Agar tum saath ho (kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi) FF episode 21

Dev’s POV
I love when she is turned on and naughty girl at the same time.
I was just starting her lovingly.
Sona: What did you call me in the morning?
I laughed at her question..
Dev: Khunkhaar..As days are passing you are becoming more and more wild..
Sona: Do you know consequences of this statement?
Dev: No entry in the room..(with a puppy face)
Sona: yup…No entry
How rude..No entry..How will I be able to stay without her. How will Sona sleep without me..How can someone stay away from such a good husband..
Sona: don’t make faces..Hall me bed lagao aur so jao..
Dev: can’t I sleep in the guest room?
Sona: no you can’t..My house my rules..Now you will come to know what is Khunkhaar
Dev: okay
N like an obedient husband.. I did what she told me to do. My mood was totally off. I don’t have any option. I locked the door, turned off the lights n I slept.. I can’t sleep without her. Should I go inside? Don’t even think about it Dev..She will get more angry. But how will she sleep alone. My thoughts were distributed when I heard the noise of latch of our room.. I looked in that direction direction.. oh shit..

And I saw her.. I was drooling over her..She was wearing a black nightwear.. like those girls wear at their honeymoon I guess.. I got up n sit over there on the bed.
Sona: Dev…
Dev: hmm
Sona: Muh to band karo.. and she giggled
Dev: I knew that you will come..You can’t sleep without me..But you can’t sleep here..Cuz there is only one bed..N that is occupied by and sleep in the bedroom.
Sona: Don’t you think one bed is sufficient for a couple..
Dev: What brings you here?
Sona: My husband doesn’t know the meaning of “Khunkhaar” .. I just thought to show him..
And before I could reply she pushed me on the bed..
And she started singing “Aao hujur tumko sitaron me le chalu..Dil jhool jaye aisi baharon me le chalu..”
And she removed the outer piece of her nighty..

Oh my god she is paralysing my senses..She is super hot.. I can feel the heat. She was dancing so sensually..And when she was done with it..She took the whole control of the night.. this is the first time I am seeing her wild side.

She is damn good at it. My “sanskari” Sona is too good in making love. We were damn exhausted.. Actually she must be damn exhausted..
Dev: Sona..
Sona: umm
Dev: Where would you like to go for honeymoon?
Sona: Mujhe abhi nahi jana..We will go later..
Dev: to batao kab Jana hai..At least we will book tickets n all..
Sona: 2 months baad..
Dev: What??? Shaadi ke 2 mahine ke baad honeymoon kaun jata hai?
Sona: Sona and Dev..
Dev: but 2 mahine baad kyu?
Sona: Because.. Tumhari exam hai… I want you to study well n make your dad proud..
Dev: I guess I am going to disappoint him this time also..
Sona: be positive.. trust me you are going to make him proud..
Dev: Hope for the best..
Sona: Did you inform him about our marriage?
Dev: Naah..
Sona: you know Dev..Each mother dreams about her daughter’s or son’s wedding.. each father has also dreams about the same but they fail to express..He did put efforts to bring you up.he saw dreams for you..But it’s OK if you have different dreams. Gussa hone se, jhagade karne se rishtey nahi badalte.. Wherever you go in future..No one can change the fact that he is your father.. at least he deserves to be informed personally by you and not by your relatives or neighbours..
I have no answer to this..
Sona: I am sorry if I hurt you.. I don’t know whether I have rights to jump in this matter..
Dev: you have every right to jump in any matter regarding to me.. but I need some time..
Sona: Take your time but do think about this..
Dev: hmm.. vaise aaj tumhe nind nahi aa rahi..
Sona: because I want to stay awake for the whole night..
Dev: aur vo kyu?
Sona: ummm…Vo actually…
Dev: kya?
Sona: Dev, I was thinking to spend this weekend with mom…She is alone at home. I don’t want her to feel lonely when I am there. May I?
Dev: why don’t you call her here? I will also get chance to be with her..
Sona didn’t say anything. I hugged her tightly.
Dev: Is everything ok?
Sona: It’s not only about Maa.. I miss my home, bedroom, kitchen, late night talks with maa, her scolding, head massage.. I want to feel all those things..
Dev: I will drop you tomorrow morning.. Ok..
Sona: hmmm..
I felt bad n guilty.. I was the reason behind this.. I didn’t give her time to fulfill her dreams.. I always forced her.. I am sorry Sona..

