Agar tum saath ho (kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi) FF episode 22


Hello everyone.. I am sorry for being late.. I have also started writing Tere bin..a story of Devakshi. Do read it and let me know your reviews.. Love you loads.. let’s start with our episode.

At Sona’s home
This was the first time Sona was helping Asha in kitchen. Asha was very happy with the changes in Sona. Sona usually didn’t discuss anything about her married life with Asha. Because of it Asha was very worried if Sona could except Dev, their marriage. But seeing Sona glowing, Asha understood that Sona is happy.
Sona: Aapko pata hai ma..Kal Dev ki buaji aayi thi..( mom .. Yesterday, Dev’s aunt came to visit us)
Asha: Achha? How’s she? Khadus hai kya?

Sona: Naah Maa..She is very sweet..Pata hai she asked me to give us good news soon..
Asha: Ohh..To tune kya kaha..
Sona: I told her that tell this to Dev..And she did so.. (and Sona giggled)
Asha: So are you guys planning to give us good news soon?
Sona: Nahi Maa..Not this soon..A little later..May be hum honeymoon ke liye jayenge pr Dev ki exam ke baad..

Asha: Us din to bade nakhare kr rahi thi..Mujhe uske saath nahi rehna n all and ab honeymoon ki planning chal rahi hai.. achhi progress hai..Vaise Dev ne aisa kya kiya ke tera hriday parivartan ho gaya?
Sona: Maa aap bhi na kuch bhi puchhate ho

Sona’s face becomes red like tomato..
Asha: OK . Matlab batane layak nahi hai..
Sona: Maa..aap bhi na..
And Sona runs to her room getting shy.
Asha was happy that Sona n Dev were actually started their married life. And Sona was happy with it.

Dev spent his day in buying books..Study material..And then he went to library.. Studied there. He didn’t want to study at home because Sona was not there. But in the evening he went home.. Prepared food, ate it..And started studying.
It was 12 pm. Dev was recalling Sona’s words about his dad..”he deserves to be informed personally by you and not by your relatives or neighbours” and Dev realised his mistake..He took his phone and dialled his dad’s number.
At Ishwari’s house, Dev’s dad and Ishwari was sleeping peacefully. And his phone beeps..He wakes up and looks at the name..DEV…

He wakes up Ishwari and asks her that Dev called..Talk to him.. Ishwari receives the call.
Ishwari: Hello..Dev itni raat ko call Kiya..Sab thik hai na..
Dev: Maa..Vo Papa se baat karni thi..Unhe phone dena
Ishwari: Thik hai.. Suno aapse hi baat karni hai Dev Ko..
He takes the phone

Raghunath (RN=Dev’s dad): kya hua..Tu thik to hai na? Vaha sab thik hai.. Should I come? Tu kuch bol kyu nahi raha hai?

Dev was so touched by his concern.
Dev: Papa.. Maine shaadi ki.. Ladki ka Naam Sonakshi hai. Mujhe pata hai ki aapko ye sab pata mujhe khud aapko batana tha..Dar raha tha..Aap gussa honge.. I am sorry Papa..
RN: Bahu ko leke ghar kab aa raha hai?
Dev: Abhi nahi Papa..jis tarah aap ne meri shadi miss ki hai vaise Sonakshi ne bhi miss ki hai..Vo humare ghar aayegi vo bhi pure riti rivajo ke saath..
RN: thik hai.. I will wait for that day.. pr milva to skta hai na?
Dev: ha Papa..Next Saturday Sunday aap yaha rehne ke liye aajao..

RN: Thik hai..Jyada soch mat..So ja.. Bahot der ho gayi..
Dev: Good night Papa..
RN: Good night beta..Khayal rakhana..
Dev: Aap bhi..

And they disconnected the call..
After overhearing the conversation, Ishwari became so emotional and started crying..And she recalled buaji’s words. She was very happy.
At Dev’s place, Dev felt happy that Sona made it possible. She gave him space to realise his mistake, to find the solution..And it worked..Dev understood that why Sona opened the topic regarding to his dad just before the day..He decides to call Sona.
At Sona’s place Sona and Asha were gossiping..Just then Sona receives a call from Dev.
Dev: tum So rahi thi kya? Did I disturb you?

Sona: nahi to..Maa aur mai baate kr rahe the..Itni raat ko call kiya..All OK?
Dev: vo Maine tumse bina puchhe tumhara next weekend book Kiya hai..
Sona: matlab? Mai kuch samajhi nahi..
Dev: I asked maa n Papa to come to our place for coming Saturday Sunday..
Sona jumped out of bed..
Sona: what did you just say? Maa n Papa? Did you call him? What did you say? Was he angry? What did he say?

Dev: Sona.. Apply brakes…
Sona: Ok.. Detail me batao..
Dev: I called him.. I told about us..He asked me to bring you to home. I denied..
Sona: why did you deny? I want to go there.
Dev: Because.. I want you to enter that house like a new bride..And dad happily agreed on my wish..
Sona: You mean..

Dev: We are going to get married soon..
Sona: seriously???
Dev could clearly hear her excitement..
Dev: Tumhe Bahot shikayat hai na that I didn’t marry you properly, I didn’t ask you, I didn’t INVITE you… Isliye..This time you will get everything.. Your wish my command..
Sona: I love you.. Love you love you Dev.. mmuuuaahh..
Sona was so happy that she didn’t realise that her mom is there.

Dev: kuch to sharam karo.. maa ke samne hi shuru ho gayi?
Sona: oh sorry.. I forgot.. ok to fir phone rakhati hu..
Dev: thik hai..
Sona: tum majak to nahi kr rahe the na?
Dev: nahi baba mai kyu majak karunga..
Sona: OK… Good night..

Dev: Tum nahi ho to aaj aaram se so paunga..My Khunkhaar wife..Jab se tum mere life me aai ho nind haram krke rakhi thi aur jab se ghar me aayi ho raat ko sone nahi deti..
Sona: tum na bilkul ghatiya ho..Tum milna mujhe tab dekh lungi..
Dev: Love you too..

Sona: hmmm
Dev: Achha suno..
Sona: hm
Dev: Thank you..Kal tum mujhe realise nahi karati to mai shayad Papa se baat bhi na krta.. Thank you so much for making me realise my mistake.. Giving me space to think about it..
Sona: you are always welcome..
Dev: good night.. Mmuuuaahh..

Sona: good night..

Sona’s POV
Maa was looking at me..She was confused..She raised her eyebrows asking me what happened.
Sona: Maa..Hum log firse shaadi kr rahe hai..Dev ne uske Papa Ko bhi bataya..I am so happy..
I was so so so happy.. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t.. within just few days I got addicted to him.. I used to hug him tight..The way his body smells, it makes me tempted. And I am missing him badly. My phone beeps..
“Miss you Sona”-Dev
I replied

” I don’t miss you..But I miss…”-Sona
“You miss what?”-Dev
“I miss the way you smell Mr. Hot Dixir”-Sona
“How do I smell”-Dev

“The smell that makes me crazy n wet”-Sona
“I wish I could be there to make you crazy n wet right now”-Dev
“Be ready I will be there by tomorrow evening”-Sona
“Good night Mrs. Sanskari Dixit”-Dev
“Good night…”-Sona

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