Agar tum saath ho (kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi) FF episode 27

Hello everyone.. I know I am very late. I didn’t even replied to your comments but trust me I have read each comment. I was hell busy n little bit frustrated so I couldn’t write anything. I am sorry. And thanks for tolerating me. But right now let’s keep this aside and start with the episode. Here we go

Dev’s POV
She was jumping while hugging me. She didn’t even realized that there was a camera on refrigerator which was on video recording mode. I have kept it so that I didn’t want to miss her reactions being busy recording the video..
And my phone which was in my pocket, started ringing..
Dev: Shona let me pick the call.
Sona: ok..
It was maa. I showed it to Sona.
Sona: milkar batayenge.. I want to see ma’s reaction.
I nodded n received the call
Dev: Haa maa..
Ishwari: are you busy..
I nodded in yess but told her that I am not busy..
Ishwari: Vo Dev, your buaji is leaving tomorrow morning..
Dev: what??but why so soon..

Ishwari: She has some work over there so she is leaving for her home..
Dev: by what time she is leaving?
Ishwari: her train is at 6:30..
Dev: Ok then I will come home by 6 to pick you all and then we will go to station..
Ishwari: Okay beta..bye
Dev: bye ma..
I disconnected the call..
Sona: what happened?
Dev: bua is leaving tomorrow morning..
Sona: Ohh… I thought she will come next weekend to our home.. why is she going so early..
Dev: Some urgent work..
Sona: ohk..
Dev: To batao sabko kaise batana hai?
Sona: Let me think..
Dev:so.. happy?
Sona: naahhh.. double happy..
Dev: love you Sona..
Sona:Love you too..
And she hugged me.
Sona: Dev…
Dev: hmm
Sona: my tummy is so babies kaise baithenge..
I laughed at her question..
Dev: don’t worry..vo mere bachche hai..they know very well how to make space for their own.. ghuskhor hai mere jaise..
Sona: I you made me love when I didn’t want to..and see I am so under your influence that I can’t imagine myself without you..
Dev: You need not imagine that.. I am always there for you.

My Sona was really happy.. I can sense the gravity of her happiness..
Sona: when are we leaving tomorrow morning? We need to reach home by 6.. I think we should leave by 5:30am..what say?
Dev: hum nahi..mai need rest Sona..a pregnant woman should sleep for at least 8 hours..
Sona: Ek din na Dev please.. buaji is leaving tomorrow..she was the first person who asked me to think about baby n all…
Dev: okay …
I had no I gave up for now..
While sleeping we were talking about whether it will gang of boys or girls? Or a boy n a girl… I guess it is happiest night I have ever lived..
Next morning.. I got up by 5.15..Sona was sleeping peacefully.. should I wake her up or not? It’s so cold outside.. it’s better Sona stays at home.. I got ready n left without Sona. I know that she is going to be angry with me..but I don’t have any other option. I will continue doing those things which are good for her no matter whether she likes it or not.

I reached, papa, bua..we headed to station..As we reached, I took bua’s luggage and we all entered the AC compartment of train..Papa entered into train first to find the seat..and soon papa returned.
Ramnath(RN) :Dev, yahi compartment n seat number hai na? A lady is already sitting there..
Dev: Wait..I will check..
I went forward.. Someone was already sitting there..and was looking outside
Dev: excuse..
And she turned..
Dev: TUM???? How did you come here..
By hearing my loud voice ma , bua, papa came hurriedly.
And as she saw bua..she ran n jumped on bua..
Bua: Sona bahu tum kab aayi?
Sona: Aapke Dev ne mujhe jagaya came directly here..
It was first meeting of papa n Sona..maa introduced Sona and Papa. Sona touched his feet.Papa gave all the cash from his wallet as shagun to Sona.
Sona: Buaji..there is some food is there in this tiffin.
Bua: Iski kya jarurat thi? Mujhe to kuch aur chahiye tha..
RM: Are bahu made it with lots of love and you want some other thing..
Bua: I want to hear the good news. na jane bhagwan meri kab sunega…hai na Ishwari?
Ishwari: ha ha bilkul mere man ki baat kahi aapne.
I whispered in Sona’s ear..”Batao..”
And she looked at me..and she gave that..” I can’t say ” wala look..
I raised my eyebrows “are you sure” and she nodded in yes..
Dev: Bua..Shayad bhagvan ne aapki sun li..
Ishwari: Sach Sonakshi???
Sona: Ji maa..

