Agar tu hota (6)


Hi guys I am late. Sorry maaf kardo. Next chapter is here. It may be boring.

Swara and Swakriti are in front of Gadodia Mansion, swaras home. Seeing that house, swara remembered all the moments she spent with her family. She got happy then gloomy remembering her past. Then she noticed her little princess ready to enter into the house.

Swk – wow mamma, this is ur home. It’s very big. U have such a big home here.
Sw – yeah baby, this my home
Swk – come mamma. We will go inside.
Sw – chalo

They went inside. The door was open. So they got inside the house. It was darkness over there.

As soon as they stepped inside. Lights got on. And flower petals began to shower on them.
Swakriti was beyond happy.

Swk – wow.

A voice comes. Kaisa laga princess.

Sw – teary eyed, happy;papa
Shekar – mera bacha.

Swara ran to Shekhar and hugged him.

Both broke the hug. Sumi comes.

Sw – mamma,
Su – shona

Both hugged.

Swk – Mamma
Sumi & Shekhar – swara
Sw – meri beti: forwards her hand towards swakriti, she comes near swara; won’t u meet nana nani
Swk – Nanu;and hugs shekar he too reciprocated then they move apart
Sh – Angel
Swk – nani
She hugs sumi;
Su – my princesses came back to me. I’m so happy.

Swara and Swakriti smile.

Just then Ragini enters. She shouts diii

Sw – Ragu; and turns towards her.
Both ran to each other and hugged each other

Sw – Ragu, how r u?
Ra – fine di, how r u and where is angel?
Swk – (from behind) here
Ra – Angel(hugs her)
Swk – u r my massi right.
Ragini nods

Swk – maasi, u are just like my mamma. So cute.
Sw – maska mat maaro.
Ra – dii why r u troubling my angel?
Sw – acha bachu, I am troubling. Aur yeh mujhe jo trouble karte hein, uska kyaa?

Swakriti nods her head in negative with a cute pout.

Ra – aww my baby
Sw – yeh acha hai. I am alone

Voice – who said u r alone?

Sw – lucky,

She runs towards laksh and hugs him. Laksh picks her and sway her around, then keeps her down.

La – Doll. I missed you.
Sw – I missed you too.

Sw – lucky, see na I’m alone.
She pouts

La – (cupping her face) I m here know. We’ll team up.
Swara smile.

Swk – whose this
Sw – this is lucky. My best friend and ur masis husband
Swk – he is my Mausa
Sw – yeah

Swk – Hi
La – hi angel
He picks her up and kisses her cheek….

Swk – masi and mausa is so sweet. I will give them new name,
Sw – what name will u give them
Swk – hmmm. Yeah I will name them Mickey and Minnie

Sumi, shekhar and swara laughs

Raglak smiles.

Su – chalo lets have lunch.
Sh – haan chalo. Today I will feed my princesses.

Swakriti pulls Shekhars cheeks. U r so sweet nanu. All smiles

Sanskars side

His pov

I’m so excited today. Ragu and lucky was so happy today morning. I lost a deal today. But I’m so happy why. I think something Gud is gonna happen..
Maybe she…….. oh god she has made me crazy.

Pov ends.

Screen freezes

To be continued.

Precap – Maybe swasan meet

I know u guys may get confused with the names. I’m sorry for this boring epi. I am so sad due to my previous exams result. I got only 87%.
Anyways do comment. Stay happy. Bye??

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