Agar tum saath ho (kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi) FF episode 23

Hello everyone.. I am really grateful for having readers like you..It’s like a blessing..Ok ok fine I know you must be eager to read episode and not my bakwas..So let’s start with what you are waiting for.
Dev’s POV
We stopped texting.. I studied till 1am. Went to sleep but couldn’t sleep..before bringing her to this home. I was used to stay alone. And I was ok with it..but after that I can’t imagine my single second without her. I miss her.I wanted to call her but I didn’t..let her spend some quality time with her mother. I know that she can’t sleep alone. I also know that she is not alone now..But though she is with her mom.. I know that she can’t sleep without me. It’s not my overconfidence.. her text at 2am was proof of it..
“I want you here right now. You are such a jerk . Before getting married I always wanted someone around me, besides me while going to bed. And then you made things difficult for me. Who told you to pamper me so much that I can’t even sleep if I am not in your warm embrace. Dev… I miss you too much.. I know you must be snoring right now. This is so unfair. What was that..Aaj mai aaram se sounga.. mai tumhe sone nahi deti.. ENJOY you moron!! Huhh.. I miss you patiDEV.. Good night.. I know you are already having one.”
She is such a noutanki..I was blushing while reading the text..As soon as I finished reading the text.. I got up..Took the keys..Locked the door of house..And I was on my way to her home.. I may sound stupid but a day without her was like a punishment for me.

Sona’s POV
You know na Sona that he must be sleeping.. Haaa but he could have at least replied to my text.. Like miss you too or something..Stop thinking Sona.. And stop looking at his pics.. Keep that phone..Close your eyes n sleep.. OK.. I was sad.. It’s 2:15 now.. I need to sleep for at least 6 hours..So let’s set the alarm clock for 8.. naa..8.30… Done.. I was about to keep my phone on the side table and my phone beeps..”OPEN THE DOOR”
Shit man.. I smiled like a fool and ran towards the door..Is he kidding.. And I opened the door..
He was standing there in his nightwears..He stared at me for around 15 seconds..And he flaunted his s*xy smile and I jumped on him.. I am such a fool that asked him to come to me at such a late hour.. and God has blessed me with him.. he came..Ohh..Dev.. I love you..We didn’t say anything. He hugged me tightly.. Stroking my hair with his hand..Such a Lovely gesture..We came inside..
Oh shit..We don’t have extra rooms..For me n ma there was only one room. And maa was already sleeping peacefully in that room..Dev asked me to go n sleep in the room with maa..And he will be sleeping on the coach Which was there in the hall.. I am such a stupid. I called him and I could not provide proper place to sleep..Dev asked me to go n sleep.. I had no option.. I went inside.. Tried to calm my mind..But couldn’t.. I couldn’t sleep.. I went to the hall..He was not sleeping either..
Dev: kya hua..
Sona: nind nahi aa rahi hai..(With a puppy face)
And he dragged me towards him..
Dev: chalo dono yahi coach pe sote hai
Sona: tum akele adjust nahi ho rahe ho aur you are asking me to join you.
Dev: kal meri Khunkhaar wife ne mujhe puchha tha.. Don’t you think one bed is sufficient for a couple?
And he smirked.. I landed on him..
Like this

I am so lucky to have him. It feels so good when you are someone first priority. Dev..Just stay like this.. I want to be there in your embrace for my whole life.. I can’t even imagine my life without him. I just hugged him thinking about my insecurities..
Dev: Bachcha kya hua..
Sona: I love you Dev..
Dev: Don’t worry.. I am not going anywhere
How does he know what I actually wanted to say..He didn’t say I love you too. He kept on talking about random things till I slept peacefully.

Dev’s POV
Dev: Sona..So gayi?
And there was no response. “I love you too..” and mean it.. I kept on stroking her hair untill I slept..
Its 7am..My sleep got disturbed by sound of latch..It was Sona’s mom..She was hell surprised seeing us..And the way we slept was like.. I was on the couch and Sona clinging to me..she was about to say something but I signed her to be Sona was sleeping and she couldn’t sleep properly because of me..She asked me to go and sleep inside but I denied because it will disturb Sona’s sleep.. I asked to give me a blanket..Last night we forgot to take a blanket..She covered me n Sona with a blanket..
I couldn’t sleep after.. It’s 11am now..And Mrs Sanskari Dixit is in no mood to get up.. and I am not at all bothered by this.. nothing can be more peaceful then seeing your better half sleeping peacefully in your embrace.
And there she wakes up… Yawning..
Dev: nind puri hui?
Sona:hmmm.. What’s the time?
Dev: 11
And she got up with a jerk..
Dev: Sona dheere.. gadde pe nahi mujhape soyi ho..Aaram se
Listening to our voices, her mother came out..
Asha: Sona..Tune uthaya kyu nahi..Tere vajah se mera damaad sofe pe so gaya..You should have told me..
Sona: Sorry maa vo..
Asha: aur 11baje ye time hai uthane ka? Tumhare ghar pe bhi aise hi late uthati ho kya?
Sona: ye mera ghar nahi hai kya?
Asha: Dev, iske jyada laad mat krna sir chad jayegi..
Dev: Maa, aapne advice dene me bahot der kar di.. Aapki beti already mere sir pe chad chuki hai..
Sona: Hwwwww.. Maine kya kiya?? Dev jhoot mat bolo
Dev: Mai aur jhoot…..Kal raat 2 baje mujhe msg kisne kiya.. I want you right now..
Sona: vo.. vo.. mai..
Me and maa laughed at Sona..
Sona: This is not fair.. You can not do this with me.. dono opposite party ho Gaye..
Asha: chalo breakfast karlo..
Sona: ok maa..

