Agar tu hota (2)


Thank you so much for your comments. I am inspired by u guys only in writing. And yeah it’s true that I am 13yrs old. And I am from Kerala. Anybody here is from Kerala. Well I love all the ffs. Well let’s continue. And my nickname is Meenu?

Agar tu hota(2)


Sw – Baby, how was ur day in school?
Swk – Gud Mumma. Today teacher made me class monitor and you know what, now I got to know my class is very noisy.
Swara smiles a little and feeds her food.

Sw – Swaku, Lets go to park. Come
Swk – Ok mamma, today I will play hide and seek with my frnds
Sw – Ok my Mata. Chale
Swk – Mumma u r saying like Pinky aunty of ishqbaaz serial.
Sw – baby, if we keep on talking like this when will we go to park?
Swk – Lets go mamma.

At park

Swara is sitting on a bench. Swakriti was playing, running. Swara smiles seeing her daughter happy.

After some time Swakriti comes running towards swara.
Sw – what happened baby?
Swk – mamma that aunty is chasing me.
Sw – but why?
Swakriti bows her head.
Sw – Swaku, what’s the matter?
Swk – I was playing there and mistakenly ball hit that aunty,that aunty stood up and gave me the ball and pulled my cheeks and said so cute.
Sw – what’s wrong in it. my baby is so cute right.

Swk – yeah I am cute. But why did she pull my cheeks. That’s why I took revenge.
Sw – revenge.
Swk – yeah I threw water balloons on her and called her moti. That’s why she is chasing me. I didn’t do nothing else.
Sw – o god. She is coming here.

That lady – Have u seen a girl of about 5 yrs wearing a red frock running?
Sw – (looks at swakriti through the corner of her eyes. She makes puppy face. She smiles slightly)
Yeah she was going towards that see saw
That lady – thank you.

That lady went away. Swakriti comes and hugs swara saying thank u mumma. U r the best. I am going to play. Bye

Sw – careful baby. (Thinks – bilkul apne papa ki tharah naughty, but cute)


Sa – Lucky how was ur meeting.
Lu – gud sanky. I got the deal
Sa – congrats bro
Ragu enters

Sa – Gud evening Ragu.
Ra – Gud evening Bhaiya. Ur tea
Sa – thank you.
Ra – Vaise Mamma papa asked about u. How r u? How is ur business.
Sa – all gud
Lu – Ragu, did doll call u?
Ra – No laksh, di didn’t call me since 2 days. I am getting worried
Lu – when is doll coming back.
Ra – next week is maa Pappa’s anniversary. At that time.
Sa – wait wait. Ragu, ur shona di and lucky ur doll are same person right.
Lu – of course
Sa – why didn’t I meet her till now?I have not seen her till now.
Ra – when u were at UK, she went to mumbai.
Sa – ok
Lu – I call her today. I hope she and angel is fine.
Ra – I too hope so
Sa – guys I am coming
Ra – ok

Sanskar went to his room
And thought

His pov

Where are u? I have not met u since 5 years. I want to see u, hug u, kiss u. I want to live my life with you. I just hope u r fine. I didn’t speak to u since 5 years. I want to hear ur voice. Atleast come in front of my eyes. I know it was my fault but pls forgive me princess. I want to see u. I miss u princess. Pls come back. Please..

Pov ends..

Screen freezes.

To be continued

If u guys want precaps for this ff at the end u may
say to me. I would add it. I want u to comment something good or bad. Pls say it to me. U can openly say it. Ur comments are very valuable for me. Pls forgive me for any grammar and spelling errors. Luv u all.. miss you.. bye?

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