Agar tum saath ho (kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi) FF episode 26

Dev’s POV..
Sona didn’t reciprocate the hug..This made me confused..
Natasha: Dev if you don’t mind can I take Sonakshi with me..To do some tests..Just to be more sure..
Dev: ya sure..
Sona followed Natasha. I couldn’t control so I also followed her. I was standing outside..
Natasha came n gave the reports..The test was positive.
Natasha: 4 weeks.. I guess this time was too short for her to realise that she is expecting..Take these reports..And do show her once you are at home.

Dev: Is there anything serious?

Natasha: Naah nothing like that..Just curiosity..
Dev: ohk..
Sona came out..We went to our respective cabins. It’s been two hours. I was worried about Sona. She didn’t say anything when she came out after the test. I thought I should meet her and ask her if she really wants to have a child right now. I headed to her cabin but it was locked. I went to reception area and asked about Sona. The receptionist told me that sona cancelled all her appointments and left an hour before.

Now that was weird.. I called Tina and told that I am going home. I left for home but I don’t have any idea if Sona will be there or not. I called her but her phone is switched off. I called watchman , he told me that Sona is there at home. I was thinking about each possible reason that can disturb her. I felt bad.. She was sad at that time when she came to know that we are married..And she is more sad when she came to know that she is carrying my child in her womb. I felt like everything is going wrong..We love each other madly..We want to be with each other for forever..But I don’t have any idea that why this news couldn’t bring smile on my Sona’s face..
I reached home..The main door was locked. I opened it with my keys. I went to the room.. Huhhhh…She was there.. Sitting on the bed.. holding something in her hands and..And she was sobbing..

I went near her..The thing she holding was something wrapped in a gift wrap.. I sat on the bed facing her. She didn’t even look at me. I took that gift…And I was surprised to see my name.. To Dev..From Sona.. I unwrapped it and I saw cutest thing on the earth obviously it comes after Sona.

It was a set of three mugs..Two big n one small. something was written on each mug.. One was Mumma..”I am the Queen” ..One was for dad..”I am the king” ..And the third one..Tiny mug.. “..still I am going to rule your world”

And I felt like..Hell with you Dev..You ruined her happiness one more time.. You have broken her dream.. somehow I gathered courage and asked her..
Dev: when did you..
I couldn’t even complete the sentence.
Sona: after we made love for the first time..But I don’t think I will be able to use it
Shit man..She planned for it..And as usual I stood like an obstacle between Sona and her dreams..
Sona: I knew that it’s gonna happen soon.. I asked Maa about it when I was there for spending my weekend.. maa told me to wait for some days..Just to be sure. Like one more week and then when I am absolutely sure that there is no delay in my monthly cycle..That I missed my cycle.. I thought to consult doctor after that only. But it happened before that..
Dev: I am sorry.. Really sorry..

I m at fault.. I didn’t give her chance to enjoy the moment when a woman get to know that she is carrying a child..How precious it would be.. it was ‘her’ moment and she was supposed to tell me..But in our case everything is in reverse order.. I have to give her that happiness which I have snatched from her..But how..It’s like there is no second chance to make first impression..
She is not talking to me. I don’t know how to make her feel better. Should I stay with her and console her or should I leave for giving her space for sometime..And finally she said something..
Sona: I want to sleep for sometime..

Dev: Okay..
And I stood up to leave..
Sona: I said I want to sleep.. where are you going..How am I going to sleep..
And I went near her .. Rested my body on the bed and she gently came in my arms..And she slept in no time.. The guilt didn’t allow me to sleep.
I still remember that day..The day .. Recently after our marriage.. I was angry on her. I went to the room in anger..And locked the door..I remained there for the whole day.. Leaving her all alone..It took my whole day to forgive her..And she is so kind that after snatching her happiness, she still wanted to be with me..
A drop of tear rolled from my eyes..And she was there to wipe out.
Sona: I am sorry Dev.. I don’t know what happened to me. Mai khud sad ho gayi aur tumhe bhi sad kr diya.. I am sorry na..
Dev: Shhh.. Let’s sleep for some more time..
And I hugged her tightly..And we slept..

