Agar tu hota (3) raglak special


Hi Meenu is back with Agar tu hota, raglak special epi.

Agar tu hota(3)


Swara does morning prayer and goes to wake up Swakriti.

Sw – baby, Gud morning
Swk – (in sleepy tone) Gud morning mamma, today my holidays are starting know, pls let me sleep.
Sw – no baby, wake up If u want kheer.
Swk – (jumps up from bed) kheeerrr… Mamma I luv u.
Sw – I love u too baby

Then swara make sanskriti bath and starts feeding her.
Swk – Mamma, when will we go to nana nani.
Sw – beta u really wanna go?
Swk – yeah mamma, I have never seen them. I wanna go
Sw – ok beta, I will book tickets for tomorrow. We will spend this vacation with nana anni
Swk – sachi
Sw – muchi
Swakriti kisses swara.
Swk – mamma u know what, U are world’s best mom.
Swara’s eyes filled with tears of happiness. After all, all mothers get happy when they hear this from their child.

Sw – bas bas, ab mamma ko help karo
Swk – chalo


Sa – princess u know I have saved many things in my memory so that when I meet you I will talk many things to you. I will describe each and every moment in last five years so that u can’t miss even one thing happened in my life.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door.
It’s AP

Ap – Beta, tomorrow we are going to meet a girl as ur match. Don’t go to office tomorrow.
Sa – Mom, I have told u a hundred times I don’t want to get married.
Ap – why beta?
Sa – ma I’m young and I want to expand my business too.
Ap – beta but,
Sa – no ma I am not coming. U cancel the meeting
And he rushes out of the room

Sanskar pov

Maa, I can’t marry anybody now. I want to marry her. I love her. I can’t forget her. She is my life.
Because of her I am alive maa. She is my angel.
My princess.

Pov ends

In Ragini’s room

Lu – Ragu, there is a good news
Ra – Gud news, what’s the news laksh?
Lu – I will tell u, but for that I need something.
Ra – what do u want?
Lu – I want(moves closer to her)
Ra – (moves back until her back touches the wall)
Lu – (locks her between his arms)
Ra – (starts breathing heavily making him crazy)
Lu – I want
Ra – (shivering) haan haan what do u want?
Lu – I want you to make gulab jamun for me.
Ra – kyaa? Laksh u sacred me
Lu – (again moves closer) my condition didn’t got completed yet.
Ra – What do you want now?
La – the sweetest thing ever
Ragini gives a confused look
La – ur rosy lips
Saying this he captured her lips
They kissed and they departed after sometime

Then laksh lifted her in his arms and they rolled on to bed and pulled bedsheet upon them and did their ahem ahem wala work.

After some time Raglak’s room.

Their clothes are seen scattered on the floor. They are in each others embrace under a bedsheet.

Ra – By the way laksh, what was the news?
La – doll is coming tommorow
Ra – really, I love u laksh and kissed his cheek.
La – I don’t mind rags

And he continued his work

Screen freezes

Guys I can’t write more intense romance and this is a raglak special episode especially for raglakian readers. I admit this is a swasan ff but i want my readers to be satisfied with every pairs. I want to show a good bonding between every pairs. do comment. Luv u. Bye..

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