Agar tu hota (12)

After taking pics, Swaku and Swara went to search Raglak.. They found them.

They were busy romancing but due to the fake cough of a cute little princess, they came back to senses..

Swk – Mickey, u started ur work here only. First my Mumma then my Minnie, Not fair…

La – Angel, don’t tell me. U want me to flirt with u.

Swk – I don’t mind. And vaise bhi, I’m so beautiful that Anybody could flirt with me..

La – Bas my Mata ji

Swk – Khush raho beta

Sw – Swakriti, Laksh and nautanki are unseperable

Ra – Right di…

Ra – Laksh go and Prepare tents
Sw – and baby, go help him

Swk – chalo mickey
La – chalo

At that time a car comes there.

And my baby comes out from it, my Sanku wearing a white tee and a black leather Jacket with Black Jeans

Sa – Rags
Ra – Bhaiya

La – Hi Sanky
Sa – Hi monkey

Sanskar kneels down

Sa – hi pretty princess
Swk – hi chocolate boy

Sanskar hugs her.
Swakriti kisses on his cheeks

Sanskar gets up

Sa – Hi Swara
Sw – Hi

Sa – kaise ho
Sw – fine

Sa – Swara I …….

Sw – (interrupted him) baby lets go to that side
Swk – Ok mamma,

La – go After some time doll, we both will go alone without Angel and Ragini and Sanky

Sw – ok Lucky

La – Doll I need to talk to you.
Sw – Chalo, baby be with Minnie ..

Laksh and Swara goes for a walk.

While going Laksh turns to see Ragini. Ragini smiles. Laksh too…

They went to a little distance..

La – doll lets sit there

They go and sit on a rock. Facing each other.

Sw – Lucky, I know about what u want to talk but..

La – doll, today u must tell me about this.

Swara takes a deep breathe.

Sw – Lucky, he is connected to my past. Whenever I see him I remember my past and I can’t overcome it. And u know that. I can’t let my daughter know about my past….

La – Doll, he is my Brother. But I am ur best frnd.
If i will have to choose between u two, then I would definitely choose you.

Sw – lucky I can be strong for my daughter always. But when my baby asks me where is her father, I fall weak. What reply I would give to her. I don’t want her to know who is her father? And why her father doesn’t live with her.

La – Say it. reveal ur complete past to me. Till now, you dint say it to anyone. Say it to me bacha.

Sw – Lucky, I will say. But after this picnic. I don’t want to spoil these happy moments. I promise. I will say everything to you once we reach home. But till then don’t ask me.

La – ok but remember. Whatever will happen, but I will always be with you.

Sw – thank you lucky

La – thank you doll. Because of u, rags is with me. Chalo let’s get back.

Sw – chalo

They get back to the place. It’s evening. The sun set was beautiful. Night fell. To give a next day of hope to lucky…

Precap – Sanskar eagerness to know why is Swara behaving like this.

Guys I know u will kill me for not revealing past in this epi also. But guys I want a good start. To start the past revelation. But don’t worry, Swara, sanskar, laksh, rags and swakriti are enjoying their picnic. you also enjoy. Take care. Luv you. Do comment……………..

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