Agar tu hota (14)


Hey guys, I’m back. So no bakbak. Straight to the story..

Agar tu hota(13) (guys i dont wanna drag the picnic so i will continue from when they reach back home)


Swara and Swakriti are in their room. Swara is reading a magazine while swakriti is playing with her toys..

Swk-Mumma,can I ask you something..
Sw-(without looking towards her) Yes princess…

Swk-Y u always avoid choclate boy?
Sw-(amused) i dont avoid anyone baby
Swk-dont lie. I know u avoid him. But y? I mean he is so cute!?

Swara doesnt know what to reply. Just then Ragini enters with a cup of cold coffee and another cup of choclate milkshake..

Swk- Wow Minnie! Just what i wanted

Laksh also enters the room..

La- Where’s mine?

Ra- Go make it urself..

La – How mean? U made it for everybody exept me?

Ra- yeah

La – U know what Ragini? U r so so annoying

Ra- Watch ur toungue Mr. Duffer Maheshwari.

La- otherwise what will u do Mrs. Duffer Maheshwari

And then Laksh pulls her nose

Ra- Laksh leave me

La- No

Ra- Laksh enough get out

La- Who are u to say get out

Ra- this is my home

La- but this is my Doll’s room

Ra-Laksh u

Sw & Swk toghether interrupts – Enough

Sw -whats happening. Thos whole thing was 4 lucky’s drink right? Come Lucky, i’ll make ur favorite hot choclate

La – Ok doll. Nd who wants to drink that yucky cold coffee of Ragini

Ra- u

Swk- Leave it na Minnie. We’ll handle him later..

Ra – Right angel..

While in Kitchen

Sw- Lucky u should not fight with Ragini 4 such silly matters

La- oye, on whom’s side u r? Mine or her

Sw – of course urs

La- then y are u supporting her

Sw – (with teary eyes) because even small fights can cause big misunderstandings in relationships..

La -(notices her) (wipes her tears) No doll. No more tears 4 for a person who doesnt deserve u!

Sw – Coffee is ready Lucky..

She starts going from there

La- Swara can we go out for a night drive

Sw -(looks at him)

La-(pleads through eyes)

Sw -(smiles and nodes in yes)

They both reach Swara’s room. Ragini and Swakriti was sleeping over there.

Swalak smiles seeing them..

La- lets go doll

Sw – yeah

They both sits in car and drives

After few minutes

La- doll i wanna ask u something

Sw – i know what u wanna ask and I’m ready for it.

Laksh looks at her and assures her that he is with her.

Sw – It all happened when i was in London for my MBA.. It was love at fist sight in my case and i guess his too..

Epi ends

To be continued..

guys Finally im gonna start with the past. From next update onwards past will be shown in 3rd person’s POV.. so till then enjoy ur Christmas. BYE LUV U ALL.

A spcl message 4 my shri dii- Di where r u? Im sorry i couldnt contact u.. But now im back.. Plss tlk to me. I luv u. BYE

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