I tried to got up but I couldn’t as I slept in an awkward position with my light weight Sona ovet me..
I came close to her “tum kuch jyada hi light weight ho.. I must admit that I am too heavy for you..” with a smirk on my face..
She blushed..”you should be thankful..”
Dev: yes I am..But if you feel like I am too heavy..Then you can always take the lead
Sona: koi jarurat nahi..The ball is always in your court..
Dev: Besharam..
She hits me and runs.. I had breakfast and asked them for leave..
Sona: tum Abhi kyu ja rahe ho?
Asha: ha Dev..Ruko na
Sona: khana khake sham ko fir saath hi chale jayenge..
Dev: Madam aapke ek text pr dauda chala aaya hu.. I don’t have clothes.. Aur tum jaise mere kapde pehenti ho vaise mai tumhare kapde nahi pehen skta..
And Sona hit my leg with her leg.. Oh shit..Mai khuch jyada hi bol gaya..
Dev: thik hai to ma mai chalta hu..(looking at Sona) ma ki help karo..Ek din Maa tumhare haath ka khana khayegi to unhe bura nahi lagega..thoda unhe bhi rest krne do. But maa sham ka khana aap hi banana.. uske baad aapki beti ka khana hi jhelna hai..
Sona: tumhe to mai ghar pe dekhati hu..Pet dekho khudka kitna mota ho gaya hai..
And we all laughed..
I left for home..

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  1. Its was really awesome episode dear dev was such a caring husband post the next episode soon as possible

    1. Richa144

      Thank you dear

  2. Manya

    Dev is so sweet???
    Post soon
    Love u❤️

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  3. V.V.harshita

    awesome ……..fab…superb and srry I hav no words ……to explain…..and plzs plzs jaldi post karni ki koshish karoo plzs ???????????

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  4. Nikkita0194

    wo di i was very very eagerly waiting 4 it thanks 4 it i am 2 addicted of it will die if it end
    luv u alot n plz try to post asap

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      Thank you dear.. I will post soon

  5. Rekhadhir


  6. O my goddd ye kya tha??? itna adorable sorry ladkio wala reaction ho gya na but ma’m I love u I mean ur writting offcourse …. kya khate ho yrr kitna gzzb likhaa’m I request u to not stop it forever please ma’m

    1. Richa144

      Thank you.. I am glad that you liked it

  7. ShrutiP

    Awesome yaar Richa…
    I am in love with your ff…
    Eagerly wait for your ff…
    Please post the next one soon ???

    1. Richa144

      Thank you very much.. Love you loads

  8. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    You know while reading this I was smiling like an idiot….thank god no one was around….
    This is for the first time that I’m reading ATSH….had I known it earlier that is is so damn good…I would have read it all…but its never late…I’ll start it now
    Your work is wonderful… Keep it up….love ya!?

    1. Richa144

      Do it from the beginning.. I hope you will like it..Love you loads

    2. Richa144

      Once you are done with reading all episodes please let me know whether you liked it or not.. I will be waiting for your reply

      1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

        Whether I liked it or not…’s d answer…..

        Its nearly 3:45 and I haven’t slept yet coz I wanted to read all the episodes of ATSH at one stretch…I got so addicted to it.

        Eagerly waiting for the mystery to reveal….but its ohk….you can take your time….the story is really progressive…. I just love the pace..

        One conclusion I have drawn after reading this FF…
        This girl named Richa is super romantic……and I hope and pray her married life will ne as beautiful as her stories.??

        N one more thing Di are excellent at explaining a person’s emotions and scenarios… Pitch perfect????

        Now I’ll have to wait…?….for the next episode…. Plz post soon Di… you loads…..?

    3. Richa144

      Sorry for late reply.. I just read your answer..And thank you so much for your wishes.. Love you loads.. Mmuuuaahh

  9. Akshita

    Richa you just nailed it yr???
    Thanks for giving such an adorable episode
    post soon?❤❤❤
    Lots of love

    1. Richa144

      Thank you Akshita.. Love you loads

  10. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    I wanted to make one correction richa..
    You said you were grateful to have readers like us….
    Its us who are grateful to have a writer like you….who writes such beautiful stuff that lightens our mood and makes us smile.