And she kissed me on my cheeks.. “I am going to miss you Dev..” “me too Sona..” she slept peacefully..My Khunkhaar wife was tired after all.. I didn’t sleep… I just kept staring her.. Adoring her..She is my Sona. I am happy that she accepted me, Our relation..
It’s morning..
Sona’s POV
I opened my eyes..
Dev: Good morning..
Sona: good morning.. When did you get up?
Dev: It’s been 5 minutes..
Liar…You were awake for the whole night.. Sorry..We were awake for the whole night.. He is just like a blessing.. I can’t explain how it feels when you have someone who can spend a sleepless night only for adoring you..
Dev: you get ready..Pack your stuff..Till then chef Dev Dixit will prepare breakfast for you..
Sona: ok boss..
We had our breakfast..N left for my home..

At my home
I asked Dev to hide.. I want my mom to look at me..Adore me..She never saw me in saree. I was never fond of wearing saree..But she always wanted me to wear saree in functions and all.. I want to surprise her.. I didn’t inform her that I am going to stay with her..
I knocked the door
Asha: Who is there..
No reply..
Asha: kaun hai..
And she opened the door..
Asha: o maa…shona..meri bachhi kitni badi ho gayi..
I just smiled..She kept staring at me..Her eyes were wet.. I was standing with my bag..
Asha: Shona..Tu akeli aayi hai? Where is Dev? Aur ye bag kyu? Tu Dev ke saath jhagada krke aayi hai?
Sona: nahi maa..Mai jhagada kyu karungi?
She didn’t believe..
Asha: Ruk mai Dev Ko call krti hu..
Sona: Are ma ruko…
And my dear impatient ma called my husband..
Asha: Dev…Sona yaha aayi hai..Sab thik hai na?
And then Dev came inside..
Dev: Sab kuch thik hai ma.. Everything is perfect..
Now my mom was super happy..Her beti n jamai came to her home first time..Dev left because he had some work. I didn’t stop him I wanted to give him space to think about his n his father’s relation.. I hope he chooses what is good for him.
Dev’s POV
I will I could be there with Sona.. I m happy for her..She is with her mom. I wish I could take Sona to ma n Papa’s house.. I was a bad son…But I want to be a good husband..
Episode ends here****

Hey guys… Sorry I took long time..Was helpless.. Love you loads n do comment


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    Finally you posted..πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
    Loving the cordial relationship of devakshi…as now they are exploring the other aspects of their relationship and each other too…πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
    Totally LOVED IT…!!😍
    Will be waiting for the next update..πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Akshita


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    Richa I just love nd this ff this ff too as it’s my favourite ❀❀ plzz plzz try kro thoda jldi post krne ki….I. was soo desperate to read itπŸ˜…πŸ˜…
    just loving the plot and their blossoming romance day by day❀❀
    plzz post soon it’s a humbe request ☺😊😘

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    Love DEVAKSHI😍And u too😘

  4. Sgatik

    Finally. Loving ur ff so much. Each episode is getting more amazing n awesome. Waiting dor for next episode.

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    the episode was so sweet!!πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
    post soon😘

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    Yupieee finally you posted I just loved it the understanding they have in their relation…plz post next part soon..😊

  7. Kriti

    Loved it richa!!! The understanding between devakshi is the best part. They give each other time……and thank u for posting and you know there is a ff entangled love which is one of best FFS I have read and I recommend you to read although it is a Swasan ff but the story is amazing and you can get inspired from story….. Even I got inspired and I have started to write a fanfaction but it’s completely your choice…thought to just suggest
    Love you loads

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    Wowo….!Richa…this is such a pretty epi…!πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜™
    I literally loved it…!
    So cute…!…❀❀❀
    And devakshi going to be away from each other for few days…!
    Oh so so sad..!
    But yeah….I’m eagerly waiting fa ur next epi….so pls pls …post soon ..!
    I really can’t wait…
    By each epi…u r making me so despo…dear..!
    Post soon…!β€β€πŸ’“πŸ’žπŸ’πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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      Are I have submitted the episode of tere bin..But couldn’t write atsh.. I will post by tomorrow evening..So sorry dear.. Relatives are there at home. Can’t get time to write

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