Hey guys ..I am hena ..and I new to swaragini fan fictions …but I love swasan ….so I thought to write a fan fiction on them
But this ff is an inspiration from an ff and book …mixed emotions …

The story ,
A girl in traditional is shown doing aarthi …and singing bhajan ….
After finishing …
Mishti : laado …breakfast is ready …
Yes the girl is ragini
Ragini : coming ma ….
Dadi : arrey shoru abhi tak so rahi he
Ragini ; nahi dadi …who bathroom me he …
Dadi : into time lag rahi ….aane me liye …
Ragini : aap KO pasta he na …..vo bathroom me dance kar rahi he ..
Both laugh ..
Swara comes ..

Swara was wearing 3/4 black jeans and pink sleeveless top with a black jacket till her chest
Swara : I know you both were talking about me …
Ragini : u know na …then y r u asking ….
Dadi and ragini gives HiFi …
Swara : dida …..aap kaha he …
Dida : yaha hoon shoru
Swara : dida these both r teasing me …
Dida : hey u both y r teasing my shoru
Dadi : she is not only ur shoru but mine also ….
Swara : aww …..
Dadi and Swara hug …
Ragini : now u forgot me dadi ..
Dida : laadoo me hoon na ..
Ragini and dida both hug …
Mishti : if u all finished talking …plz come and have breakfast ..
Swaragini : OK ma
After finishing ..they both bid bye and leaves in their scooty
Swara was driving and ragini sitting back
Both swaragini reach collage ….
Swara : ragini u go in ….I will park and come
Ragini : OK
Ravi I liked the collage too much that she went inside and was standing near the gate
There was a boy lying on the bike covered his face with hat …and surrounded by his friends
One of the gang member
Rohan : see there ! There is a new girl in our collage …seeing she looks like an nerd and booli …he
Leader : then ! Go and bring her …thodi raggging shagging Karna he na ….seniors hone ka fayda kya he ? Right guys
Chinky : absolutely dude ….him jaake use le aate hai ….tu ruk

Rohan, raj and chinky goes to ragini
Rohan : hey tum nahi ho na !!?
Ragini : ji haan is first in collage ..hum or hamari Beh…..
Chinky : a cha tik hai ..tum hamare saath chalo , hum tumare seniors hai times kuch baat Karna hai ..
Ragini : par hamari Beh…..
Chinky : aarey yaar …..chalo na tum ….jayada baat matkaro
They all drag ragini and goes to their seniors ….ragini is quiet nervous …..

Leader : kya naam he tumhara ?
Ragini : ji ragini
Leader : ji ragini ? What name is this ? So ur nick name is ji ?
Ragini : nahi ..nahi ,…my name is not ji ragini …my name is ragini gadodia …
Leader : to yesa bolna chahiya ta na ….ultra sidha naambologi to Sab mazak urayenge na ….sab mere tharaf thodi hote he na .
The leader takes his hat to show his , hot , dashing , handsome face to us ….
He is …
SANSKAR MAHESHWARI ….famous business tycoon Mr durga prasad maheshwari first son …isliye …thodi di arrogant he but bohot hi soft di ka hai ….collage ki almost sab ladkiya ispe Marte hai yeh or iska chota bahi hi collage pe raaj karte hai

Sanskar apna hair thoda thik karke , apni sunglasses pehanke bohat e style se ragini ki taraf hat barhakar bolta hai

Sanskar : hi ..I am sanskar ….sanslar maheshwari
Ragini : ji namaste
Sanskar (feels little awkward ) : why u always take this ji …in every sentence u say ? Who is this ji ? Is he ur boyfriend ? Ji o ji ?
Ragini : nahi ,hamara o matlab nahi he …hum tobass
Sanskar : thik hai ,thik hai , rehne do or much kehane ji jarurat nahi he ….accha yeh batau , tum badi sar par kya hai
Ragini gets bit nervous ..she keeps her hand on her hand and checks of there is some problem ….

Ragini : kya hai , kaha hai
Sanskar : sar pe yeh ghusla kyun banaya hai ?? New fashion yeh ? Par agar sare chidiya ise apna ghar samaj ke rehne aajaye to ? Kya karogi tum?
Now its out of ragini tolerance , she can’t bear it now ……so she got teary eyed ….

Seeing ragini crying sanslar also gets nervous

Sanksar : kya hua tum he ? Tum ro kyun rahi ho ? Yesamene kya keh diya ?? Me tobass mazak kar raha tha yaar ..plz stop crying ..

In meantime someone pats ragini shoulder …..
Ragini turns and sanskar sees …

Precap : who is the person ?
Hope u all like the episode and plz support ….I said its not my story but its an inspiration from an ff …and book …
Plz comment
With love ,


Credit to: Hena

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  1. Its nice .if u dont mind can i say something if u had been written in english it eould bav been much better

  2. Nice but the update should be long

  3. Update next part asap

  4. nice is it swasan or ragsan

  5. I hope its ragsan

  6. Sanjida Nusrat

    you are posting my ff on your name without my consent… don’t you think its ridiculous… Guyz please check the Fb Page S & S Fan Fiction Page… then you will know the truth… Sanjida Nusrat

  7. This is nt ur FF..Hw cn U Post Others FF in ur Own Name…I knw the Writer Personally n She is Really Upset wid u have any idea hw much tym n efforts it takes to Write A FF ?? Srsly Disgusting ??. ..Hw cn U Post Others FF widout their Permission n widout Crediting them ? Its very easy to Copy others FF..jst write a ff on urself once n see..i wil Understand ??. ..

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