My sleep got disturbed when I didn’t find Sona around me..I Checked washroom but she wasn’t there..
She was there in the dining area.. Having Maggie..
Dev: Should I cook something for you? I don’t think this Maggie will be enough for you..
And she looked at me and smiled.. Finally she smiled

Sona:ummm.. I was feeling hungry.. First I thought that who will cook at this odd hour and I dropped the idea of having food..But then I thought about baby.. I can’t be so careless mother..You know..
She is antique piece..It’s like God made her and he broke the mold..
I went to kitchen to cook something for her..
And she shouted..”Dev .. Pasta..” I giggled..And replied “sure my love”
And I made pasta..And served for her..

She took spoonful pasta in her mouth…And she started..”you know it’s not baby’s demand.. It’s mumma’s demand”..She was taking, eating, laughing at the same time..She made me eat.. I was about to have the last bite from the plate..And she pleaded..”Dev..”.. ” oh sorry.. Your last bite..For handsome husband..Have it..” and she had it.. She was licking her fingers and she did it till she was sure that there was nothing left on her fingers..You know what if it was someone else, I would have asked that person to leave my house.. but… Love makes you “gunga, behra and andha..”
Sona: I am full..
Dev: ok then go and sleep.. I will clean this stuff and will come in 10 minutes..
Sona: na..Tum bhi chalo..
Dev: ok at least change your clothes till then..Wear something comfortable..
Sona: ohk..
And she left.. I cleaned the cookware and all.. I switched off the lights of kitchen. I went to hall, the door was open from morning..Thank god watchman is there. I closed the door..Locked it.. Turned to leave for bedroom and I saw the file.. Sona’s reports.. Natasha asked me to open it once we are at home. Sona just became normal and I don’t want to ruin her mood..I decided to go through the file…

Next day..
Sona’s POV
Again we are late.. we headed to our respective cabins.. I asked Tina to take an appointment for me..Of course my doctor is Dr. Natasha..Tina asked me if I am sure that I want to take an appointment. I said yes.
Of course I want to feel like a patient.. Waiting outside the cabin of my gynecologist to check me. I just want to feel everything. I know I am stupid. I entered Natasha’s cabin.
Natasha: is everything ok? You booked an appointment?
Sonakshi: I wanted to feel like patient..
Natasha: like seriously?
Sonakshi: I know.. Sounds stupid..But can’t help it..
Natasha: Now I am getting that why Dev loves you so much..Till your pregnancy I am definitely going to fall for you..
And we laughed..
Natasha: So my dear patient..Why did you want to meet me?
Sona: you didn’t give me any

Natasha prescribed some medicines..
Natasha: These are the medicines and about the diet.. Your husband will kill me if I asked his wife, the best nutritionist to follow the diet given by me.
We both laughed..And I took her leave..
In the evening when I was done with appointments.. I called Dev to ask him if he is free..He said yes..And we were on the way to home..
I opened the door..Went inside.. Turned in the fan..Sat on couch..Dev came and sat beside me..
Dev: can you please bring a glass of water for me?

I gave him a deathglare.. I stood up and went to kitchen.. I took a glass ..Put the jar which was there on the table. Poured water into glass and when I was about to keep the jar down, I saw something..A gift box. To Sona from Dev.. my husband must be feeling guilty that why he is trying to cheer me up..It’s not needed Dev. I unwrapped the box.. The same set of mugs..Is he making fun of me..I called him..”Dev…” and no response.. Wait there is something else in the box..’I am the Queen’, ‘I am the king’, ‘…still I am going to rule your world..’… ‘And me too..’ was written on one tiny mug. Extra mug? I checked again..And my happiness knew no bounds.. I was jumping like stupid girl..”Dev..”… I shouted. “Mmmmm…” He was standing at the door. I ran towards him and jumped on him..He said “tumhara gift waste nahi hua..” “Thank you so much Dev. Thank you, thank you, Thank you…” I was still jumping while hugging him , with happiness. “Aaram se baba.. kudo mat.. Bachche sochenge ki mamma kitni childish hai”(calm down.. Don’t jump.. Babies will think that you are very childish)..

Precap: Sona was sitting in her cabin and there comes a middle aged man to meet her.

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      1. thanks for explanation and is Sonakshi is pregnant with twins

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