Agar tum saath ho (kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi) FF episode 19

Sona’s POV
What does he think about himself.. I turned facing my back to him..It’s..It’s difficult. From the day we got married I always slept in his embrace. But it’s ok..There is always first time. If he can ignore me then why can’t I. I wasted my whole evening cuz of him. I couldn’t sleep for last 2 hours. It’s almost 2 am..How could he ignore me. I am unable to sleep. You know what when we are on diet we just want to have sweets n unhealthy food..And now I am facing the same situation. Sona stop it..Don’t you have some self-respect kind of thing. Shut your mouth and sleep.

Dev’s POV
Happy now..Why did I tease her. I know very well that she can’t sleep alone. Ab to uske ego Ko hurt kiya..Ab bhugto. What wrong with you Dev. She is new in this house. You kept ignoring her just to make her want you more. You know she wants you. She called you to sleep. Tujhe hi masti chadhhi thi. But if she wanted to spend some romantic moments she could have told me. I didn’t kiss her doesn’t mean that she should not kiss me. Aur mujhe kiss krne me kya sharmana. I m her husband..She has all the rights..To do anything with me. Jab haq mangane se na mile to kabhi kabhi chhin bhi lena chahiye.

Sona’s POV
Oh god.. What have you done with me.. I can’t even sleep without this moron. Dev.. I want you. Just hug me once.. Please..
Have some self-respect Sona.. hell with self-respect.. I want him means I want him. I hate you Dev..How can you sleep peacefully without me. Your Sona is dying here n you are so egoistic.. Selfish. You are torturing me.
Dev’s POV
Dev stop your nonsense..You can fight with whole world for her.. And now you are fighting for such a silly thing..Wait there is not a thing to fight for. You wanted to tease her n you did it… and it was successful.. Now she needs you. At least hug her..
But why can’t Sona do the same..Why can’t she hug me..Why it’s always me to surrender..

Sona’s POV
I didn’t know that this ego is so important for him than me. I am feeling dejected. I am feeling lonely. He told me on second day of our marriage that he will never leave me alone. I trust him like a stupid person. His every word is like… Everything for me.. I can’t even explain how I felt this evening. I felt like I am losing him. He wasn’t even looking at me. And I was dying for his one glare.. It’s not the thing like I want him to make him love.. I just want his gentle touch to let me know that he will be always there for me. And now I am going to cry at any moment.
Dev’s POV
I can’t stay away from her. I don’t want her to feel lonely in my presence. I have promised her that I will never leave her alone..Then why did I left her alone. You are stupid Dev. You can’t hurt her like that. It’s enough for today..

I turned.. went close to her..
“Shona…” And she turned..
Sona: hmm
I saw her face for long half hour..My Sona.. I immediately leaned over her..And for 5 minutes I was giving pecks all over her face like we were far away from each other n just met.. I missed her badly. She was shocked due to this. I gave last peck on her lips.and then I stopped. I hugged her tight..
Dev: I missed you Sona.. God has blessed you with a stupid husband..
Sona: I missed you too.. I was feeling like a small kid who lost his mother. Promise me that in future even if we fight you are going to hug me while sleeping..
Dev: I promise.. Anything else..
Sona: ummm.. yes yes..There is something.. Whenever we fight or argue you are not going to take off your clothes.. It’s really disturbing..And it’s a physical and mental torture too.
Dev: It’s not only torturous to you but also torturous to me too. What kind of girl are you. I was roaming around shirtless and you didn’t even gave me a didn’t come to me. Am I not hot enough to turn you on?? Or your self control system is damn strong?
Sona laughed..
Sona: you need not take off your clothes to turn me on.. Your simple smile is more than enough to turn me on.
Dev: Achha??
Sona: Yess..But I must admit you are too hot..And when you were roaming shirtless.. I was like.. I can’t even explain.. I wanted to touch you..
And she bites her lower lip. She looks so s*xy when she does so.. Within next few minutes we were passionately kissing each other. I want her to open her mouth to let my tongue explore her mouth but she was busy with lips. I kept my hand on her right bre*st and I pressed it hard..It worked..She opened her mouth in pain..And my tongue got entry..N not it was more passionate.. we didn’t have s*x that night..But we enjoyed the foreplay..And we slept peacefully..

Precap: Ishwari: Dev, why don’t you go for honeymoon..
Dev: Maa.. yaha roj honeymoon hi shuru hai..

Hey guys hope you like it. Do read n let me know..Do comment.. Love you loads

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  1. Awwsm di…thanks 4 updating

    1. Richa144

      Thank you dear

  2. Riti1107

    The precap
    Maa yaha roz honeymoon hi shuru hai
    Serial wali Ishwari hoti to shock se mar jaati nd poora fandom party karta bt ur Ishwari is so sweet
    Post Soon

    1. Richa144

      U know what. I hate serial wali ishwari.. I feel like killing her when she opens her mouth.. so I decided that in my ff I will force her to behave like a good mother in law..

