Agar tu hota (4)


Agar tu hota (4)


Sw – Swaku baby, aaj shopping chale.
Swk – shopping. Ok
Sw – chalo

Swara takes her purse and leaves

They reach the market.

Swara first goes to a textiles. She is buying dresses for Swakriti.

Swk – Mumma, I want that pink dress
Sw – this one
Swk – yeah, I have seen this frock in TV. This is the same frock which ayat wore in Voice kids.
Sw – and my princess would look gorgeous in this dress.
Swk – Really, I will take a look in the mirror
Sw – ok

Sw – how’s it?
Swk – beautiful
Sw – and this blue one
Swk – nice
Sw – bhaiya pack these two and show me some sarees of average range.

Shopkeeper shows some sarees and swara buys one. She also buys a cotton churidhar.
Swk – mamma I need icecream.
Sw – chalo

On the way to icecream parlour, some goons started following and teasing her

Goon1- Kya ladki hai. Let’s have some fun baby.
Goon2- kaha chali. Come with us
Goon1- leave this child. We will give u another ten

Swara and swakriti started walking faster.
The goons surrounded them. One of them took swakriti away. Swara shouted for help. Nobody dared. One of them was about to touch her, but suddenly they heard a gunshot. The goons started running away but police catches them on time.

Swara ran towards swakriti and hugged her.
She consoled her. A police jeep stopped in front of them. Inspector came out and asked them to go home. They rushed home. Swakriti was scared. Swara managed to make her sleep. And she also slept.


Sanskars pov

I don’t know why I am so excited for tomorrow?
I am feeling that something special is going to happen tomorrow.

Pov ends

With these thoughts crossing in his mind, Sanskar walked past Raglak’s room. The door was open. He went inside. He saw Laksh back hugging Ragini. Ragini struggling to release herself.

Sa – guys atleast u could closed the door.
La – aa gaye mere romance ka dushman
Ra – feeling embarrassed : bhaiya
Sa – U were teasing my sister. How dare u?
Ra – Bhaiya, ur bro is very naughty and flirty
Lu – bhai-behen drama started.
Sa – jealous boy

Voice – Why would my bro would be jealous of u?
Lu – uttu my sister,
Sa – aagayi mere dushman
Ut – dushman honge tere dushman
Ra – how r u uttara?
Ut – fine ragu, I heard doll is coming back. So I came to meet her
Lu – this means u didn’t come to meet me and
sanky. Go I won’t talk to you.
Ut – o God, u heard my prayers. Now I would get some peace.
Lu – not so funny
Ut – but I think it’s funny for ragini and sanskar.

Laksh turned towards them. They were laughing like hell seeing his condition.

Lu – I won’t talk to u both
Ra – bhagwan u heard our prayers also.
Lu – tujhe to mein.. Aaj se no chocolate and icecream for u
Sanky and uttu laughed like mad.
Ragini passed a death glare to them
Lu – for u 2 also, I’ll not give u both my share of gulabjamun.

Now laksh was laughing like hell.
Screen freezes there

Precap – swara’s arrival

Guys I want ur suggestions. Answer the questions given below.

1. When do u want swasan meet.
Next episode or after 5 to 6 episodes

2. When do you want me to reveal the past?

3. Should I continue this ff? Do u guys like this?

Guys do answer these questions also say how was the epi? Thanks for all ur previous comments..

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  1. continue the ff for sure swasan meeting in next epi n past revelation ASAP.

  2. nice..continue soon..

  3. Mica

    continue soon meenu! ty luv it

  4. raglak are to cute

  5. Abirsha

    Awesome loved it….

  6. Okkk let me answer…1- after 5-6 episodes…coz now i wanna see SWAKRITI bond…
    2- after Swara’s arrival n SWASAN meet..
    3- i love it n plzz continue…

    phewwww!!!!done with d answers..
    thnk u..

  7. Pls continue… I really like it… Swasan meet after 2-3 episodes… N after dat their past

  8. Arshaanya

    Swasan meet ASAP

  9. Soujanya


  10. Vyshu10

    nice…want swasan meeting in next ep and past revealation from d follwing ep plz

  11. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome ….

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