And then everyone was praising Sona..Sona’s cheeks turned red like tomato. I never saw her shying this much..She was looking so beautiful.. I have no words to describe..
We bid bye to bua. We came near car and Maa requested me if she can sit with Sona.. I said sure..till we reach home..Sona slept on the back seat..her head was in Maa’s lap..
Ishwari: Dev I don’t want to disturb her sleep..
Dev: but maa..
RN: Rehene de na beta… let’s have a morning long drive..your maa asked for something after so many days..
Dev: Okay know I am very happy..hum sab saath hai..
And I started was best drive ever. We had tea at a roadside tea stall..Sona was still sleeping. We dropped the idea of dropping ma papa at their home..wr decided that we will drop Sona first.. I stopped car in front of our house.
Ishwari: I am not going to wake her up.
Dev: Sona..ghar pohch gaye hum.. Sona.
And the would be mom is in dark sleep.. I gave keys to ma so that she could open the door. In no time Sona was in my arms.. it’s not difficult for me.

We entered into home. I went to bedroom and kept Sona on the bed. Maa made breakfast for us. Papa came first time to our home. And he was quite happy being there. Sona decorated the house. You know girls can’t keep things the way they are..when there is a woman in a house, she makes it a better place with her love.
We were having our breakfast and Sona came shouting downstairs. She was unaware of the fact that maa n baba are at home.
Sona: Dev..I hate you..why didn’t you wake me up in the morning. What if I couldn’t reach before trains departure time.. And your loyal watchman didn’t allow me to go alone. So I asked him to drop me at station..thank God he agreed ..varna mai buaji se mil bhi nahi pati.
And she stepped inside the kitchen..
Dev: Dekha maa..teri bahu mujhe kitna datati hai..
Sona: Sorry maa..Dev tumne mujhe fir se nahi uthaya. You are so bad..
Dev: You were sleeping peacefully Sona. I couldn’t wake you up..
Sona: How bad I am feeling.. though I am here maa made breakfast.. because I was sleeping and you didn’t wake me up..
RN: Beta don’t need rest and care. And I have something to ask you..
Sona: kahiye na papa
RN: I know that you are already got married with world’s most stupid person..but you and I missed that moment..So if you don’t mind.. mai mere bete ke liye tumhara haath mangana chahta hu..will you marry him? We would love to welcome you in our house as his wife , Ishwari’s bahu and my daughter.
This was the first time for Sona that someone was asking about her wish. Though papa knew that she will say yes still he asked her.
Sona: Yess
Sona replied with tears in her eyes..and she hugged papa..
Sona: Thank you so much papa.. I used to pray that I wish I could find my dad in my father in law.. aapane mere life me itni late entry kyu mari..
RN: Chalo now stop crying.. Ishwari told me that you make best tea..
Sona: I will make for you too..
And Sona left for kitchen.
Dev: Papa, you asked her hand for me? But I have already told that we are going to marry again.
RN: She is a very sweet girl and she loves you a lot. And you always take advantage of this thing. You take her for granted. Though she is your wife, while should ask her
Dev: hmmm..
RN: Ishwari and me will meet Sonakshi’s mother tomorrow..
Sona came with tea..

Soon ma n papa left for their home n we for hospital.
It’s 5 pm..I was in my cabin. I was happy with the fact that we are going to get married properly..but before that I want to tell her something. “How did we get married..why I decided to marry her” I know things are going to hurt her. But she deserves to know the truth. I headed towards her cabin to ask her to apply for a leave for tomorrow. I will tell her tonight but I don’t want her to face it alone and stress I will take her out tomorrow somewhere..where she will feel better.

I reached at her cabin. A patient was in her cabin. I stood out..and suddenly the patient inside started shouting at Sona. I rushed inside.
Sona: Uncle you have misunderstood something..
He: You have ruined his life..your husband destroyed his career. I will not spare you.
Dev: Look mister you can’t talk to her like that..aur aap hai kaun?
He: I am Rahul’s father. And you are the reason behind all this. You destroyed his career.
Dev: you are Rahul’s father..aapke bete ko maine jinda chhod diya yahi kafi hai. Ji to krta abhi usko jaan se mar du..
Sona: Dev what are you talking?
Dev: Sona you leave us alone for sometime..wait outside..
Sona: but Dev..
Dev: I said leave NOW
And I guess , the way I said this sentence made Sona worried..she left the cabin immediately..
Rahul’s father: I will complain in police..
Dev: Don’t even think about it..your son injected my Sona..and I have video recording of the same. Aur aapka beta itna ghatiya hai ki.. leave it. Look.. after putting lot of efforts, now we are living a peaceful life. Don’t dare to ruin things else I am a very bad person you will ever meet in your entire leave..and don’t ever dare to meet Sonakshi..

And he left in fear..
I sat on the chair. Sona came inside.
Sona: Dev…Is everything ok?
Dev: hmm.. I am sorry I was rude with you..
Sona: You need not say that..but what was the matter?
Dev: Can we discuss it at home?
Sona: you wish..
Dev: Can we leave now?
Sona: Give me 10 min. There is one patient.. I will attend her and we will leave after that. Ok?
Dev: Sure..

Precap: The past..

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