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So here is the story ,
Sanskar fumes in anger and goes angrily towards Swara …
In the mean time one hand stops him to do so

This is Laksh maheshwari ….the younger son of Dp and brother of sanskar …..
Basically sanskar and Laksh are twins ….but Laksh has to call sanskar bhai …as he is two minutes elder then Laksh ….
Such a difference (lol)

Laksh holds him and says ..
Laksh : bro …what happened to u ? Have u gone mad ? Is this the way to speak to girls
Sanskar : laksh don’t come in middle ! U don’t know this girl …..she is such a dramebazz ….she is showing off
Laksh : please bro ….cool down
Sanskar : cool down ? Kese . Tujhe pata hai yeh kis tune me baat ki hai mujhse ? How dare she talk with me like that ? No one dared to talk louder to me but she
Swara : oh hello ….u r not king ..that I will respect u and Do whatever u ask ….OK
Ragini : baas Karo Swara ? Aur kitna larogi ! Come let’s go from here ….
Swara : me lar rahi ho ? Lar to iska rsha hai and y r u taking his side ….
Sanskar : because she has mind ….she knows what is truth ….she is not like u tube light
Laksh : array someone plz be quiet ……can u both stop
Swara : oye ….how dare u call me like that … sister is good that’s why she thinks this is all good ….but she doesn’t know boys like u
Sanskar : what do u mean by this type of boys , what do u think of urself …..haan …wait I will show u ..who I am …

Laksh holds sanskar tightly and asks him to stop

Laksh : bro its too much ….everyone leave from here plz …ragini u take ur sister from here …I will handle him
Ragini : thank u ….very much …Swara now come with me .
Swara : no I don’t want to go ..I want to show him …
Ragini : enough Swara …now come with me

Ragini forcefully takes Swara with her to class

Sanskar angrily pushes laksh
Sanskar : leave me Laksh ….in this girls eye u showed me fearful boy …
Laksh : no bro ….instead I helped u …whole collage was seeing ur fight ….what everyone must have taught …that u don’t know how to talk with girls ….that’s y I stopped the fight ….why r u fighting with a girl ..and that to good and cute girls
Sanskar : she was good …..but her sister (swara) was a kados , jhansi ki Rani , sherni thi , sherni …..
Laksh : okay bro let it be ….we r late for our class ….everyone leave ..
Everyone goes to their respective classes…
@night ….
Swaragini after finishing their dinner went to room ..
And they started talking …
Swara : don’t worry ragini ..till I am here no one can rag u ….OK
Ragini : I know Swara …when u r here then no fear ….because u love me so much right …u won’t let anything happen to me …
Swara : OK OK u r making me emotional now … now come and sleep dear …..tomorrow collage is there na …
Ragini : good night
Swara : good night …
Ragini puts off the light ….

Precap : Laksh and sanskar are talking about swaragini

Hope u all like this episode and plz comment guys …

Credit to: Hena


  1. Saniya

    hey i have already read this ff on Facebook it’s written by Sanji. the whole story is same. sorry if i hurt u but it’s true.

  2. Sanjida Nusrat

    you are posting my ff on your name without my consent… don’t you think its ridiculous… Guyz please check the Fb Page S & S Fan Fiction Page… then you will know the truth… Sanjida Nusrat

  3. Samia

    Hey it was Sanji’s ff… U copied her ff… It’s really shameful… Ur posting her ff with ur name… How can u do this… if u don’t have any ff of ur own then u don’t have the right to copied anyone ff…. Shame of u….

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