. She got freshen up n went to kitchen. I locked myself in the bathroom and cried terribly. It’s the toughest task.. revealing truth..

Sona’s POV
Dev was so disturbed. He was there in the washroom for half an hour. I guess I should cook his favorite dishes..hope it lightens his mood. Once I was done with cooking. I served our dinner and called Dev to have dinner. He came ..He didn’t look at me..we started eating. His favorite food failed to lighten him. There was an awkward silence between us. After dinner Dev gave me medicines prescribed by Natasha. He helped me in cleaning the kitchen. I got a call from my maa, I was busy talking to her..Dev left to the room. Ma told me that Dev’s mon n dad visited her. thet had a talk regarding marriage. When I was done with the call, I checked the locks n then went to bedroom.
Dev was laying on the bed, looking at the roof without blinking his eyes. I went near the bed sat near him.. I took his head n allowed him to rest it on my lap. He closed his eyes. He was avoiding eye contact since evening. I started caressing his hair..
Sona: Dev, open your eyes n look at me..
He didn’t do so.
Sona: Dev.. let’s face whatever it is. I am ready.
Dev: trust me..You are not ready Sona..
Sona: As long as you are by my side, I am ready to face anything.
And he opened his eyes..filled with tears..
Dev: I never ever wanted to share this with you..but I knew that there will come a time where I have to tell you the truth. Anyhow I had planned that I will tell you the truth before our remarriage..but aaj jo hua uske baad lagta hai ki I should tell you now itself. I don’t want someone else to tell you half truth and I don’t want you to break down when I am not around you.

This was clear indication that it’s something big.. I gathered all my courage to face it and I looked straight into his eyes.
Sona: Go ahead Dev..
Dev: I was all broken when you rejected my proposal. My dreams were shattered but I never cursed you. I always wished better for you. I accepted that you no longer trust me, like me.
And then Rahul joined hospital. He became your friend. He was trying to know more about you. He inquired about you to Tina. Tina told this to me. The thought of losing you was so disturbing that even I started ignoring you.

I still remember that day, I was standing outside your cabin because someone was already inside. I overheard the conversation. It was Rahul..He complimented that you were looking hot. It hurt me so much that I didn’t meet you for next 3 days. Meanwhile I felt that it’s necessary to know what kind of person Rahul is. I used to think that if you are choosing someone over me then he must be far better than me. So I hired a private detective. And then I came to know that he is a worst kind of person a girl ever meet..then how can he play with my Sonakshi. I was angry on you also. I was praying to god that please let Sona understand that Rahul is not good guy. I don’t know why but my gut feeling forced me to install a GPS system in his car so that I can track him. For your safety I installed cameras in your cabin, Rahul’s cabin. My detective was constantly after him.
I still remember that day. I was having break fast in the canteen. And Rahul joined me. We were talking on random things. Being in same hospital I couldn’t even avoid him.
Rahul: So how is Sonakshi?
Dev: Nice girl..but why are asking me? She is your friend too. And now a days we are not in that much contact.
Rahul: I am trying hard to drag her in bed and blo*dy bit*h is not even paying attention towards me. So much attitude..
It made me so angry that we had a fight in canteen. How can he say such bad words for my Sona.
The canteen owner rescued him from me..but that blo*dy Rahul was not yet done..
Rahul: You wait n watch Dev, soon she will in my bed.
Dev: You bast*rd ..
Rahul: Are you feeling bad that I will get the chance first..You can enjoy later with her, I will let you know if she is good in bed.

5 people were holding me..the canteen owner also punched him hard after listening his bullshit.
I called immediately meeting of authorized people to throw him out. I was in the meeting. After listening to what happened in canteen everyone agreed for his termination. And..I received a call from my detective. I was in the meeting so I ignored his call. Then he texted me ” Fir God’s sake receive the call.. EMERGENCY” And immediately He again called me I received it.
Detective: Rahul is taking Sonakshi to some place. Sonakshi is unconscious…may be fainted or drugged. I have called the police. Come fast. I am sending you my location.
Dev: Till I reach please protect her.. I beg you..
Detective: Don’t worry Sir..
Dev: Thank you.
I disconnected the call. From the conversation all get to know that sone serious situation has occurred. I left immediately. The detective was continuously sending me his location.
I received a call from him.
Detective: My car broke down. His gps location is ***** from last two minutes. Take the short cut and reach soon.. I will take lift from someone..but you reach there fast..
I felt like destroyed.. your innocent face was flashing in front of me. I was driving my car on top speed and I reached in next 8 minutes..It was some farm house.. I broke the door.. Police officer also reached. Siren of Police jeep forced him to run from window but police caught him. Lady police and I went inside to search for you. You were laying on the floor unconsciously. I ran to see you..tears started rolling from my eyes. I took your head in my lap and I cried terribly.
Police officer(PO): Dr. Dixit.. control yourself. She is safe. Nothing happened to her. We need to call her family. Can you please tell us who is there in her family.
Dev: her Mother..
PO: If you have her contact number please give it to me.. I will inform them
Dev: I will call her..if she gets to know that police is involved she will get worried.
PO: OK..please call her.

I dialed her number..
Asha: hello..
Dev: Hello Aunty..Dev bol raha hu..
Asha: haa Dev..why are you sounding tensed? Everything is fine na?
Dev: yes aunty.. I am sending you an address..can you please come at same address as soon as possible..
Asha: Dev what’s the matter? Where is Sona?
Dev: She is with me.. don’t worry you just try to reach ASAP..
I disconnected the call because I didn’t have answers to her questions..
I called my mom.
Ishwari: Hello Dev..
Dev: Maa..
All I could say was Maa..and I started crying again.
Ishwari: kya hua dev why are you crying..
Dev: Sona..
Ishwari: Kya hua Sonakshi ko? Is she fine?
Ishwari: Dev kuch to bol..where are you?

I disconnected the call. Maa kept on calling but I didn’t receive the call. Your mother reached after some time.
Her only child was laying unconsciously..she cried.. Police told her what happened..she was quite relieved after knowing that you are safe and we reached on time. Sona’s head was still in my lap.
PO: We need to proceed further. Let doctors examine her..we will take her statement after that..
Dev: We will get her examined but we won’t file the case. I don’t want my Sona to be questioned in court . She is pure, untouched. I don’t want her to face this. Your mother agreed on same. You were sent for medical checkup. I asked Natasha to be there while your check up was going on. Natasha came to meet me after check up.
Natasha: She is untouched..he didn’t do anything..not even a nail saved her..
Dev: Thank God..she is safe.
I took you and your mom to my house..I wasn’t ready to leave you alone. The fear that someone will harm you was so strong that I asked your mother that I want to marry you. The dream you recently had was not a dream, it was reality. The day went like this. Papa was out of station. Me, asha ma, ma, Natasha were there with you..but all were worried. Everyone knew that you won’t agree to marry me. I asked the lawyer to make papers. We registered our marriage in our home only. Being a famous person and my contacts helped me to marry you.
I never wanted to marry you like this. I knew that you don’t want to marry me but I was helpless. For getting married with you like this, for breaking your dreams.. please mujhe maaf kar dena..

Precap: Dev: Sona kuch to bolo..
That’s it for today..

Do comment and let me know..vaise I know that it was boring. But still..Love you all. Have a good time

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