Agar tu hota (9)

Agar tu hota (9)

With loads of questions passing through Sanskar’s minds he stood there for some minutes.

After sometime doctor came out to give the news that Swara is fine and she is sleeping now.

All sighed in relief. All were relieved now.
Swakriti hugged ragu

Swk – Doctor uncle, when can I meet my mamma?

Do – u can meet her now. But don’t disturb your Mumma’s sleep.

All went to meet Swara. Sanskar too followed them

But he just peeped through the glass door and checked whether his princess is fine…

Swara opened her eyes. She saw Swakriti crying. She got tensed.

Sw – Baby, why are you crying.
Swk – u r fine na mamma
Sw – ha bacha, I am fine, now smile
All smiles

All talks to Swara while Laksh is glaring at her

Sw – (to Laksh) (innocently) What?

Ra – (to sheshar) bomb blast is gonna happen. God save us

La – (angrily) Sambhalke Nahi chal sakti. Agar tujhe kuch ho jata to mera Kya hota? Hum sab ka kya hota pata bhi Hein tujhe? Angel ke Barre mein socha tune?

Sw – Girte vakt mein inke baare mein thodi na sochungi. Yahi sochoongi na ke girne se kaise bache?

Swakriti and Ragini giggles. Swara and Swakriti hifies.

All smiles

Laksh pouts(Author’s pov – age difference nahi hota na toh, I would have kissed him)

Suddenly Ragini remembers something

Ra – lucky, Bhayia came home right? Where’s he?
Swk – that cute boy. I came here with him
Ra – what? He must be outside. Mumma I’ll just come..

Outside the room.

Sanskar is lost in thoughts. He came to his senses by Raginis voice

Ra – Bhaiyu
Sa – Ragu
Ra – come in
Sa – yeah

Sanskar comes inside

Swara looks towards the door and is shocked…

Sw – tum

Sa – princess

Sw – tum, what are you doing here? Get out

Sa – princess listen to me

Sw – tum chale jao

Sanskar walks towards her

Sw – stay away from me

Sa – what happened princess? Why are u talking to me like this?

Sw – Lucky, take this man out. I don’t wanna see him

Sa – Swara

By watching this sceness
All the family members are shocked

Screen freezes on their shocking faces

Guys Question time

1. Why is swara behaving like this?

2. Any Guesses about the upcoming story.

Ab u can start showering on the rotten eggs and tomatoes and chappals for uploading this boring chapter. Do comment . Luv u?

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