Hey guys ..I am back and thanks for the support …..hope u all like this ff and comment …
Yes the girl is Swara ….
Swara : where were u ragini ? I was searching for u all way ? U just left me and came ……I was so scared …
Ragini : wo hum …

Suddenly Swara realizes that ragini is crying …

Ragini : ye log bass hum ( she couldn’t say properly)
Swara then asks sanskar ..

Swara : what is happening here ? What the hell u people were doing with her ….
Sanskar : ooye hello ….we were just talking with ur sister …
Rohan : aur waise bhi tumare is behanji ji saath kya kar sakte he …..
Sanskar : rohan just shut up …is this the way u talk …
Swara : hey …mind ur language ….if u say anything about my sis ….I will break ur mouth samji ! Or tum kya accha ban rahe ho …? U all were doing ragging right ….don’t u know its an crime
Sanskar : hello …we didn’t do any ragging …OK we were just talking and this isn’t a crime …samji
Swara : now u understand …..whatever u will do ..we just have to be quiet huh !! Never I will go and give complaint
Sanskar : hey , dhamki kisko deti ho ! Mein kisi she daarta nahi ….jise chahiye hai complaint kardo ….jau …

Raj whispered at sanskar ears ..

Raj : what r u doing sanslar ..what if she complains to principal then our band baj jayegi …..
Sanskar : shut up yaarstop scolding me …what this girl thinks of herself …
Swara : for u I am only enough ..u cannot do anything ….and no one can help me
Sanskar : what do u mean by u cannot do anything ?? What did I do ?? I don’t do anything ….if u r girl be a girl OK …
Swara : trying to scare me …..tumhari himmat bhi kese huyi meri Behan KO rulane me ..
Ragini : Swara let it be ….
Swara : ragini u be quiet …..let me talk ……u don’t know about these type of boys …
Sanskar : what do u mean by these type of boys … u behave yourself ….u ask ur sister we didn’t do anything …she only started crying ..
Swara : vo kya bolegi …mein andhi nahi hoon ….or dubara meri Behan me bare me kuch maat bolna ….varna (Swara fumes in anger)
Sanskar : oyyeee ! What u will do …what do u think about ur self haan ….
Sanskar angrily goes towards Swara ..but someone holds his hands tightly ….

Precap : a boy is talking with sanskar : bhai what u did was not correct ….

Hope u all like the episode …..plz comment and support ….
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Credit to: Hena

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  1. Wow super!!!!!!!love sanskar and swara

  2. Nice….but dear there are many spelling mistakes and u are very speeding…bcz of ur spelling mistakes I was not able to understand….and can u plz write in english…sorry if hurts. ..
    Plz make it swasan..

  3. Awesome

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