    N one more thing…. Tere bin shot 4…eagerly waiting… Plz post asap

    1. Richa144

      Tere bin shot 4 is available now..Do read it. Thank you

  11. Aaawwww….dono ek duje ke bina nai reh sakte….deep love…plz di post soon …sona ki in laws ke sath bonding dekhni hai

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  12. Priya12

    Di, I don’t have words 2 explain my love on ur ff….
    I m just mad , crazy , hard die fan of ur ff..
    Many times, in my bad mood…I will read ur ff…it makes me happyy…
    It has relived my stress many times..
    U know di…I have read ur ff nearly 16 times may be more than that…
    I m just love on ur ff….luved it a lot…
    Ur ff was like a happy tablet 4 me…
    I don’t know, what happens to me if u end this….pls don’t end this ever…I will die di..
    I just want u give u a bìg hug and umaah 4 writing this ff….in a sister manner..
    I too want a husband lije dev in ur ff..
    Luv a loads…
    Pls post asap
    Sry 4 my long reply.l

    1. Richa144

      Oh my god…You know what I also want a husband like Dev.. Like the Dev in my ff.. Wish you good luck.. Hope you get the one

      1. Priya12

        Di, thx 4 ur wishes….hope ur wishes come true…but I m too young to marry..
        And di, u too will get a husband like dev,he will be understanding and luv u a lot…
        Luv marriage or arranged marriage ..u will get a cute and sweet husband..

    2. Richa144

      Thank you so much dear.. Pray for me

      1. Akshita

        What are your ages priya and richa??

      2. Richa144

        Just completed 24

  13. Berry

    Awww…so sweet …this episode was really cute with devakshi’s cute moments ….ab next epi post krne me time mat soon this n also tere bin ..luv u ???

    1. Richa144

      Thank you dear..Tere bin is available now..Do read n let me know if you like it

  14. Haaayyyeeeee…..richa….by each passing episode i’m falling more and more for ATSH….loving it to the core….
    You are awesome in explaining all the scenario…aur aaj toh link and all.haan..????????

    Just loved it loved it loved it….and love you tooooooooo……

    If you consider one advice then try and do upload your ff on WATTPAD….it is the best place for your ff….and a humongous amout of readers all also there….they all would surely love your work….

    I know your r a busy person and its a big thing that you upload it here…but if you get time then do give it a try….

    Anyways…thank you for this awesome blossom update…??

    1. Richa144

      I have never used whattpad. But will try it. Just give me some time.. Love you loads..Ha and about the link.. I thought that I am unable to explain the way they were sleeping and a pic can describe things in better manner..You know what I love that pose

      1. Take your time…i just suggested you…because a good amount of readers are over there…and trust me your ff is a one….

        And that pose to…????

      2. Your ff is a PRAISEWORTHY one***


    2. Richa144

      Thank you dear

  15. Superb..very nice episode..we all loved it alot.
    Now eagrly wsting for next.
    Plz post soon.

  16. Superb..very nice episode..we all loved it alot.
    Now eagrly wating for next.
    Plz post soon.

    1. Richa144

      Thank you very much

  17. Awesome awesome awesome… it ??Dev is soo sweet very poistive FF..luv it by every next epi soon

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      Thank you so much

  18. Kriti249

    Finally u posted richa!!! I’m so happy. And sorry for late comment, was busy with my ff. And this was way too cute and adorable. I love it…….post soi

    1. Richa144

      Thank you dear.. I will post soon

  19. I m jealous of Dev…. though my real life love-story have romance but Dev is really hot in ur series.. I m wondering how can u imagine all this things without experiencing .. I have my doubts… u also have someone special in ur life..hmmm…:) Gold bless dear.. and eagerly waiting for ur next post

    1. Richa144

      No dear.. I don’t have anyone in my life. My parents are searching for that one for me.. Waiting for my love story

      1. Ma’m really hope u would find ur Mr Right just like dev in ur f2f but do not stop writing this

      2. I wish ur fairy tales life starts soon. and May god bless u with Dev of this story not the real serial story. when u r going to write next ff..

    2. Richa144

      Thank you so much..

  20. Ma’m really hope u would find ur Mr Right just like dev in ur f2f but do not stop writing this

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  21. Perfect ….. Just perfect…..As usual…

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      Thank you dear

  22. Abhi abhi I’ve read it
    Nd won’t waste my time to go back log in & then comment
    Na na na
    Eakdum na
    An overflow of emotions that’s all m experiencing now

    Loved it to the core
    Loved it to moon & back
    Loved it just loved it
    Kaise express karu
    Falling short of words

    Really good

    1. Richa144

      Thank you very much… Love you loads

  23. Aamu

    Haaayeeeeee….loved it….sorry for d late cmnt…
    Welll it was amazing….
    It was soooocute…dev pampers her was…???????
    I truely loved it
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  25. Di update dedo?????

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      1. How is ur health now? Hope u get fine soon… SO we can proceed on this story.. very excited…

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