  3. I must say…your ff is worth waiting for….i mean how can something be so perfect….?
    Loved it to the core….
    And one request…now as they promised each other that in the future even if they fight they will still sleep hugging each other….so please put it in some future episode…we would like to read that….

    Will be waiting for the next update…

    Love love….??

    1. Oh i forgot the precap…
      Kaafi blunt and sassy ho gaya hai ladka..??????

    2. Richa144

      Thank you for your suggestion.. I will definitely use it in future.. Love you loads

  4. Manya

    Omg Precap mein Dev ke Andar Itni Himmat??
    Post soon

    1. Richa144

      Thank you dear.. Will post soon

  5. Awesome episode dear. And precap was omg. Post the next episode soon as possible

    1. Richa144

      Thank you.. I will post soon

  6. Fuggysona

    it is really nice
    sooo peaceful
    and small fight
    same mind voice
    wow and precap is little wow..and hawty…
    it is really nice..
    are they are about to go to honey moon???

    1. Richa144

      I don’t know whether they are planning to go to honeymoon.. I will let you know once I ask them.. Hahaha

      1. Fuggysona

        sure…hehee…u are soo comfortable to converse
        like me..

    2. Richa144

      Love you dear

  7. We cannot even imagine that Dev will talk like this with Eshwari it will be too much fun in next episode post the next episode soon as possible

    1. Richa144

      I hope it will be fun

  8. Darshana

    Omg..precap:yaha toh roz honeymoon chalo toh?..but she is different here so!..???
    but aaj ka episode toh ??? usual..
    i wanna hug dev..sona ,dev :why did u ignore..i thought in this confusion they will stay the whole night and the next day it will continue but thank god..confusion cleared!?…
    post soon
    loads of love???

    1. Richa144

      Thank you dear.. Love you loads

  9. uggh what to say……awesome one, love it richa …. it was worth the wait and precap OMG. post next one soon *puppy face*

    1. Richa144

      I am glad that you liked it..stay you loads

  10. Awesome episode richa. Post soon.

    1. Richa144

      Thank you dear. Will post soon

  11. awesome. post soon. can’t wait. when r u posting the one??

    1. Richa144

      May be on Tuesday..

  12. Akshita

    It was worth waiting…. just speechless yr ???

    1. Richa144

      Thank you so much dear

  13. ShrutiP

    Awesome ….post soon…

    1. Richa144

      Thank you

  14. Rekhadhir

    But yaar jaldi dala Karo bhut wait karwate ho
    Precap to matlab kamaal-maa yahan roj hi honeymoon chalu hai

    1. Richa144

      Thank you

  15. Aamu

    Hey richa… ro dis page so i dont know bout ur ff….but dis part really amused me..???
    D precap is so funny…
    Dev-yaha to roz honeymoon hi hai….haha…ishwari kaa face dekhne jaisa hoga..???
    Can u pls giv a summaary as i loved it but cant reas from beginning

    1. Richa144

      They were working in same hospital.. Started liking each other..Some misunderstandings..Dev proposes Sona..It’s a big no from Sona. Dev married Sona without asking her wish. Now they are married. Sona accepted him but she doesn’t know how and when they got married. That’s the main thing.. Now they have just started enjoying the life of newly married couple.
      Hey dear it’s quite difficult to explain.. I suggest you to read.. it would be much better

      1. Aamu

        Thanx for summarizing it for me..n i got it…
        N i will surely try to read but m bit busy dis days so…

  16. As usual awesome epi…I just love your FF ?

    1. Richa144

      Thank you so much dear

  17. Nikkita0194

    Perfect just perfect Di
    And the precape muuuaahh

    1. Richa144

      Hey Bose girl I m glad that you liked it

  18. Wow really awesome….. Please post asap….☺☺

    1. Richa144

      Thank you dear..

  19. noooooooo. plz at least monday ko karne ki try karna. i know u r a working woman. so it will be difficult for u. but one smaaaaal epi. plzzzzz.

    1. Richa144

      I will try to post small one..But let me Tell you one thing that it will not include precap wala part.. Soooooo should I post tomorrow or Tuesday will be better?

      1. i think u should post tomorrow. b coz i can wait for the precap wala scene but can’t wait for ur ff…

    2. Richa144

      Pray for me that I will get a seat tomorrow in the bus

      1. i will surely pray for u….

      2. did u get a seat today???

  20. Heshine

    Wow…this was such an awesome epi dear…pls post soon…!and the precap…! Wow happy that Ishwari is way too gud here…at least in our imagination …!??else everything is juz perfect…

    1. Heshine

      Post soon

    2. Richa144

      Thank you dear.. I will post soon

  21. What a episode dear….. Mind blowing…….

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      Thank you Aashu..

  22. Dear are you going to post episode today or tomorrow

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